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27 Boho Bed Sets & Gypsy Style Bohemian Bedding Ideas

Getting your bedroom décor to reflect your personal style might seem daunting. However, if your inner hippie is clamoring to get out, boho bed sets offer the perfect opportunity to express your personality.

Boho bedding has what it takes to transform an ordinary bedroom into a breathtaking bohemian sanctuary. Not only does it flaunt your inner gypsy. But it also creates a warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Bohemian hippie bedding ideas are a genius integration of colors, patterns and concepts that add a distinct flair to a room.

Also known as gypsy-inspired style, or boho-chic bohemian décor reflects deep and powerful energy and has a bold character. It combines aspects of eclecticism and artistic flamboyance, with a love of creativity and adventure at its core.

For everyone who loves to feel and live art, and add tons of character to your space, bohemian gypsy bedding offers matchless potential.

Bohemian Gypsy Bedding Ideas:

To get you off to the perfect start, we have curated a list of the most captivating hippie bed sets ever. Have a look at these charming ideas in cheap boho bedding and start living your bohemian dream today!

#1 Boho Dreams Bed Set

Boho Dreams Bed Set

Add a touch of boho flair to your bedroom décor with one of these boho bed sets. Featuring the perfect blend between style and meaning, this set has the dreamcatcher symbol as its focal point.

In some cultures it is said to give its owner good dreams as its web captures bad dreams and disposes of them. In addition to its artistic design, the color palette will be sure to create lots of visual interest in your bedroom. Find it Here.

#2 Mandala Peace Vibes

Mandala Peace Vibes

Turn your bedroom into a bohemian retreat with the mandala peace vibes bed set. A combo of mandala patterns in varying sizes, shapes and colors brings the set to life.

At the center of the duvet cover is a peace sign featuring multicolor feather prints. With a love heart at its core, the set is sure to inspire positive vibes. What an amazing focal point this could be for a gypsy-inspired bedroom! Find it Here.

#3 Hamsa Lotus

 Hamsa Lotus

Incorporating bohemian elements into the bedroom could be as easy as adding this colorful bed set. Beautiful contrasts between varying shades of green and purple make it the idea center piece for the rest of your hippie décor.

Not only are the patterns visually intriguing. But they also hold lots of meaning. The hamsa sign at the center of the design is believed to hold protective power and bring luck, happiness and good health. Find it Here.

#4 Buddha Mandala Bed Set

Buddha Mandala Bed Set

Nothing could beat this Buddha mandala set when it comes to expressing your inner boho. It combines elements of a gypsy lifestyle with yoga culture for matchless appeal. The distinct concepts interact with ease rather than distract for an amazing effect.

You cannot fail to notice the vibrant coloring that will be sure to create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. The set would make a great gift for a gypsy-style lover who has a soft spot for Buddhism. Find it Here.

#5 Festival Feathers

Festival Feathers

Showcase your love for color and art in the most hippie way possible with this boho bed set. Vibrant colors and patterns on the feathers add lots of whimsical appeal to the look. While the feathers are bold and outstanding, the background details beg for a closer look.

This playful design creates an impression of depth and turns the set into an artistic masterpiece. If you are searching for a statement piece to light up your bedroom, this has to be it! Find it Here.

#6 Lotus Dreams

Lotus Dreams

While this bed set is a lot quieter than most of the ones we have covered, it still holds massive eclectic potential. Massive lotus flowers dominate the design, creating meaningful focal points on the duvet cover and pillow cases.

Feathers grace the background introducing a fun touch that is still in harmony with the overall concept. What makes this set particularly interesting is the combination of art concepts, from geometric to abstract and beyond! Find it Here.

#7 Husky


Looking for a fun way to add some soul and character to a dull bedroom? You cannot go wrong with one of these! Among the most interesting aspects of boho style is its love for nature. The wolf is a particularly popular symbol in the culture.

Wolves are renowned for their intelligence and leadership qualities. It also stands for beauty, mystery and self-confidence. Add this to the natural allure of the floral patterns and you have a winning bed set! Find it Here.

#8 Boho Chic Tie Dye Design Duvet Cover

Boho Chic Tie Dye Design Duvet Cover

A tie and dye design is a great way to add contrast and visual interest to your gypsy style bedding. Mandala patterns in an earthy brown dominate the set with a lighter brown background. The lower parts of the duvet cover and pillow cases are darker begging for closer inspection.

What a way to give your hippie side a voice and express the boho in you right in the bedroom. With this set, you might never want to leave the bed. Find it Here.

#9 Mandala Moon

Mandala Moon

Bohemian hippie bedding at its finest, this set helps bring in the desired décor without creating a cluttered feel. What makes it especially great is that the color and pattern choice are set to inspire a good night’s sleep.

A golden moon and star sit on a black background at the center of the design. Surrounding them is an intriguing mandala pattern that spreads put to create lots of visual interest. Simple yet inviting!

Find it Here.

#10 Chakra Mandala

Chakra Mandala

Channel your energies with the chakra mandala pattern bed set. Having gypsy style bedding that blends meaningful appeal and visual allure is a dream come true for a boho lover.

At the center of this design, are the seven chakras, or energy centers. Colorful mandala patterns sit on either side of these and decorate the pillow cases too. The result is a one-of-a-kind bed set that will add tons of meaning to your life. Find it Here.

#11 Yin Yang Mandala

Yin Yang Mandala

Breathe life into your hippie bedroom with the pretty patterns and interesting color palette on this set. The eye-catching set makes use of a black background as the perfect canvas for the artwork.

Its burst of hues offers lots of visual appeal. Besides the obvious aesthetic allure, the set comes with a bonus. At the center of each piece is a yin yang symbol which signifies nature’s balance. How cool! Find it Here.

#12 Dream Catcher Skull Floral Watercolor

Dream Catcher Skull Floral Watercolor

Celebrate your boho side in Southwestern style with one of these boho bed sets. It comes in a bright shade of light blue with water color artwork. Combining a bull skull, dreamcatcher and floral patterns, it holds matchless appeal, visually speaking.

The bull’s horns double as the dreamcatcher ring with feathers of different colors handing from it. Soft colors and a fun execution blend to make this an outstanding decorative set for any space.

Find it Here.

#13 Elephant of Enlightenment

Elephant of Enlightenment

An elephant mandala is among the most powerful symbols in boho chic fashion and that makes this bed set special. Intricate elephant mandala patterns trace back to Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe.

It is said to represent the kind wisdom and mental clarity needed for enlightenment. In addition to the deep symbolic meaning, the patterns also draw visual attention aplenty. What a unique centerpiece for your bohemian bedroom! Find it Here.

#14 Natures Balance

For a bedroom that instantly transports you into a gipsy mindset, look no further than this boho bed set. In place of the ordinary black and white yin yang symbol, this one features a brightly colored mandala yin yang symbol.

The patterns draw lots of inspiration from nature. They come in fun color combinations that are not necessarily conventional but makes them outstanding. For a whimsical bohemian bedroom, no piece could be more remarkable! Find it Here.

#15 Boho Wolf

Boho Wolf

To bring out your inner hippie and still keep things subtle, why not try out this grey boho wolf bed set! What it lacks in bold color it more than makes up for in the intriguing artwork.

Blending aspects of the dreamcatcher and the bohemian wolf, it’s a masterpiece of gypsy art. One half of the wolf’s face sports fun mandala patterns while the rest of it is natural. Feathers on the fringes complete the concept in style. Find it Here.

#16 Boho Butterfly Dreamcatcher

Boho Butterfly Dreamcatcher

Bring your boho fantasies to life with the butterfly dreamcatcher bed set. With one of these bohemian gypsy bedding sets, you get the perfect combo of rustic and hippie appeal.

Creative use of colors introduces an impression of depth and texture to the artwork. Add to this the level of significance in the symbolism used on the set and you have a winner! It might in fact be all you need for an eternity of good dreams. Find it Here.

#17 Hippie Peace Van Abstract

Hippie Peace Van Abstract

Looking for a creative way to incorporate hippie elements into your home décor? Why not get started with one of these? The hippie van comes to life on a black background, stirring up lots of interest.

A fun combination of colors and symbols adds to the appeal and makes it ideal for the gypsy style lover in your life. To complete the aesthetics drip painting toward the bottom sums everything up.

Find it Here.

#18 Boho Abstract Alabaster

Boho Abstract Alabaster

If you love bohemian style décor but are not so keen on going all out with the patterns, you could try keeping it subtle. With this set, you get lots of boho chic flair but with a refined, modern twist to it.

As a result, you get a room that’s both hippie and relaxing. It still incorporates an eclectic and free spirit with the color contrasts and mandala patterns at the base. What a nice take on the gypsy designs we are used to! Find it Here.

#19 Vibrant Peace Vibes

Vibrant Peace Vibes

Peace and love vibes dominate this whimsical gypsy style bedding set. Full of bohemian style in all kinds of ways, the design has two layers to it. On the black background, text and imagery work harmoniously to draw attention to the piece.

Against this intriguing backdrop sits the peace sign in two variants. These come in bright and vivid colors forming intriguing mandala patterns. Precise detailing and a mix of concepts make this set especially amazing. Find it Here.

#20 Gypsy Soul Bed Cover

Gypsy Soul Bed Cover

Combine your love for bohemian style and rustic value for a remarkable effect. From the earthy tones to the nature-inspired patterns, everything about this set says eclectic.

Text and images work in harmony to complete the concept and its matchless effect. As a bonus, the images come in interesting colors, drawing the right kind of attention. Set your gypsy soul free in style with one of these gorgeous handmade hippie bed sets. Find it Here.

#21 Retro Leaves

Retro Leaves

Just because boho style is all about a love for art, color and contrasts, does not mean you cannot keep things simple. This set captures all of these characteristics yet manages to remain simple.

All it takes to create the pieces is a black background and feathers in different colors. But the execution is so on point that it almost seems as if the feathers are lying on the bedding. Find it Here.

#22 Turtles


Thinking about a unique way to express both your hippie side and a love for nature? How about this understated set that features turtles doing what they do best! Featuring a definite modern twist, the set is simple and offers timeless appeal.

It is a brilliant choice for a room with lots of antique boho accents as it will add a touch of subtlety. As a bonus, it makes for a relaxing and welcoming sanctuary. Find it Here.

#23 Sun & Moon Mandala – Blue

Sun & Moon Mandala - Blue

Bring in a world of gypsy appeal to your small bedroom without cluttering up the space. As popular symbols of the hippie culture, the sun, moon and stars make great focal points for this design. Though they come in a single hue, they are still full of bohemian appeal and character.

A bright shade of blue against a black background makes it almost seem to light up. Facial features on the celestial bodies make them come alive. Find it Here.

#24 Vintage Retro Bohemian Mandala Bed Set

Vintage Retro Bohemian Mandala Bed Set

You might want to keep your bedroom minimalistic, but still want to add some personality to it, the bohemian way. You cannot go wrong with one of these boho bed sets. It is simple yet fascinating, with big, bold mandala patterns.

Earthy tones set the mood for a relaxing and inviting space and keep in tune with gipsy style. The blend of subtle colors and intricate detailing are impossible to beat! Find it Here.

#25 Sun & Moon Mandala – Gold

Sun & Moon Mandala - Gold

To create a space that is bubbling with bohemian appeal, all you need is a little creativity. And this bed set offers plenty of that. Without going overboard with the detailing, it features a simple yet captivating look to complete your boho décor.

The contrast between black and gold makes the set pop and creates a sophisticated look. Boho vibes are oozing from every aspect of the design to make your dream a reality. Find it Here.

#26 Hamsa


Eclectic colors and patterns merge to form one of the most captivating pieces in this collection. A hamsa hand sits at the center of the duvet cover adding tons of meaning to it. The symbol is believed to signify the hand of God and is considered a protective sign.

In modern times, it has also been taken as a symbol of peace and is said to bring prosperity and good luck. Add visual charm and meaning to your bedroom space with this set. Find it Here.

#27 Peace & Butterflies

Peace & Butterflies

Reflect a fun and vivacious personality in the best possible way with a cheerful boho bed set. Magnificent bursts of bright colors make it come alive in adherence to the style.

The brightness of the space makes it fascinating to look at and inviting. Moreover, the palette adds whimsy to the room while the peace symbol makes a mark in articulate gypsy style. Find it Here.

If you are looking to push the boundaries of ordinary décor to create a daring and captivating bedroom, these intriguing boho bed sets are your best bet. Their blend of decorative and meaningful appeal is matchless and they will always inspire you.

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