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23 Boho Boots & Shoes For Bohemian Fashion Fans

If you love to break the rules and upend dogmatic stereotypes, then you likely have a soft spot for the bohemian fashion trend. Boho boots blend a fun and free-spirited style with comfort to keep your feet happy all day long.

Whether you are a newbie in this trend or have years of experience, there are numerous boho boot designs to work the look into your daily wardrobe.

Bohemian style pays great attention to detail, incorporating elaborate patterns, colors, fringes or other accents into the boots. As such, it has what it takes to add tons of visual interest to any given outfit.

Bohemian style boots can be the ideal accessory to pull together a classic look, add a whimsical touch to a plain look, or introduce a pop of color to a drab outfit.

No matter what your wardrobe choice is, they hold the potential to add a dash of instant charm and brighten things up.

Best Boho Boots & Shoes:

To help you pull off your desired look flawlessly, we have handpicked the most captivating boho boots for sale. Take a look at this impressive collection and discover your next favorite pair of boho shoes!

#1 Good Vibes Only Dreamcatcher Boho Boots

Good Vibes Only Dreamcatcher Boho Boots

Step out in style with this pair of cheerful bohemian chic boots. Colorful dreamcatcher patterns on the sides stand out against a black background. On the front part, a delightful mandala pattern adorns the pair and turns the two into amazing statement pieces.

The phrase“Good vibes only” adds meaning to the pair, a great way to spread good cheer! All you need to do is pair them up with a classic outfit and let their charm work the magic. Find Them Here.


#2 Sun & Moon Mandala Boots

Sun & Moon Mandala Boots

For any boho-chic fashion lover who also happens to have a soft spot for nature, this pair of boots is simply perfect. An image of the sun, moon and stars adorn the sides, adding celestial appeal to the pair.

On the flap, a dreamcatcher symbol peeks through the laces, creating a mysterious allure. Add to this the mandala pattern on the front of the shoes and you have yourself a winner.

These are the kind of boots you want the world do see, so tuck in your jeans and let the world visualize their glory. Find Them Here.


#3 Bohemian Retro Blush Boots

Bohemian Retro Blush Boots

Add a dash of glamor to your everyday look with these retro blush boho boots. Their elegant blush makes them instant charmers. And thanks to their retro vibe, they attest to the “old world glamor is new again” concept.

The color palette is particularly captivating, with black providing the perfect background for their blush detailing. From the dreamcatcher symbol to the floral detailing, they are impossible to miss. If you are looking for a way to bring together vintage and modern appeal, then this pair is it! Find Them Here.


#4 Bohemian Pandora Treasure Boots

Bohemian Pandora Treasure Boots

Vintage boho boots with beads and tassels are a great choice if you are a fan of wearable art. They consist of sparkling sequins, floral eyelets, a hand-cut leather fringe, an antique metallic trim and colorful embroidery.

The best part about this particular pair is that the bohemian boot wrap is removable. Tie them in the back corset-style with strong leather laces through the attached floral eyelets.

Whether you love leather cowboy boots or any other type out there, the wrap will instantly transform them into a vintage pair. Find Them Here.


#5 Peace & Butterflies Bohemian Hippie Style Boots

Peace & Butterflies Bohemian Hippie Style Boots

Show off your unique style in these bright and colorful boho style boots. For anyone whose objective is to capture the essence of the free-spirited boho style, no other pair compares. Eye-catching in every aspect of the word, this pair would make a cheerful addition to your wardrobe.

A white background provides the ideal background for the rainbow-colored palette. Floral patterns and butterflies add a good measure of nature-inspired charm to these boots. They would be a nature-lover’s fantasy come true! Find Them Here.


#6 Peace Feathers Hightop Shoes

Peace Feathers Hightop Shoes

If your style leans more towards minimalistic and demure, these hightops make the perfect choice. They are all-black with a single white line on the base.

A single multi-colored feather adds the touch of bohemian style you crave.Not only is it in keeping with the fashion trend, but it also packs in amazing visual appeal in its simplicity.

If you ever thought you could not combine eccentric and minimalistic, you clearly have another thought coming. Showcase your hippie personality in laidback style and capture the true spirit of the boho lifestyle. Find Them Here.


#7 Teach Peace Hightops

Teach Peace Hightops

In as far as creativity is concerned, few other bohemian boots can compare to this pair. Not only are they simple and elegant. But they also showcase the incredible beauty of wearable art.

The words “teach peace” are creatively interwoven in a colorful artwork that defines the pair. An image of the world at a glance harmonizes with the concept, emphasizing on the meaning behind the words. Add instant flair to any outfit with these simple yet elegant pair of hightops. Find Them Here.


#8 Womens Ethnic Embroidered Tall Boho Boots

Womens Ethnic Embroidered Tall Boho Boots

Ethnic embroidery is among the most enduring and alluring concepts in the realm of bohemian fashion. One look at these boho tall boots and it’s easy to understand why. They sport unique gypsy patterns on silk embroidered fabrics.

The upper part is plain canvas with a coin fringe ribbon around the edge. Visual appeal is not all there is to these pairs as they also offer matchless comfort. A natural rubber and jute rope sole ensures that you will be comfortable wearing them all day long. Find Them Here.


#9 Bohemian Wolf Boots – Purple

Bohemian Wolf Boots - Purple

Introduce some serious bohemian vibe to your footwear with these boho wolf boots. The boho wolf boots with dreamcatcher detailing are ideal statement boots for anyone who is not afraid to stand out. On either side of the boots the wolf face shows exceptional craftsmanship and great attention to detail.

Your search for timelessly trendy look that will make you the talk of the town ends right here. No matter what your personal style is, there is a color to complete your wardrobe. Find Them Here. See also the black, white and brown versions.


#10 Retro Peace Pastel Low Tops

Retro Peace Pastel Low Tops

With a retro look like this one, you can add a touch of awesome into any outfit, modern or vintage. A minimalistic design makes it easy to match with virtually any type of outfit. It comes in a bright combination of mint green and white.

To transform the pair into a bohemian dream come true, a peace symbol adorns the sides. If you adore the boho chic trend but prefer laidback footwear, these low tops are ideal for you! Find Them Here.


#11 Golden Mandala Dreamcatcher

Golden Mandala Dreamcatcher

Gold and black always make a perfect match and you need just a single glance at these boots to understand why. They are a match made in heaven, and hold a guarantee of turning heads everywhere you go.

But the flawless blend of colors is not all there is to this pair. Thanks to the dreamcatcher and floral mandala pattern, they showcase American hippie appeal at its best. All that’s left for you is to wear them with attitude and you will star the show! Find Them Here.


#12 Vintage Upcycled Festival Boho Boots

Vintage Upcycled Festival Boho Boots

Complete your gypsy outfit in style with this pair of vintage boho boots. In as far as boho workmanship is concerned, few other boots come close. They do not stop at images and patterns but go all the way in bringing your gypsy vision to life.

Faux fur, feathers, chains, belts, beads and shells are just among the materials used. If you love unique, wearable works of art, then these boots are right up your alley. Each pair bears its own original design meaning no two are alike. How cool is that! Find Them Here.


#13 Bohemian Retro

Bohemian Retro

Keep it simple with this pair of bohemian retro boots and show off your flawless sense of style. While most of the lower and front part of these boots is plain, the rear and upper region is where all the magic happens.

A delightful combination of patterns and colors brings the boho vision to life. If you are looking for a novel way to transform any classic outfit into an instant killer, this pair is it. Breathe life into any concept, retro or modern, with these delightful boots. Find Them Here.


#14 The Good Vibes Only Shoes

The Good Vibes Only Shoes

Spread good cheer and positive vibes to the world around you with these boho-chic inspired hightops. “Good vibes only”, a simple, yet profound statement, turns them from an ordinary pair of shoes into a must-have for the boho lovers in the house.

In addition to the meaningful phrase, the choice of colors is hard to miss. The bright and beautiful palette adds amazing visual appeal to the pair. Glam up your look and share positive vibrations with everyone around you for all time. Find Them Here.


#15 Teach Peace Dreamcatcher Boots in Rasta Colours

Teach Peace Dreamcatcher Boots in Rasta Colours

Looking for a novel way to show off your combined love for boho chic style and your Rastafarian dream? Well, nothing could beat the allure of these boho boots in making your fantasy a reality. Making use of Rasta colors to bring out the gypsy side of the boots turns them into a visual feast.

The peace symbol at the back of the shoes and the words “teach peace” add meaning and appeal to the pair. Black offers the perfect background to bring out their matchless beauty. Find Them Here.


#16 Leather Boho Ankle Boots

Leather Boho Ankle Boots

Nothing could glam up your boho style quite as much as these bohemian ankle boots can! A perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and quality, they hold the promise of remaining timelessly trendy. An all-leather exterior, with leather lining on the inside and a wood block heel offer matchless performance.

Distressed finishing with a rustic metallic coating add to the appeal. Thanks to the chainmail draped across the front, their American hippie allure is unmistakable. What more could you wish for in a pair of boots? Find Them Here.


#17 Yin Yang Shoes

Yin Yang Shoes

Capture your love for all things bohemian with this delightful pair of yin yang shoes. The boho-chic fashion trend draws inspiration from free-spiritedness. Nothing could add as much value to the concept as would the yin yang symbol.

Associated with finding equilibrium and balance in life, the symbol adds lots of meaning into this pair. Besides the high meaningful appeal of the shoes, they are matchless in beauty. A neutral color palette makes them easy to match with almost any wardrobe choice. Find Them Here.

#18 Chakra Mandala Boots

Chakra Mandala Boots - Boho Boots

Are you looking for a unique way to show off your boho flair while spreading positive vibes? Mandala patterns on the front in a cheerful color palette are the first to arrest your visual interest. But a closer look reveals far more than aesthetic appeal.

The sides showcase the seven chakra symbols in all their beauty. What an awesome way to feed the visual appetite and share cheerful energy to those around you. The multicolored patterns ensure unmistakable allure. Find Them Here.


#19 Lotus Boots

Lotus Boots

For the bohemian at heart, a pair of boots showcasing the beauty of the lotus flower is simply irresistible. These boots do not stop at providing a visual feast. But they also hold lots of meaning in as far as the boho concept is concerned.

The lotus bud is a well-known symbol for enlightenment, purity and beauty. If you happen to love both the free spirit associated with bohemian designs as well as their natural inspiration, these boho shoes are perfect! Find Them Here.


#20 Upcycled Vintage Boho Tribal Boots

Upcycled Vintage Boho Tribal Boots

Bring excellent style to your vintage tribal outfit with the ultimate pair of vintage boho boots. For every lover of the trend who prefers their decorations more lifelike, these boots have you covered. They are made using leather with chains, belts and feathers to bring out the eccentric, hippie side.

And since they are upcycled, they make a great choice for nature lovers. If you have been searching for the perfect pair to add charm to your gypsy-inspired fashion collection, you just found it! 

Find Them Here.


#21 Hippie Van Hightops

Hippie Van Hightops

Few things spell eccentric quite as much as a pair of hightops with a hippie van! If you are looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort, these shoes will do the job. They are perfect for days when you have to spend all days on your feet.

A cozy fabric lining and soft rubber soles will keep your feet happy for as long as necessary. The brightly-colored van adds a whimsical twist to the design, breaking the neutral palette of the black canvas. Find Them Here.


#22 Young Wild & Free Hightop Shoes

Young Wild & Free Hightop Shoes

Take a trip back into time with the young, wild and free hightop shoes. Whether you happen to be a fan of the hip hop album by that name or simply long for the good old days, these shoes will get you there in style.

What makes them exceptionally fun is the colorful, whimsical artwork providing a background for the words. You cannot help but embrace the free-spirited nature of bohemian fashion when wearing these boho chic boots! Show off your eccentric side in the most stylish way possible. Find Them Here.


#23 Boho Owl Boots

A pair of boho owl boots would make the perfect gift choice for the boho-chic fashin lover in your life! This particular pair is especially perfect considering the fun combination of colors and patterns that bring the vision to life. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the execution.

Both the owl and the mandala pattern on the front are almost lifelike, leding a mystical appeal to the pair. With them on, you could complete virtually any hippie outfit and become the center of attention wherever you go. Find Them Here.

Adding a dash of good cheer and charm to any outfit just got a whole lot easier with these amazing boho boots. If you have been searching for boho boots online, your search ends right here. With this extensive collection that covers every angle of the style, you have more than enough options to feed your quest for bohemian glamor.

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