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Boho Wolf Bed Set

Revamp your bedroom into a charming boho-chic space with this amazing wolf bed set. If you nurture a soft spot for the artistic, adventurous and eclectic, this nature-inspired set defines you!

In addition to showcasing your inner hippie, this set also creates a warm atmosphere, conducive for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Particularly notable is the choice of colors, a blend of black and grey that sets the perfect nighttime mood.

While boho style is usually associated with a riot of colors, this neutral palette tones down the excitement offering lots of peace and serenity. 

Boho Wolf Bed Set

A wolf face makes the focal point of the design, with one half of his face bearing bold bohemian patterns. Dreamcatcher detailing features prominently on the pillow covers and part of the duvet cover.

peace van bed set

Meticulous detailing brings the artwork to life and introduces tons of personality to the space. Add a dash of instant boho charm to your bedroom space with this set for the ultimate free spirit

peace and butterflies bed set

See also the peace van abstract and peace butterflies bed sets in images above.

Boho Wolf Bed Set

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