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if you’re a hunter and enjoy hunting in the great outdoors, then you are gonna love the Cool hunting gear category! We feature Heaps of the coolest hunting gear, gadgets and equipment from around the globe in one handy location! So if you’re an avid hunter then take a look around and discover some of the best hunting gear and gadgets money can buy!

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bowen belt knife

Bowen Belt Knife

This Bowen Belt Knife allows you to always feel safe and prepared by giving you an opportunity to have a knife hidden in your belt. The belt buckle ...

Wolverine Style Meat Claws

Wolverine Style Meat Claws

These Wolverine Style Meat Claws will do a great job of shredding your cooked meat and making you feel like one of the most charismatic and badass ...


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Crossman Pioneer Airbow

The Crossman Pioneer Airbow will revolutionize hunting or target shooting and make you forget about the outdated bow forever. It looks like a cool ...

Hunting Heart Beat T-Shirt

Are you a hunting enthusiast? If so then this Hunting Heartbeat T-Shirt might be perfect for your look. This cool t-shirt has a classic black and ...

Tree Hugging Storage System

Tree Hugging Storage System

The Tree Hugging Storage System is a cool camping gadget that will keep your small camping gear organized in one place and in the reach of your hand. ...

Fast hawk Tactical Tomahawk

Fast Hawk Tactical Tomahawk

If your job or a hobby requires possessing a tomahawk you should consider getting the Fast Hawk Tactical Tomahawk. This powerful tomahawk is made out ...

Forearm Ammo Sleeve

Forearm Ammo Sleeve

This Forearm Ammo Sleeve is the perfect way to keep plenty of extra ammunition at the ready for those times when you don’t have a lot of opportunity ...

Sleeping Bag Hammock

Sleeping Bag Hammock

Some ideas are so simple, yet brilliant, that you wonder why you never thought of them yourself. Case in point: The Sleeping Bag Hammock. Take two ...

Fire Starting Multi-Tool

Fire Starting Multi-Tool

Imagine if mankind never discovered how to make fire? We would still be eating raw cake mixture and wearing blankets. Now you can keep this crucial ...

Smart-Phone-Night-Vision--1 -12%

Smart Phone Night Vision

If you are a frequent outdoor adventurer who cannot get enough of exploring in the dead of night, consider adding this Smart Phone Night Vision to ...

$199.00 $225.00

titanium multi-tool ring

Titanium Multi-Tool Ring

A Swiss army knife is a great addition to any tool belt, but what happens when you need something a little bit more out of sight and out of mind to ...

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