Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome Stuff 365 is an affiliate based company, Therefore we do not personally handle any of the products displayed on our website, we simply advertise them. to find any product information, such as shipping, returns, stock checks etc, you will need to use the “check it out” buttons located on our product pages. These buttons will take you to the website with all information regarding each product.

Q) Can I sell your products in my country?

A) No.  We do not stock any products, we are a referrals website.

Q) Can you ship to my Country?

A) Every company that we refer will have different shipping information, therefore by following the links to the product website, you should be able to find the specific shipping details for that product.

Q) My Product has arrived damaged. Who should I contact?

A) You will need to contact the company that you purchased the product from.  Search our site for your product, then click the “Check it Out” button to go to the supplier website.

Q) Why did I not get a confirmation email when I registered for the monthly giveaways?

A) You should receive a confirmation email almost immediately or at least within a few minutes.  If you don’t however receive the email within 48 hours, please re-submit your registration.

Q) How can I find out who won the Monthly Giveaway?

A) The ‘Monthly Winner’ is revealed on the 28th of each month, & all subscribers will be notified via email newsletter


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