The Farkle Travel Case

Take your love for the farkle dice game with these handy cases. They allow you to take the game with you everywhere you go and share the good cheer.

The material used is vegetable tanned leather. This stabilizes the components used in the material enhancing durability. It also makes the material more flexible and resistant to wear and tear. The case feels natural and has an earthy smell that appeals to many leather fans.

The design is simple, fitting the six dice snugly and making a portable carry case. It opens up on all sides to reduce on damage potential. 

It has a single metal snap that holds it all in until it’s time to play. And in case you have never heard of farkle, the package includes an instruction sheet to get you started.

The game gets friends to enjoy lots of giggles together. With this portable pack, you never have to leave it behind. Take it with you for a weekend camping expedition and watch the night turn into day before your eyes 

The Farkle Travel Case