Fluttua Suspended Bed

Elevate your minimalist space with this amazing blend of style and function. The Fluttua Suspended Bed features an ingenious design that gives it that unique floating illusion.

Deviating from convention, the cool bed only has a central support post and an anchorage system that fixes it to the wall. The result is lots of free space underneath and the surreal visual impression.

Whether you cannot stand a cluttered look or are simply looking to create a fun focal point, this is the missing piece. Alternatively, if space is an issue, you might opt to use the room underneath for storage purposes.

As a bonus, the central column is adjustable and can therefore meet your precise preference. To enhance the visual experience, the bed has an interesting lighting system on the underside. 

The result is a dreamy effect that makes it seem as though you are defying the force of gravity.

Choose between a rectangular and round design to turn your fantasy into reality!

Fluttua Suspended Bed