Hangout Bags

Anyone who loves to lounge needs a hangout bag. These are inflatable bags that fill out into cozy lounges for use indoors and out.

They come in vibrant colors and spell fun and adventure in every aspect of their design.

The fabric choice makes them durable and appealing. They use strengthened nylon for the outer covering and a long-lasting plastic that holds the air inside.

They have strong plastic clips that secure the air to keep the bag from unintentionally deflating. 

The tough fabric is not sticky or sweaty like plastic but instead feels silky and ensures comfort. The size and shape of the inflated bag also add to its comfort, giving you a relaxing feel of floating on air.

They are ideal for use at festivals, on the beach, when out camping and anywhere else where you might have a few minutes to kick back and relax. 

And the best part is that they are small, light and portable when deflated, making them easy to carry around.

Hangout Bags