Heifer Double Tap Defense Pistol

The Heifer Double Tap Defense Pistol takes self-defense to a new level. A tiny level!

That’s right, this cool pistol is the smallest and the lightest you will find measuring at only 5/8 inch in width and 14 ounces in weight. Amazingly, this tiny body fits a vertical double barrel that shoots 45s.

So it’s a serious gun after all. You can fit it in the smallest handbag to always feel safe or maybe get inspired by movies and strap it to your shin or garter belt. The possibilities are endless. 

If such a small thing can make you feel safe anywhere then the decision should be quite simple. Get this pistol and live stress-free! 

Heifer Double Tap Defense Pistol

Heifer Double Tap Defense Pistol

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Heifer Double Tap Defense Pistol


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