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26 Best Boho Style Hippie Hoodies for Bohemian Fashion Fans

Bohemian fashion is among the most enduringly popular and most versatile looks as it offers limitless ways to stamp your individual style on any given fashion choice. And though we might associate them with the easy, breezy summer style, there are boho style fashion items for cooler seasons as well.

Hippie hoodies are a great way to keep warm during the festive season while embodying the freedom and visibly eclectic ethos of the bohemian lifestyle. Boho style is all about self-expression and nothing could beat this amazing collection of boho hoodies in offering that and so much more.

If you are looking for a novel way to get out of your everyday, boring style and embrace some exciting fashion ideas, a hippie hoodie would be a great place to start. They often tend to reflect positive vibes as well as a love for nature, and have what it takes to showcase your personal style.

Hippie Hoodies for Boho Fashion Fans:

Whether you consider yourself boho to the bone, boho lite or just a whimsical dresser, we have the perfect boho hoodie for you! Check out these boho style hoodies for the ultimate bohemian fashion wardrobe this season!

#1 Teach Peace Dreamcatcher Hoodie

Teach Peace Dreamcatcher Hoodie - Boho hippie hoodies

Add tons of color and meaning to your weekly rotation with this intriguing hoodie. A captivating palette and interesting text presentation makes this piece an instant statement piece. The peace symbol harmonizes with the overall theme.

Thanks to the dreamcatcher concept complete with feathers on the fringes, the hoodie will optimize on your boho-chic appeal. As an added bonus, the neutral base color choice makes it easy to match it with almost everything. Find it Here.


#2 Peace & Butterflies

peace & butterflies hoodie - hippie hoodies

If your style leans more towards the whimsical, this hoodie is perfect for you. It comes in black with a white peace symbol on the front, and brightly colored butterflies all around it. In fact, all the color and fun surrounding the peace symbol almost obscure it.

This equips the hoodie with everything necessary to make it an instant hit everywhere you wear it. No doubt, it will spread a positive message and lots of aesthetic appeal to everyone around you.

Find it Here.


#3 Appalachia Purple Mountain Pullover Hoodie

Appalachia Purple Mountain Pullover Hoodie

For every bohemian fashion fan looking to infuse a touch of the celestial to your look, here is the ideal hoodie to make that happen. It comes in purple with a distressed and acid-washed fabric finish.

The centerpiece of the design is a mountain scene with the moon, stars and clouds in the background. To add to its mystical appeal, the focal point glows in the dark, to mimic the night sky. How cool!

Find it Here.


#4 Peace Love Humanity Hoodie

Peace Love Humanity Hoodie

Spread positive vibes to the world around your with one of these meaningful hippie hoodies. It captures the essence of what the human race needs to foster peace and love.

So profound is its message that if the human race were to take it to heart, we might just see an end to war and racism. Though it might be hard to change the world, by wearing this hoodie, you start with yourself and those closest to you. Find it Here.


#5 Calm Hippie Hoodie

Calm Hippie Hoodie

You can never go wrong with the British “Keep Calm” slogan in situations that need persistence. Well, seeing as the whole bohemian philosophy is about going against the grain, the slogan might come in handy. “Keep calm and be a hippie” is both humorous and inspirational.

For anyone keen on being unique and expressing personal style, the words sum it up perfectly. In addition to the text, peace and dreamcatcher sign add to the hoodie’s appeal. Find it Here.


#6 Hippie Peace Van Abstract

Hippie Peace Van Abstract

Express your artsy side with the hippie peace van abstract hoodie. Everything about it screams unique and outstanding. From the colorful depiction of the van to the dominant floral pattern, it is fun and harmonious with boho style.

Adding a touch of significance to the imagery is a peace symbol at the center of the van. Abstract art through drip painting introduces tons of fun into the masterpiece. What more would you ask for?

Find it Here.


#7 The Boho Hamsa Hippie Hoodie Jumper Jacket

The Boho Hamsa Hippie Hoodie Jumper Jacket

Add glamor and fashion to a dull day with this cheerful womens boho hoodie. The material choice is 100% cotton, in keeping with the love for all things natural.

It comes in brown with a gypsy style focal point. In addition to the natural material choice, the hoodies is free and flowy, another highlight of bohemian fashion. Enjoy the matchless comfort and timeless appeal that this simple yet elegant hoodie has to offer. Find it Here.


#8 Bohemian Dragonfly Hoodie

Bohemian Dragonfly Hoodie

The beauty of this unique hoodie is evident not simply in its design but also the deep words it holds. In a world where we are all absorbed by personal worries, we might forget to take a moment to help others out.

Wearing this hoodie will serve as a reminder to you and others to take a moment to do good. In harmony with bohemian fashion, it reflects the natural beauty of a dragon fly sporting a mandala pattern on its wings. Find it Here.


#9 Be Kind

Be Kind

Share the matchless beauty and meaningful words on this adorable hoodie with the bohemian fashion lover in your life. In its simple and minimalistic design, the hoodie says so much more than a thousand words ever could.

When we send out positive vibes, we get similarly good vibes back in return. And that is what makes this piece such an amazing gift choice. If you wish that special person kindness, this is the best way to ensure they get it in abundance. Find it Here.


#10 Glow in the Dark Olive Green Appalachia Pullover Hoodie

Glow in the Dark Olive Green Appalachia Pullover Hoodie

Looking for the ultimate boho hoodie to cozy up in when the weather turns colder? Look no further than this nature-inspired piece for hippie fashion lovers.

It comes in olive green with captivating artwork as its focal point. A captivating depiction of Appalachia Mountain Ranges makes it a great choice for every outdoors lover. To add to its appeal, the teal detailing glows in the dark lending it mystical allure. Find it Here.


#11 Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

Transform your life and those of the people you meet with this profoundly meaningful hippie hoodie. Oftentimes, our positive or negative energy is clearly evident without the need to utter a single word.

People read this energy and it has a much more significant effect on us in return. This hoodie reminds you to send out positivity and confidence into the world and inspire those around you. And the world will respond in kind. Find it Here.


#12 Those Who Wander

Those Who Wander

Is there a bohemian fashion lover in your life with an unquenchable wanderlust? Capture their love for both in style with one of these boho hoodies. It comes in all black with a fun mix of fonts and colors.

It holds the potential to arrest interest and sustain it no matter where the wearer happens to be. What an intriguing way for them to showcase their passion for hippie style and adventure! Find it Here.


#13 Wild Heart Gypsy Soul

Wild Heart Gypsy Soul

Bohemian fashion is a popular trend for the wild at heart and everyone with a gypsy soul. And this hoodie sums it up perfectly, making it the ultimate choice for a wanderlust lifestyle. As is usually the case with boho fashion pieces, this hoodie makes generous use of color and patterns.

A mandala influence is evident in the depiction of the feathers. And this imagery plus text combination is impossible to beat when it comes to showcasing your love for hippie fashion. Find it Here.


#14 Women’s Moon Phase Poncho Boho Hoodie

Women's Moon Phase Poncho Boho Hoodie


Boho style and a love for nature are inextricably linked. This womens hippie hoodie offers the best of both worlds. It sports a simple yet elegant design, showcasing the different phases of the moon.

Besides the nature-inspired imagery, the piece features a free, poncho design that underscores the hippie lifestyle. Given its minimalistic concept, it could be highly appealing to a laidback bohemian fashion enthusiast. Offer them a fun and stylish makeover in form of this hoodie. Find it Here.


#15 Peace Feathers

Peace Feathers

Nothing could capture the essence of the hippie fashion trend quite as well as this piece does! It goes above and beyond the obvious to breathe life into key concepts of the trend. Highlighting the treasured peace symbol executed using colorful feathers, it is the epitome of creativity.

The word “peace” sits below the image, placing emphasis on its main message. A heart sits at the center of the design, tying everything together and sending the ultimate positive vibe. Find it Here.


#16 Love Is My Religion

This stylish hoodie makes it incredibly easy to spread a message of love in elegance. Love does make the world go round, and without it, the human race would go extinct.

By wearing this piece, you get to remind everyone the importance of this four-letter word. It does not hurt a single bit that the piece holds matchless appeal. Both the color choice and the artistic presentation will make it an instant hit in the fashion world. Find it Here.


#17 Dreamcatcher Peace Vibes

Dreamcatcher Peace Vibes - Boho hippie hoodies

Love and peace are not as difficult to achieve as the world makes it appear. All you need to get started is one of these hippie hoodies and you will be good to go. A dreamcatcher symbol makes the focal point of the design.

Bright pink feathers adorn the fringes of the dreamcatcher with the text in blue running over the upper side. If you are looking for the perfect combination between aestheiics and meaning, you just found it. Find it Here.


#18 Tie Dye Rainbow Hippie Hoodie


Tie Dye Rainbow Hippie Hoodie

Color is at the core of the bohemian fashion trend and nowhere is this more evident than on the rainbow hoodie. Sporting a tie and dye pattern in a delightful color palette, this timeless piece can never go out of style.

It is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves to stand out and make a statement. Glow your way into the hearts of those around you and make an indelible mark. Find it Here.


#19 Let it Go

Let it Go

There are times in life when we cannot seem to let go of resentment no matter how much we want to. This hoodie was made for such times, but the best part is that the positive effects are not limited to ourselves only.

Give the world a reason to smile and let go of past hurt with this creative boho hoodie. Both you and those around you cannot help but smile. And we all know how far a smile can go in healing a broken heart. Find it Here.


#20 Zen AF

Zen AF

Your search for a whimsically inspirational boho-chic hoodie ends right here. For everyone who believes in the healing power of profanity, this zen hoodie has got you covered. There are days when peaceful mantras and quiet meditation are simply not enough.

On such days, the Zen AF hoodie will brighten up your day and turn the clouds into a rainbow. And fortunately, you do not have to keep all the bliss to yourself. Share it with the world in style!

Find it Here.


#21 Midnight Priestess Tribal Hippie Hoodie Dress

Midnight Priestess Tribal Hippie Hoodie Dress

It does not get any more hippie than this, does it? A hoodie dress such as this one is a great way to keep things interesting on your self-expression endeavors. It sports an enchanting tribal pattern in vibrant colors.

The material choice, a stretchy cotton fabric ensures optimal comfort while enhancing your curves and accentuating your feminine flair. Whether you are planning for a boho event or just want to break your wardrobe monotony, this piece is perfect! Find it Here.


#22 Feeling Buddhaful

Feeling Buddhaful

Introduce a whimsical touch into your bohemian fashion collection with this fun piece. With so much chaos in our day to day life, at times we forget what it’s like to be happy and content. By mindfully reminding ourselves to stay in the right state of mind, we can change so much.

The words and imagery on this hoodie are a timely reminder to do precisely that. Enrich your outlook on the world by consciously feeling buddhaful and reminding those around you to do the same.

Find it Here.


#23 Be Kind Boho Hoodie

Be Kind Boho Hoodie - Boho hippie hoodies

Even though boho fashion is considered an exotic alternative to mainstream fashion, that’s not all there is to it. And that is what makes this particular hoodie so amazing. In its minimalist design, the piece has so much to say in an attempt to make the world a better place.

It combines the peace symbol, a dreamcatcher concept and meaningful words to achieve this effect. Start with yourself and work outwards in changing the world, one heart at a time. Find it Here.


#24 Tribal Hoodie Dress

Tribal Hoodie Dress

Flaunt what your mama gave you with one of these flattering hippie hoodie dresses. Sporting a racerback design and lace up V-neck front, it is the essence of elegance. It comes in a stretchy fabric that traces your body’s contours accentuating your strong points.

In addition to its visual appeal, the piece offers unmatched comfort. Drawstrings on the sides allow you to adjust the length according to your mood! What more could you ask for? Find it Here.


#25 Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Embrace the true essence of the free-spirited boho fashion trend with one of these vintage hippie hoodies. In the natural realm, few creatures embody free-spiritedness quite as well as the butterfly does.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that this hoodie has combined those words with the image of a butterfly in flight. Throughout the focal point of the design, vibrant colors bring the idea to life and make it outstanding. Add some spice to your look with this fun piece. Find it Here.


#26 Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only - Boho hippie hoodies

Keep negative energy at bay with this fun and meaningful hoodie. Good vibes only is a timely reminder to yourself and the world to keep things positive.The kind of energy we send out makes its way back to us.

And since at times we forget this fact, the “be kind” hoodie is meant to counter that. Vibrant colors ensure that the concept hits home and that it achieves its purpose. As a bonus, the palette also brightens up a dull look. Find it Here.

These hippie hoodies have what it takes to give your bohemian chic wardrobe a much needed makeover. Not only will they maximize on your wardrobe’s versatility but they will also add tons of meaning to your look, every day!

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