29 Inexpensive Gifts for Co-Workers You Can Buy

Whether there is an office party coming up or a colleague is celebrating a milestone, choosing a thoughtful gift is a great way of showing you care. But finding unique gifts for co-workers that won’t break the bank can be tough.

You do not want to get too personal or give the wrong impression. At the same time, you don’t want to give them something boring that they’ll toss in the back of the closet.

Actually, you don’t have to spend boatloads of cash to show a colleague that you appreciate them. We have rounded up the ultimate list of inexpensive gifts for co-workers, including the ones you don’t like very much.

The kind of gift you choose can go a long way in fostering a positive work atmosphere and enhancing relationships. After all, you will need their support when your boss from hell picks on you during the office meeting, won’t you?

Cheap Office Gift Ideas for Co-Workers:

Take a look at our unique occupation gift ideas and set the new standard for gift-giving in your office:

#1 Coworker Gift – Funny candle Scents

Nothing says “I care” quite as much as a hilarious gift that tickles a coworker’s funny bone. As it turns out, inexpensive gifts too can have that effect.

These funny scented candles would be a great choice for a co-worker who’s on their way out. You can be sure that they will remember it for a long time to come. Find it Here.

#2 Personalized Docking Station

How about something practical for someone at your office who has a hard time staying organized? Especially if that someone happens to be your bossy boss, this docking station will have them smiling from ear to ear.

The personalization aspect will show you put some thought into it and make it really special. And its combination of elegance and functionality is simply matchless. Find it Here.

#3 Cat Planters Set

For the green thumb in your office who also happens to love cats, this is a gift they would never forget.

It’s innovative design combines a miniature plastic vase, sitting in a woolen kitty holder holding a succulent. Choose a woolen kitty in one of 28 different colors to suit your recipient’s preferences. Find it Here.

#4 Panda Mini Zen Garden

As anyone who works in a busy office will tell you, we all need a few moments of zoning out to keep our sanity. Make that happen for someone you truly care about with one of these practical office gifts.

No matter how crappy their day is, raking designs in the sand, arranging the pebbles and adding crystals to the garden will help clear their minds. Find it Here.

#5 F-Bomb Paperweight

Funny gifts for coworkers provide an opportunity for diffusing tension whenever the boss is acting out. It might be hard to drop a truth bomb in the boss’s office without getting fired.

But with this abstract expletive, you can find humor in almost any situation. What a way to lighten office conversation and keep things cordial. As a bonus, it will also keep documents from getting lost. Find it Here.

#6 Custom Cartoon Portrait

Who would not love to get a Simpsons-inspired custom cartoon portrait? Capture important memories and get them eternalized in style with one of these.

Your recipient will appreciate the originality and is likely to hold on to it for a long time to come. The best part of it is that this gift idea can suit a variety of occasions with an equally awesome effect. Find it Here.

#7 Custom Folded Bok Art

Is there an art lover in your office who also happens to be a bookworm? Give them one of these unique and timeless gifts to show them how much you value them.

Choose a custom artwork that defines your friend and watch their face light up at the sight. This will definitely occupy a special spot on their shelf as well as their heart. Find it Here.

#8 Personalised Travel Mug

When it comes to cheap gifts for co-workers, few hold the level of potential that this one does. There is always that one person in the office who makes your life a tad more bearable.

Let them know that they are your superhero with this funny yet awesome travel mug. If their job involves a bit of travel, it will be their constant companion. Find it Here.

#9 Funny Matching T-Shirts

Nothing but the best will do for your best work bud, and this has to be it. You’ve created a habit of innocent evening drinks together. But there’s one of you who happens to have a high affinity for drama.

Note: See our list of matching couples shirts here.

Establish who plays what role in the relationship and get into character for tonight’s alcohol and bad decisions marathon. Find it Here.

#10 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Once in a lifetime, we meet a co-worker who worms their way into our heart and stays there. If they tend to use their phones a lot, here is a gift that they will appreciate.

Aptly dubbed PhoneSoap, it rids their phones of microorganisms. And as it does so, it also recharges their battery. Find it Here.

#11 Funny Door Mat

You can never go wrong with a funny gift for a co-worker. This amusing doormat will make them smile every time they come home. It will also keep their guests entertained as they decide whether or not to go next door.

By virtue of its material choice, coir, it is designed to withstand exposure to extreme conditions and maintain functionality. Find it Here.

#12 Personalized- Engraved Pocket Watch

For the refined coworker who has a taste for the finer things in life, this is the best gift choice. An elegant pocket watch with a personalized engraving says it all.

It has equal amounts of functional value and appeal and will add a ton of sophistication to any look. Find it Here.

#13 Custom Face Socks

Inexpensive gifts for your co-worker friends that keep them smiling through hard times will always hold appeal. These socks go a step further thanks to their customization aspect.

They feature the recipient’s face all over, creating a unique pattern that is solely theirs. Most importantly, they suit every occasion. Find it Here.

#14 Funny Coworker Gift Wine Bottle Label

Get your favorite colleague to notice you in style with one of these hilarious wine bottle labels. If you have tried everything else without success, this should be a done deal.

The combination of witty humor and wine will be sure to win them over. Enjoy watching your friendship become better over time, like fine wine. Find it Here.

#15 Slabs Desk Accessories

For the coworker whose desk resembles a crime scene, these desk accessories could come in handy. They have a spot for almost everything that needs organizing and will keep your friend from losing things.

Made from concrete, they are compact and durable. A modular design allows for custom arrangement. Find it Here.

#16 Funny Keyring

Every office has its fair share of dickheads, but one of them has to be more special than the rest. Celebrate them in style with one of these inexpensive gifts for coworkers.

Combining innovative design and function, it is a piece that will fill a gap in their lives immediately. Find it Here.

#17 Custom Photo Clock

We all have that colleague who has to capture every moment on camera. And here is a gift they will really appreciate.

Get them a custom clock featuring their favorite photo as the background. It will add tons of personality to their space and get them to work on time. Find it Here.

#18 Funny Matching Hoodies

If your BFF also happens to be your colleague, celebrate that special friendship with matching hoodies. Their simple yet captivating design might well make them a staple for both of you.

And since they come in a number of color options, you can always find one to match your tastes. Find it Here.

#19 Mini Cactus Plants

These miniature cactus plants make one of the most sentimental gifts for co-workers who love nature. They are tiny enough to fit on their desk, yet large enough to make an impact on their heart.

Nurturing them will offer a constant reminder of the gesture and will serve to cement your friendship. Find it Here.

#20 Personalised Modern Slim and Slender Silver Bookmark

Is there a colleague who simply cannot get enough of books? Here is a gift that matches their passion and plays a real functional role in their lives.

This silver bookmark is simple yet shows great attention to detail. It features a personalized message engraving that will find a spot on their hearts. Find it Here.

#21 Personalized Pocket Knife

An adventure-loving colleague will greatly appreciate a personalized hunting knife to add to their collection. It bears their name on an elegant wooden frame and another message on the back.

The blade is sharp and sports a remarkable deer engraving that adds personality to the piece. Find it Here.

#22 Custom Desk Sign Office Gift Idea

Celebrating a co-worker’s promotion to the corner office? Get them a custom office desk name plate to showcase their newfound status.

It makes use of high quality poplar wood, with a distinct grain pattern that makes it exceptionally elegant. The name plate is frosted acrylic glass, completing the sophisticated effect. Find it Here.

#23 Funny Awesome Co-worker T-Shirt

Game of Thrones lovers will appreciate the sense of humor in this t-shirt. No, the awesome co-worker does not drink on the job so as to know things.

It’s probably his awesomeness that gets him there. This makes a unique gift for a coworker who loves to make people laugh. Find it Here.

#24 Concrete USB Flash Drive

Flash drives find ways of disappearing in the office and since most look alike, there is no way of telling which one’s yours. Put an end to that problem for your office BFF with one of these concrete flash drives.

Yes, it is made of concrete with a regular chip on the inside. It’s so unique that they may never lose it. Find it Here.

#25 Smartphone Valet & Planter

Bring together the best of both worlds with this creative planter gift choice. It is a ceramic phone dock that also houses keys, pens and pencils and thumb drives. But the highlight is the succulent plant holder.

Blurring the lines between technology and nature, it provides a refreshing breath of fresh air. Since it sports a modular design, you can place the vase elsewhere and leave the two worlds separate. Find it Here.

#26 The 8 mm Chakra Bracelet

Keep your favorite office buddy in the best frame of mind with the 8mm chakra bracelet. It can help them during meditation and yoga sessions, clearing their minds of all office worries.

This is the kind of zen gift that will keep giving both to the recipient and to you. Creating a calm office space will in fact yield positive benefits for all.

Find it Here.

#27 Rose Gold Personalized Coffee Thermos

A colleague who is always on the go would appreciate one of these gifts for office friends. With the ability to keep their coffee hot for up to eight hours, it will keep them caffeinated all day.

it comes in such a beautiful array of design colors that will melt their heart. To top it all up, it is personalized with their name. Find it Here.

#28 Personalized Co-Worker Wine Glass

Make your favorite colleague feel special with this creative wine glass design. Giving them a special spot above all the rest, it depicts them in superhero costume.

Every time they take wine, they will recall your kind gesture and sentimental gift choice. All that’s left is to crack open a bottle of wine and the rest will fall into place. Find it Here.

#29 Bonsai Garden Office Gifts

As any nature lover will tell you, nothing can compare to the feeling of connecting with nature at whatever level.

Bring a representation of that feeling indoors to a co-worker’s space and help them maintain positivity always. The sculpture is as close to life as it can ever get, combining copper wire and wood. What a way to give their desk a facelift. Find it Here.

Co-workers are there with us through thick and thin and they are probably the people we spend the most time with. A look at these inexpensive gifts for co-workers reveals that you don’t have to spend a lot to recognize their role in your life. So go on, let them know they really count with one of these cheap gift ideas.