Planet And Moon Lamps 

Designs inspired by nature make it possible to bring the outdoor delights right into our homes.

The planet and moon lamps go a step further to bring celestial marvels to the indoor space. They instantly transform any interior space into an enchanting sanctuary.

Each of these individual unique lamps is made by hand and is therefore completely unique. They are very close to the real thing as they use the latest images released by scientific authorities.

They pay great attention to detail and therefore give the user a lifelike experience reminiscent of outer space. 

The product is ecofriendly, making use of recycled lamps and non-toxic paint to realize the exciting results. They make an awesome gift choice for cosmic enthusiasts and are a great addition to an astronomical collection.

The effect they create in any room is simply outstanding. The lighting from the lamps is effectively regulated by the paint job creating a perfectly relaxing ambience. 

Get your own collection started and enjoy the remarkable creativity that defines the planet and moon lamps.

Planet And Moon Lamps