33 Unique Skull Gifts For Skull Lovers

Unique skull gifts make the perfect choice for every rocker, goth or biker in your life. Whether you are looking to add to these skull lovers list of collectables, their wardrobe or their home décor, there are lots of cool skull stuff to make it happen. 

They have a haunting beauty to them and a macabre appeal that is impossible to beat. While they might be a tad creepy and spooky, this is what makes them all the more remarkable.

If you are looking for an amazing skull gift for the Day of the Dead, Halloween or just to spice up someone’s life, we have everything you need and so much more.

They have what it takes to scare the nosy neighbour’s kids and unsuspecting guests in equal measure. Some also have a touch of humor to cheer everyone up and an innovative design to pique visitors’ curiosity.

The Coolest Skull Gifts For Skull Lovers:

We have adorable skull outfits and accessories for both males and females, and girly skull gifts to get them shrieking in delight. No matter what you are looking for, we have the ultimate skull gift to satisfy every metal-head and hobo in your life.

Check out our short video below where we feature some of our favourite skull gifts and then read on to discover the most impressive and unique skull gift ideas ever!

#1 Miniature Preserved Nature Mini Skulls 

Looking for the ultimate skull gifts for the skull obsessed people in your life? Well, things just got a whole lot easier with these mini skulls.

What makes them extra special is the unique touch of nature inside each one. You get to choose between feathers, succulents and real flowers to make your gift one-of-a-kind. Find it Here.


#2 See, Hear & Speak No Evil Skull Planters 

Picking the ultimate gift for a nature lover who has a thing for skulls should be a walk in the park with these creative planters.

Everything about them is a deviation from convention, and that is what makes them outstanding. The humorous concept guarantees a laugh from everyone who comes across them. Find it Here.


#3 Sterling Silver Skull Necklace 

Showcase your distinct sense of style with one of these unique skull gifts. A true skull enthusiast will appreciate the fine detailing that characterizes this pendant.

It captures every single curve and cavity with close-to-perfection precision. And the fact that it comes in sterling silver gives it both a touch of class and guarantees durability. Find it Here.


#4 Skull Doormats 

Surprise a friend with the highly creative skull doormat. The statement piece will make a great addition to their doorstep, putting a smile on the face of guest and resident alike.  It will spell fun all year round.

And on special occasions like Halloween it will come in particularly handy. Give them the opportunity to show everyone what they stand for and they will be eternally grateful. Find it Here.


#5 Edison Skull lamps 

An unusual skull gift is a great way to show someone near and dear that a good deal of thought went into the process. Aptly named after the man who discovered to light bulb, the Edison skull lamp spells creativity in every aspect.

Sporting a handmade design, it shows great attention to detail and will transform any living space. Choose the most appropriate color to match with their décor. Find it Here.


#6 Skull “Purgatory” Pump Heels 

Here is an epic skull gift for the fashion-forward skull lover in your life. Purgatory platform heels get their inspiration from the Zombie Peepshow.

You cannot go wrong with this as a gift choice as it is full of utility and aesthetic value. Hand painting and a texturizing effect make each piece unique. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to match your recipient’s personality. Find it Here.


#7 Sugar Skull Comforter Set 

The sugar skull comforter set is a great way to spice up someone’s life. Comprising a comforter, duvet cover and a set of pillows, the set is the one of the best sugar skull gifts for her.

Not only will it be the perfect addition to their bedroom space, but it will also offer optimal sleeping conditions thanks to the high quality fabric. All their sweet dreams will be thanks to your thoughtful gift. Find it Here.


#8 Skull Shot Glasses

Make a skull lover’s poker nights all the more memorable with the crystal skull shotglass. This unusual gift choice will go a long way in adding value to their life.

When not in use, it will serve as a decorative piece on their collectibles’ display. But on those special occasions when it does come out to play, it will be the most outstanding shot glass in the room.

Find it Here.


#9 Skull Candles 

Goth décor pieces have a way of bringing out an unusual artistic edge. And when they happen to be as unique and masterfully executed as these candles, they are unbeatable.

The material choice, soy wax, is both eco-friendly and brings out all the details. Take your gift-giving to the next level by choosing the most suitable color and scent for your recipient. Find it Here.


#10 Skull Neckties 

Cool skull stuff does not come any better than these stylish skull neckties. They are simple yet elegant and will come in handy in more ways than one.

When the goth, rocker or biker in your life has to attend a formal event, this tie design will define their style perfectly. It is a statement piece that will add visual interest to any given outfit on any occasion. Find it Here.


#11 Green Aventurine Sacred Hand Carved Skull Beads 

Adorable girly skull gifts are few and far between. But when you choose them right, they will go a long way in touching the boho girl’s heart.

These aventurine gemstone beads have a unique combination of style and functional value to them. Their green crystal energy is associated with rebalancing the heart, allowing the wearer to better address their emotional needs. And it does not hurt either that they look great! Find it Here.


#12 Vintage Skull Long sleeve Tees 

Whether you are looking for a creepy or scary gift for a skull lover, this vintage t-shirt is your best bet. Apart from the distinctive style, they have a certain wow factor to them that makes them an instant hit.

The vintage touch is a major plus, a guarantee that they will attract all the right kind of attention. Choose the best color for that special friend and add a dash of sophistication to their wardrobe.

Find it Here.


#13 Skull Ice Cube Mold 

There is no end to the creative potential in the skull ice cube mold. It serves as one of the best skull gifts ever for an enthusiast who loves to entertain.

Picture the look of shock on visitors’ faces when they see a miniature skull floating in their drink! The moments will be priceless and will sure keep their guests entertained. The best part is that you do not have to wait till Halloween, the effect will be as great on any other day! Find it Here.


#14 Hand Carved Skull Sculptures 

If the skull lover in your life also happens to be an art enthusiast, then no gift comes close to these sculptures. They are a unique range of intricately curved skull sculptures.

They come in a wide range of materials, such as wood and animal skulls. Each and every piece is one of a kind, making them a collector’s dream come true. Find it Here.


#15 Skull Hoodies for Him and Her 

Matching skull hoodies are a great choice for the goth couple in your life. These couples hoodies go beyond the obvious, featuring dripping skulls that take the concept a notch higher.

Their timeless design ensures that they will hold relevance for a lifetime to come. Give them the opportunity to make memories together in these stylish and creative zip-up hoodies. Find it Here.


#16 Skull Teaspoons 

Skull teaspoons are an awesome choice when it comes to spicing up the breakfast table. High aesthetic value is the most outstanding aspect of the design.

But that is not to say they lack in functionality. We all have a friend who could use a hand in motivating their kids to take one more bite. Picture how handy they would be in such situations! More Info Here.


#17 Large Beeswax Skull Candle 

No skull collector’s collection is complete until they get one of these fun skull gifts. Apart from the friendly yet creepy smile on the skull’s face, this gift has lots to offer in visual appeal.

When it burns down a little, it lights up the skull from the inside to create the ultimate spooky look. Considering the size of it, your friend will not have to reserve it till Halloween. They can enjoy lighting it up all year round. Find it Here.


#18 Beaded Skull Energy Bracelet 

Looking for the ideal Day of the Dead gift for skull lovers? The lava stone beaded bracelet is all that you need and so much more. Visual appeal is the obvious strong point for the piece, a sure way for them to get lots of compliments.

But more importantly, the piece also holds significant symbolic value thanks to the gemstone. It has a grounding effect to give that special person stability during rocky times. Find it Here.


#19 Skull Wallets

Choosing a skull gift for the man in your life just got a whole lot easier. The skull wallet is a sure bet as it offers the perfect blend of appeal and utility.

In keeping with the concept behind the art, the piece makes use of hand crafting. The result is an authentic look that makes each piece unique. Add to this the fact that the skull is carved not painted, and we have ourselves a winner. Find it Here or for her here.


#20 Skull Supply Organizer 

Do you have a friend who can never seem to keep things in their place? If so, the supply organizer has got to be the most outstanding gift choice. Not only does it feature a matchless design, but it also has lots of room for all their essentials.

Everything from their phone and car keys, to loose change and house keys, can fit in one handy location. What a way to free up the space in their skull for more important things! Find it Here.


#21 Skull Bookends 

For the skull lover who is also a bookworm, the skull bookends are an amazing choice. They will serve a highly functional role and also act as decorative centerpieces for their bookshelf.

The half and half design is particularly outstanding thanks to the high level of visual interest it creates. In fact, it allows the user to turn any given surface into an instant shelf if necessary. Find it Here.


#22 Black Leather Skull Purse Clutch 

When it comes to girly skull gifts, few pieces match up to the potential in this leather clutch. It is a guaranteed statement piece for the goth woman in your life.

The piece is an artistic masterpiece, with every aspect of it oozing creativity. If you are looking to charm the wits out of a skull lover who has everything, this is it! Find it Here.


#23 Skull Decanter Set 

Add a macabre touch to the skull lover’s home with this fun decanter set. The three-piece set comprises a skull-shaped decanter and a pair if whiskey glasses.

They make both an awesome collectible and an eye-catching statement pieces for any space. Their haunting charm gives them irresistible appeal and will give the recipient a reason to smile as they pour their favorite drink. Find it Here.


#24 Heavy Skull Mens Bracelet Cuff 

A masculine gift for the manly man in your life, the heavy skull bracelet is the ultimate statement piece. Though it comprises just a single skull, it holds the power of a thousand of them.

The execution is top notch and shows lots of creativity and artistic prowess. From the gouged out eyes and the incomplete jaw, this is the picture of perfection. Find it Here.


#25 Personalized Skull Cheeseboard 

Personalized skull gifts like this innovative cheeseboard are a great way to make someone’s day. On the one hand, it makes a great addition to their kitchen space thanks to top-tier aesthetics and elegant execution.

On the other, it has an extraordinary amount of functional value. Thanks to a hidden compartment on the side, it keeps all their cheese implements handy. Find it Here.


#26 Hidden Skull Creature Mugs 

Take the skull lover’s tea or coffee session to the next level with these unique skull gifts. funny coffee mugs are a fun addition to any breakfast table.

You cannot place a value on the look of shock they are bound to elicit as the skull emerges. These mugs will be sure to turn every guest’s experience into a fun and memorable nightmare. Find it Here.


#27 Skull Pillow Cover 

Do you have a friend who cannot seem to have enough skulls? Give them one more, and make it special. The unique design makes it a great accent piece for their space.

The craftsmanship is equally captivating, using an envelope design and topstitching to guarantee visual appeal and durability. They come in a wide range of fabric and color choices to match every décor. Find it Here.


#28 Boston International Skull Snowglobe 

Here is a modern take on a timeless classic concept that takes skull things for home up a notch. It is a glass snow globe with a skull on the inside.

It is an unusual design that will make a unique statement piece for your recipient’s home. The vintage resin base with ornate detailing provides the perfect stand to display the globe. Find it Here.


#29 Sugar Skull Shower Curtains 

Your search for the perfect day of the dead skull gift ends right here. The sugar skull shower curtain is the ideal accent piece for the biker or goth in your life.

Fortunately, it does not have to wait for Halloween or another special occasion. It can make every day and every bath experience special. Its captivating visual appeal will turn their bathroom space into a sanctuary of beauty. Find it Here.


#30 Set Of 3 Skull Prints 

Improve on a skull lover’s interior space with these creative skull prints. They combine the macabre appeal of the concept with a floral design to tone it down to the perfect level. The result is an amazing depiction of natural beauty and spookiness at their best.

The garden, jungle and bloom designs complete each other and will go a long way in creating visual interest. Find it Here.


#31 Skull Table Lamp 

Create visual appeal with this 2-D lighting display in a skull design. This innovative creation is a masterful depiction of optical illusion at its best.

It makes use of laser engraved glass and concealed LED elements to create the illusion of a shade. The effect is astounding, offering lots of mental exercise for the unique gift’s recipient and saving space in the process. Find it Here.


#32 Skull Paracord Bracelet 

Paracord bracelets are all the rage right now. There is no better way to capture a skull enthusiast’s tastes than with one of these skull gifts.

It features an impressive weave pattern and comes in up to 40 different colors. At the center of the design is a big skull that creates a brutal yet elegant impression. The knots also take the shape of beads to magnify the visual effect. Find it Here.


#33 Personalised Sugar Skull Doormats 

Turn a friend’s front porch into an instant eye-catcher with this personalized skull doormat. The design is an elegant sugar skull depiction with their family name at the bottom. Hand painting makes every piece outstandingly unique.

The finishing makes them ideal for outdoor use as each piece has a double coat water resistant barrier. Whether you are looking for a housewarming gift or just because, this is the ultimate choice for a goth homeowner. Find it Here.

These unusual innovative skull gifts will be sure to amaze every skull lover in your life. They will add both functional and aesthetic value to their lives, making a deep impression on their hearts. So make your choice and amaze them beyond their wildest imagination.