SPINX: Toilet Cleaning Robot

The SPINX: Toilet Cleaning Robot is the only robotic cleaner that matters. It takes probably the grossest household chore off your shoulders – cleaning the toilet.

We already have Roombas, robotic window cleaner, and even automated lawnmowers. Even though performing those tasks is not the most exciting thing in the world it’s still doable.

But if we want the technological progress to solve cleaning problems that actually do matter, it’s really surprising that it has taken so much time to come up with a robot that cleans the toilet.

Fortunately, it has arrived to save us all the trouble of scrubbing on the porcelain bowl. 

The robot needs to be installed into the lid of your toilet. When it’s time to clean the toilet, all you need to do is to take off the protective cover, close the lid, and push the button.

The robot will give the bowl a professional scrub eliminating bacteria and other unwanted residents of the toilet. What’s more, it will also clean the seat with water jets and then dry it with compressed air. This whole process takes just 90 seconds.

The toilet robotic cleaner is also connected to a soap tank, which you will need to fill after every 30 cycles or so. It can be a cleaner of your choice, both in tablets and in liquid form. 

The 30-cycle rule also applies to the battery you will need to charge from time to time.

Say bye-bye to the dirtiest chore in the house and enjoy having a pristine toilet that cleans itself.

SPINX: Toilet Cleaning Robot