Mortal Combat Sub Zero Costume 

For the Mortal Kombat fans in the house, the Sub Zero costume is a most appropriate cosplay outfit for guys to make your favorite fantasy come alive.

Almost everyone has dreamed of being a formidable ninja and this is the costume to make that dream a reality.

It comprises a leatherette mask that fastens with Velcro to keep it snug and comfortable. The vest too is leatherette but has a slimtex inner lining that keeps it in perfect shape and gives it the right volume to pull off the look.

The jamper and pants are both diving material and offer a skin fit that turns you into the perfect ninja in a second. 

The bracers come in leatherette with a slimtex and whalebone interior just like the vest. They have iron buckles for fastening.

This outfit is a visual reminder of MK assassin’s hidden powers, his absolute control over ice and unmatched warrior skills. Armed with this killer outfit you might just get the chance to defeat Scorpion once for all time. 

Mortal Combat Sub Zero Costume