Toilet Timer

In the old times, being on the toilet spawned some deep knowledge of shampoo bottle contents. But now, you can just take your smartphone with you and take your sweet time, But it’s a slippery slope and before you know it you can be cooped up in the bathroom for a ridiculous amount of time.

If only there was something to stop someone you know from wasting their life in the bathroom. Oh yeah, they just need a Toilet Timer.

The Toilet Timer is a hilarious gag gift that is bound to stop “poo-procrastination”. The timer is shaped in a bizarrely realistic way which makes it even more fun. 

It gives you approximately 5 minutes to “drop the bomb” in the bathroom and then it is time to pick yourself up and move on with your life. For all of its gag value, Toilet Timer can actually be good for you.

Spending more than 5 minutes on the toilet is considered unhealthy since it can cause fissures and hemorrhoidal bleeding. No amount of memes is worth making your bum suffer. 

With Toilet Timer you can bring efficiency into your pooping routine or have someone stop hogging the bathroom. That’s some useful gag gift right there.

Toilet Timer