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Volkswagen Van Cooler

As a replica of one of the coolest vintage vehicles ever, you know that this Volkswagen Van Cooler will do a good job.

This groovy camper cooler looks just like the iconic 1965 VW bus. Only smaller and measuring approximately 33Lx15Wx18xH.

It might not have an engine but it does have a retractable handle. With it and front wheel steering, you can tow this 28 lbs cool bow plus drinks wherever you go.

After all, such cars were made for roaming the roads, even when turned into coolers. 

Volkswagen Van Cooler

The stainless steel body ensures that the cooler is shiny, sturdy, and looks just as good as its car counterpart. It will make a blast wherever you take it: camping, beach, festival, picnic, you name it.

Volkswagen Van Cooler

When you want to show your love for cars, drinks, and style while still being helpful, this cooler is what you need. 

Volkswagen Van Cooler

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