24k Gold Foil Sheet Masks

If you want to treat yourself, why not try out these 24k Gold Foil Sheet Masks?

When you’re feeling blue and want to somehow save your mood from plummeting lower than rock bottom, there are several remedies to try.

You can go shopping, buy junk food, drink your favorite beer or wine. Or you could try and cover your face in gold, relax, and plan the destruction of your enemies.

The mask we’re talking about consists of real 24k gold leaves that you can carefully apply on your skin. 


24k Gold Foil Sheet Masks

What are the benefits of gold masks, you ask? Well, they are believed to have anti-aging and soothing properties.

These gold leaves are also edible. Edible gold can be used as dessert decoration to shock your guests with your gold covered cake or chocolate.


What can be better than gold masks for boosting your self-esteem? Probably nothing. Sit back and revel in the feeling of being covered in gold. That’s the best spa party in the planning. 


24k Gold Foil Sheet Masks

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