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The Creative Minds Behind Awesome Stuff 365

At Awesome Stuff 365, we’re not just a team; we’re a family of passionate individuals united by our love for all things awesome. From the latest tech gadgets to the quirkiest home decor, if it’s creative and cool, you can bet we’re talking about it!

Our Journey

Our journey began with a simple idea: to create a space where creativity and innovation are celebrated every day. We’re a diverse group of designers, writers, and tech enthusiasts who believe in the power of creativity to change the world. Our mission is to inspire, entertain, and inform our readers about the most incredible products and designs out there.

Meet the Team

Here are our awesome team, a perfect blend of trust and creativity. Our experienced team is passionate about bringing you the best and most unique finds. With a keen eye for quality and a commitment to authenticity, we ensure every item we feature is both inspiring and trustworthy. Discover the extraordinary with us, your reliable guides to the world of awesome stuff!

budiman wira

Budiman Wira

Budiman Wira, an Australian-trained professional photographer, is the trusted voice behind foto.co.id, a popular photography blog, and host of a thriving photography YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. Known for his expertise in photography, love for travel, and passion for the latest gadgets and technology, Budiman has established himself as a reliable and knowledgeable tech and gadget reviewer. His commitment to authenticity and quality content makes him a go-to source for photography enthusiasts and tech-savvy readers alike.

Shane Paarman

Shane Paarman is the creative force behind the Awesome Stuff 365 blog, a dynamic platform showcasing the latest in sports, tactical gear, cars, and automotive innovations. With an eye for the extraordinary and a passion for high-adrenaline pursuits, Shane has carved out a niche as an authority in these fields. His expertise and keen interest in cutting-edge technology and design are evident in the content he curates. As a trendsetter and influencer, Shane’s insights and recommendations are highly valued by enthusiasts and professionals alike, making Awesome Stuff 365 a go-to source for those seeking the best and most innovative products in sports, automotive and anything awesome!

Rhonda Te Moananui

Rhonda is the tech whiz at Awesome Stuff 365, a popular blog renowned for featuring the coolest finds from across the internet. As the go-to person for all things tech, she is the backbone of the website, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Whether it’s troubleshooting issues or implementing the latest digital innovations, Rhonda’s expertise is invaluable. Her quick thinking and problem-solving skills come into play daily, as she adeptly handles any technical challenges that arise, keeping the site up-to-date and functioning flawlessly. Rhonda’s role is crucial in maintaining the seamless online experience that fans of Awesome Stuff 365 have come to love and rely on.

Lina Dzido

Meet Lina, the social media maestro behind the Awesome Stuff 365 blog. With the monumental task of managing and engaging over 1 million followers across various platforms, Lina has proven to be a master of digital interaction and community building. Her expertise in crafting compelling content and her knack for capturing the audience’s attention have been instrumental in skyrocketing the blog’s online presence. Lina’s dedication and skill in navigating the ever-evolving social media landscape make her an invaluable asset to the Awesome Stuff 365 team, keeping their followers connected, entertained, and well-informed.

Wahid Affandi

Wahid Affandi is the meticulous editor at awesomestuff365.com, where quality reigns supreme. His eye for detail ensures that everything published on the blog is thoroughly vetted and meets the highest standards. Wahid’s dedication to excellence is evident in the carefully curated content that graces the site, reflecting his belief that only the best should be shared with the blog’s audience. Outside of his editorial role, Wahid is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, with a particular love for hiking. This passion for exploration and nature not only rejuvenates him but also brings a unique perspective to his work, enriching the blog’s content with his diverse experiences and insights.

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