Cool Home Accessories

Check out the homeware section to find cool home accessories that don’t have to be stuffy, boring, and pretentious. In this section, you will find creative homeware that will liven up any space. Make sure you take a look here if you are shopping for unique housewarming gift ideas. From funny door mats, unique coffee tables to smart home gadgets, we got your whole home covered!

citrus reamer

Citrus Reamer

This peculiar little Citrus Reamer gadget may look confusing, but it’s actually quite simple to use and you’ll soon wonder why you never had one before. …

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Hotman Trivet

This cool hotman trivet is another great kitchen gadget for sitting your hot pots on, it goes perfectly with all the other funny red kitchen theme …

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Rock Pillows

Decorate your home with these Rock Pillows and watch your friends and family try to figure out how you could be so comfortable sleeping on …

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Potty Piano

Potty Piano

Toilet times can get boring often, but what if you could create magical music while you’re dropping off the brown stuff? The potty piano is …

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Selfie Toaster

Selfie Toaster

For the narcissist in all of us, the selfie toaster has arrived! The unique Toaster features five heat settings and three options (regular toasting, reheating, …

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Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps

Craft beers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many fans of these locally-produced alcoholic beverages have taken to keeping the caps of each …

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