25 Awesome Cyberpunk Themed Room When You Live in Cyber City

Perhaps cyberpunk is an unusual theme for room decoration, but if you are a tech geek, then this idea is destined for you. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of fantastic fiction, set in a massive and technologized futuristic urban environment and usually featuring advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, and often set in a post-apocalyptic world. This room is designed in cyberpunk style, and should be filled with high technology and the feeling of gritty dystopia. It is all about looking futuristic and it has a color palette that is all to do with bright, sharp and futuristic. In addition, cyberpunk themed rooms tend to use minimalist furniture which makes it give off a bit of an industrial feel so this will be good for your bedroom, working station, or even your gaming room. 

Let’s take a look at some interesting cyberpunk interior design ideas below before starting to decorate your room. We have compiled the best cyberpunk themed DIY rooms you can try for your inspiration. From minimalist cyberpunk set design to cyberpunk room aesthetic ideas, you will definitely fall in love with one of them. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Zen Cyberpunk Room

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Find your peach and focus in this cyberpunk inspired zen room. This idea combines the futuristic cyberpunk interior design with yin yang and mandala symbols in your room. Place the futuristic lighting on the wall, giving a sophisticated feel in your bedroom. In addition, you can hang the yin yang and mandala tapestry on the wall and ceiling, making the perfect zen room.

2. Minimalist Cyberpunk Room

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

A minimalist cyberpunk gaming room idea, this idea is indeed what gamers are looking for!  This minimalist cyberpunk inspired by the rich or villainous characters’ homes. With the cyberpunk room wallpaper on the plain white wall, it gives an expensive feel in your gaming room. Don’t forget to play with some LED lighting behind your furniture or computer to enhance the cyberpunk atmosphere!  

3. Cyberpunk Studio Apartment

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

When it comes to the futuristic cyberpunk decorated apartment, this idea will surely inspire you. Instead of having the basic square window, you can go with the trapezoid shape with full glass, giving a full city view outside. For the lighting, you can use some neon lights in warm tones such as red or pink, creating a perfect cyberpunk room aesthetic in your apartment. 

4. Futuristic Lighting Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@Point Design | Luxury Chandeliers & Home Decor)

Feel the outstanding lighting effect from this cyberpunk set design idea. The concept is utilizing LED rope light from your ceiling, wall, and continue to the floor area. Combine up to 3 colors such as blue, red, and yellow LED lights to give the retro futuristic atmosphere. You can go with all blackfurniture and bedding in order to emphasize the lighting. 

5. Red Purple Cyberpunk Apartment

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

In case you don’t have enough budget to do a full makeover, then you can try this cyberpunk decorate apartment idea. Simply use the purple, red, and pink lighting for the whole apartment to give great light effects. You may put the main red lamp as the focal point, showing the impressive decor in your room. This room will look outstanding during the night time.

6. Cyberpunk Working Room

Source: Pinterest (@oxapartments.com)

Suppose you want to change the whole working room atmosphere, you can use the cyberpunk room wallpaper that shows the beauty of city scape. You may add the Japanese neon sign to give the wonderful cyberpunk effect. For extra colors, place the aesthetic lamp desk on your working table. Consider choosing the all black chair and table for your working station.

7. Defying Gravity Cyberpunk Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@scifiandtvtalk.wordpress.com)

Another unique and minimalist cyberpunk bedroom idea, this concept will offer a comfortable night’s sleep in a small room. With this idea, you should customize the single bedroom and wall mounted shelves that suit your bedroom size. The design will give the defying gravity effect. You can add LED light on the wall for modern and futuristic lighting. This is one of the most stunning cyberpunk themed rooms that is worth to try.

8. Monochrome Cyberpunk Room

Source: Pinterest (@makeuseof.com)

Monochrome themes will never go wrong with the cyberpunk gaming room idea. If you have a white room, then you can fill it with black and white furniture. Place the white LED strip light on your door, gaming desk, and closet to give spotlight for each of the furniture. In addition, you can place some LED lights beneath the floor to give the charming glowing effect. 

9. Black Cyberpunk Living Room

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Black furniture is the best choice when it comes to futuristic cyberpunk living rooms. Choose black sofa, table, and rug for your black painted room. You may add the city view painting to give the cyberpunk feel. Don’t forget to add lighting elements with Japanese neon signs and rainbow neon light for extra colors. This room is also ideal for a gaming room in your studio apartment.

10. Retro Futuristic Cyberpunk Gaming Room

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

For gamers who need a cozy sanctuary, this idea will surely delight them. Inspired by futuristic cyberpunk style, you can optimize the wall decor for this concept. Hang some modern landscape painting decor on the wall. Combine with some futuristic lighting using LED strip lights on the edge of the ceiling and behind the desk. Having some neon signs also will be a brilliant option to complete the decor.

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11. Modern Futuristic LED Light Decor

Source: Pinterest (@Chrissy Stewart)

Create an amazing sleeping experience with this modern cyberpunk bedroom. Instead of having the regular bed, you can customize the bed into a futuristic bed capsule that allows your bed and a wall mounted TV inside. Use the all white theme for the bedding and pillow, in matching tones with the futuristic capsule. Additionally, you can hang some LED lights from the wall along the ceiling for an amazing effect.

12. Calming Purple LED Lighting

Source: Pinterest (@benni.)

If you want to have a calming bedroom, then you can try this cyberpunk theme idea. Simply use purple LED lights for the decoration. However, you can hang them on some poles behind the bed, giving the modern and minimalist cyberpunk feel. Place the lights vertically so it gives a wonderful decor in your bedroom as well. Once the main lamp is turned off, the purple lighting will give a soothing effect. 

13. Chaotic Modern Cyberpunk Room

Chaotic Modern Cyberpunk Room
Source: Pinterest (@weheartit.com)

One of the coolest cyberpunk theme ideas to relax, the chaotic cyberpunk inspired room will surely be loved by party animals. Having some gloomy aesthetic wall decor will be a perfect choice to create this room. Combine it with charming lighting in pink, blue, and purple, giving the relaxing feel inside. You can place some cyberpunk themed pillows or ornaments to enhance the chaotic atmosphere.

14. Honeycomb LED Backlight Decor

Honeycomb LED Backlight Decor
Source: Pinterest (@BlvckNigHt 🇲🇾 🇵🇸)

Turn your boring gaming room into a sophisticated space for pro gamers with honeycomb LED light decor on the wall. Honeycomb is a great symbol of the manifestation of divine harmony in nature due to its hexagonal shape, but it is also associated with insight and wisdom. With this cool cyberpunk decoration, you may feel more focused to be professional gamers.

15. Large Neon Sign Decor for Warm Atmosphere

Large Neon Sign Decor for Warm Atmosphere
Source: Instagram (@goth.night)

Go extra with a large neon sign decor if you want to express the retro futuristic feel in your room. This large red neon sign will surely steal the spotlight in your room, while giving a warm vibe around from the great lighting exposure. In addition, you may add some red LED string lights around the large neon sign, in matching tones with the focal point. 

16. Modern Cyberpunk Bedroom

Modern Cyberpunk Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@imgur.com)

Suppose you have your bedroom and working station in one space, then the cyberpunk theme can be a great way to combine them. Make sure you have a window with the city view to give a spacious feel. You can choose dark and neutral furniture and bedding sheets for the cyberpunk theme bedroom. After that, use the red neon sign on the bed area to give the modern and elegant atmosphere.

17. Aesthetic Girl’s Gaming Room

Aesthetic Girl’s Gaming Room
Source: Instagram (@roomcorez)

For girls who are looking for feminine cyberpunk gaming room ideas, consider yourself as lucky to find this concept. Instead of having decorative ornaments, you can buy cyberpunk themed furniture and computer accessories. You can buy the pink LED keyboard, mouse, and even speaker for your gaming room. In addition, you can have the modern pink gaming chair and desk.

18. Cyberpunk Room with Red and Blue Neon Interior

Cyberpunk Room with Red and Blue Neon Interior
Source: Instagram (@kanaka0806)

Although you only have a single room in your studio apartment, you still can have 2 areas in a different atmosphere with this cyberpunk theme. For instance, to create a different vibe between the living room and bedroom area, you can go with the different neon sign color interior. You can hang the red neon lamp for the bedroom and place the blue neon light behind the TV in the living room.  

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19. Futuristic Dystopian Studio Apartment

Futuristic Dystopian Studio Apartment
Source: Pinterest (@artstation.com)

For some people, the combination of futuristic and dystopian in one room will help them to feel calm and relax. This cyberpunk theme idea is suitable for those who want to create a sophisticated studio apartment. Set the soothing purple lighting on the wall and ceiling so it will turn the whole atmosphere. Moreover, place the wonderful city cyberpunk wall decor to add the futuristic vibes around.

20. Cyberpunk Living Room Apartment

Cyberpunk Living Room Apartment
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Make your living room and workstation the best space to gain more insights with this idea. Simply turn the room atmosphere into a calming vibe using blue, pink, and purple LED lights. In addition, you can add the Japanese style folding border to give a touch of minimalist Japan cyberpunk theme. Don’t forget to choose black furniture for the working station.

21. Cyberpunk Sleeping Capsule

Cyberpunk Sleeping Capsule
Source: Pinterest (@artstation.com)

If you have a small room and still want to turn it into a cyberpunk themed room, you can build your own cyberpunk sleeping capsule inside. Having this kind of bedroom will make you feel like you are out of this world every time you sleep at night. The design will bring out the cyberpunk ambience to every part of the room, and you will love to spend more time inside this room and play with your online games, or just to chill and enjoy your free time. 

22. Purple Neon Cyberpunk Bedroom

Purple Neon Cyberpunk Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@𝐿𝑒𝑒𝑎 🦄)

This one will be a great option for a cyberpunk room for those who love purple. The ambience is just stunning and full of purple elements everywhere. Add purple neon lamps next to the bed and see how they can turn the room into a nice bedroom in space. You can also put some plants inside the room because it will add a little touch of nature and add a little sweetness to it. 

23. Simple Cyberpunk Room with Green Neon Lights

Simple Cyberpunk Room with Green Neon Lights
Source: Pinterest (@diybunker.com)

If you are looking for a simpler and modest option for a cyberpunk room, we have the best recommendation from you. This simple cyberpunk room with green neon lights can be a great option for you. It combines the color of black and gray, with a unique addition of green neon lights to create a cyberpunk ambience inside the room. You can add some cyber or online games posters, and perhaps put a red chair too, because the chair can be a nice focal point of the room, thanks for the stand-out color. 

24. Industrial Cyberpunk Room

Industrial Cyberpunk Room
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

True geeks will be more than happy to spend their time inside this industrial themed cyberpunk room. As you can see, the room features a cyberpunk plus futuristic ambience full of geeky stuff inside. And if you see the ceiling, it is full of cables, pipes and lamps. What can be more industrial than that, really? As for the flooring, you can also have a raw look using cement without tiles. All in all, this idea can be a great cyberpunk room, which is pretty affordable to create, too!

25. Cozy Cyberpunk Room with Purple, Blue and Green Lights

Cozy Cyberpunk Room with Purple, Blue and Green Lights

This one comes as a neat and cozy cyberpunk room, the perfect option for those who love everything to be neat and in order. You can recreate this room by playing with lighting systems in different colors. Based on this photo, you can go for three lighting color options that include Purple, Blue and Green. You really don’t have to pick colorful furniture or decorations for this one. Just pick furniture items in standard colors like black, white or wood and let the lighting systems do their magic. 

Latest Post:

How do I make my room feel cyberpunk?

Use minimalist furniture and monochrome bedding to create the look of a cyberpunk room. LED illumination, neon sign, and  dull metal panel can be used to create an effect that accurately captures the game’s ambiance.

What is the cyberpunk aesthetic?

The cyberpunk aesthetic includes trench coats, boots, slick black clothing, colored “dreads” that women might wear. It has been described as “futuristic gothic fashion.” They heavily color grade the neon signs using hot pinks and vivid blues, which are a typical aesthetic for this type.

What kind of style is cyberpunk?

A dismal future was a common theme in the speculative fiction that gave rise to cyberpunk. It is a rather grim subgenre of science fiction where business and technology have taken over and artificial intelligence has evolved into sentience.

What is the difference between steampunk and cyberpunk?

While Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that mixes antiquated technology and aesthetics influenced by the 19th-century steam-powered machinery, Cyberpunk is a fictitious universe set in a lawless subculture of a society that is mostly controlled by computer technology. The 1980s saw the majority of the development of the word steampunk as a mocking spinoff of cyberpunk.

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