25 Cool Beds for Small Rooms You Have to Buy 

Having a small room might be an issue for some people. This becomes the reason that someone should think more than twice before adding some stuff inside the room. Also, having a small room will force you to buy versatile stuff. Choosing cool beds might be tricky for the small room. But we got you covered!

There are 25 cool beds for a small room you have to buy. All of them are versatile, compact, and can maximize your small space. Who said you cannot save all of your items inside the small space? Here are our recommendations!

1. Modern Captain’s Bed

Modern Captain's Bed

Guess you don’t need a large space anymore with this cool bed for a small room. There are many drawers for you to store your items inside. Also, one open drawer for you to display the item that you usually use.

Moreover, you can pull one of the drawers to be your desk, so that you can work or study there. Then, just jump up when you feel sleepy.

2. Mid-Century Side Storage Platform Bed

Mid-Century Side Storage Platform Bed

For book lovers or someone who loves storing their favorite items on a bedside table, then you don’t need any bedside table anymore with this bed model. Get these cool beds for your small room!

There is open space to store your items, and spacious storage to store your book so that you can put it back after reading before you go to sleep. Everything will always be neat with this bed.

3. Modernist Captain’s Bed – White & Winter Wood

Modernist Captain's Bed - White & Winter Wood

The versatile beds for small rooms will save you a lot of space because all the stuff can be stored neatly inside the drawers and storage parts below the beds. Whether they are books, toys, or clothes, you can store them all inside built-in storage. Moreover, there are small stairs for the kids to go up the bed.

4. Milo Loft Bed – White

Milo Loft Bed - White

For loft-style lovers, this cool bed should be on your list. You’ve got the bed, storage, drawer, and even a desk! Also, furniture in white color will never fail you. This is like you won’t need large room anymore because you just create a compact bedroom with this item.

5. Mid-Century Loft Bed

Mid-Century Loft Bed

If you want to add some furniture to complete your small bedroom look, then you should consider this model. Particularly if you already have the drawer or storage. So that you can add the bed and the desk without taking too much space inside. In any case, wooden beds with their natural color are always a good idea for a small space.

6. Mid-Century Kids Bed – White

Mid-Century Kids Bed - White

When it is the time to decorate your kid’s room, although it is a small space for the kids, you should consider this bed for them. This item will be the kids’ favorite since the design is simple, clean, and suitable for the small room.

Also, the color is neutral, so that you can decide the theme for the kids without worrying whether the beds will match or not.

7. Ansel Side Storage Bed

Ansel Side Storage Bed

Let’s store your clothes neatly and hidden inside the storage below the bed. There is built-in storage under your cool bed. Pretty suitable for your small space because you don’t need any cupboards for your wardrobe. Just add the books and other items inside!

8. Post Up Bed for Small Space

Post Up Bed for Small Space

This is one of the coolest beds that you should have. The design is like an unfinished one, although it is already done as it is. With Oak-finish in ivory, you can get a neutral color for your small space. Simple, modern, and neat describe this bed perfectly.

9. Nelson Thin Edge Bed

Nelson Thin Edge Bed

The thin edge bed will make your small space look more spacious and bigger. Besides, the headboard of this bed is really suitable for you who like to lay down on the bed to read a book before sleeping. The legs can be chosen whether you want them made from stainless steel or wood. But, we prefer stainless steel to make it look different.

10. Willoughby Loft Bed

cool beds for small room

As your children grow up and you need two beds in one bedroom to share, then you can get this item. There are two beds, drawers, desks, and storage that your children can share together. So that it will save space for the small rooms. The white color will make everything look neat and clean.

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11. Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed

cool beds for small room

Now you can optimize your small space with this cool bed. Various storages, an open and closed one. Even a space for your cup of tea, book, or alarm is available beside the bed. It is like having everything in one spot. You can sleep there, store your linen, clothes, or books under the bed and take them out easily.

12. Marlena Storage Low Loft Bed with Stairs

cool beds for small room

Your kids, for sure, will scream happily once they see this cool bed inside their small room. The loft-style bed offers many drawers below the bed and the stairs! Even the stairs can store a lot of items as well. There is no wasted space with this model and the room will always look neat and clean.

13. Sergio Rodrigues Rosewood “Luxor” Daybed

cool beds for small room

We know that at a glance, you can feel the bed’s luxurious design. The texture is just like the sleek and elegant sofa. So, if you have a small space for your bed, then this might get you covered. Moreover, you can use it as a bed and a stunning sofa as well.

14. White Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Frame

cool beds for small room

This is the true solution if you are having twins who are ready to have a new room together. Yeap, a bunk bed! Because there are two beds with drawers, there will be plenty of storage for both of them. There are cute stairs that you can use as storage as well. Let your kids choose where they want to sleep as long as they like it.

15. Lloyd Single Cabin Bed Frame

cool beds for small room

This cool bed suits your small space very well. It has a cabin bed frame style with two spacious storage under the bed. It allows you to put any items inside the drawer so your room can avoid getting messy. The design is simple but answers what you need. So yeah, you should put this on the list!

16. Twin Metal Loft Bed

cool beds for small room

When most loft beds use wood as the material, this cool bed uses a metal frame to make it stronger and steady. Your grown-up children or the teenager will feel comfortable sleeping above. There are two stairs and you can optimize one of them as a place to hang the linen neatly as well.

17. Twin Loft Bed with Integrated Desk and Shelves

cool beds for small room

It is time to build your own space by adding this cool bed to your room. A complete package of bed, open storage, desk, and ladder as well. Your room will always look neat, clean, and modern.

Since the material is made from a metal frame, then you have no doubt about its strength. No other models can maximize the space in your small room as well as this one.

18. Twin Bunk Bed for Small Space

cool beds for small room

Cute and modern bunk beds for your twins. This one really saves spacing and the metal frame will protect your kids from falling. The color option is also excellent to make the room always look clean. Guess no kids will deny this item.

19. Dream Tents Bed 

Dream Tents Bed

A tent as a bed? Why not! You can set up this tent inside your small room to save space because the tent can accommodate your kids as well to sleep together. So, if your house has limited room, this tent probably can answer your needs.

20. Florence Rollaway Bed

Florence Rollaway Bed

Sometimes when you think that your room is very small, even if you can add the bed inside, then you should get this folding bed now! This bed won’t bother you because you can fold it and store it inside its storage. So, when the bed is not in use, your room will be more spacious and you can do whatever you want there.

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21. Japanese Thicken Futon Mattress

Japanese Thicken Futon Mattress

Feel the Japanese vibe inside your small space with this futon mattress. You can fold this floor bed right after you wake up, so that your space will feel bigger and neat. Also, the pattern of this futon is cute and irresistible. It is pretty suitable for you who want to sleep comfortably in a small room.

 22. Portable Folding Bed Frame

Portable Folding Bed Frame

This cool bed is another answer for you who are looking for a compact bed for small spaces. This item is foldable so that you can fold it when it is not in use or unfold it when you need to rest on the bed. It is useful as well if you want to move since it is portable.

23. Metal Platform Bed Frame 

Metal Platform Bed Frame

A sleek and compact bed will be your solution for small space. The metal material will make this bed sturdy and steady when in use. Also, the design is simple, hence it matches all themes of your room. You can store the boxes under the bed, that way, your room will always be clean and neat.

24. Bed Frame Twin with 6 Drawers

cool beds for small room

It is time to teach your kids by sleeping in their own bedroom and keeping the room with no mess. You can start teaching them by giving them a cool bed with drawers or storage under the bed. It will be easier for the kids to put back their items after using them. Also, a wooden bed frame is always a good idea for a kid’s bedroom.

25. Modern Twin Bed Frame with Trundle

cool beds for small room

Save the space inside your kids’ small room by choosing the bed with a trundle like this. The kids can store their toys under the beds easily. Also, the bed has a simple and modern design for the kids. So, there is no reason that the kids will dislike it.

Latest Post:

What style of bed is best for a small room?

The best style for a small room is a loft bed. Because it accommodates all of your needs. For instance the drawers, storage, and the desk to work. There are various loft beds you can choose for your small room. It is like a building space inside a small space.

Are low-profile beds better for small rooms?

Low-profile beds are better for small rooms, but you should consider their features as well. If the low-profile beds offer you a foldable bed, then it is better than the higher one. But if it is not, you can move to another style of bed.

Where is the best place to put a bed in a small room?

You can place it near the window so that the bed can get the air and lights best. Avoid placing the bed near the door since it will make the space become narrower.

What are the cool beds for small rooms?

The cool beds for small rooms are versatile. The cool beds should have various features for the user so that we can optimize the small rooms better. Whether the beds have drawers, storage, or offer an extra bunk for the twins.

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