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25 Fun & Unique Bedroom Chairs for Small Spaces

You can do so much with a bedroom chair. However, if you have a limited space, a bedroom chair would not always be a great idea. Worry not! We got good news for you. You can actually fit one even if you only have a small bedroom. A small bedroom comes with its own pros and cons. A bedroom chair could actually make a significant difference. It could help make a small room more cozy instead of stuffy. 

We have put together a list of bedroom chairs for small spaces consisting of 25 different bedroom chairs options. Its chair has its own charm. Some are practical. Some are easy to store. Some could act as several different things using only one thing. Some are fun and would help lift up the overall mood. Moreover, some are just small enough, perfect for a small space.

1. Colorful Artistic Velvet Armchair

Colorful Artistic Velvet Armchair

We will start this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces with the Colorful Artistic Velvet Armchair. The bold color and pattern of this chair gives a simple armchair a whole new dimension. You can choose this chair for a pop of color in your small space. 

2. Raymond Loewy Chair

Raymond Loewy Chair

A simple, classic chair made from an iron frame and faux leather seat. The Raymond Loewy Chair is a well designed piece that is petite and could be a useful chair in your bedroom. It could work as your desk chair, vanity chair, and a chair for you to relax and rest all in just one piece. 

3. Drew Small Swivel Chair

Drew Small Swivel Chair

The Drew Small Swivel Chair has the classic grandmother armchair design in a smaller size. If you like something classic to fit in your small space, you can choose this chair. It is made from sustainable engineered hardwood and seat cushions from soy-based polyfoam.

4. Claudia Petite Swivel Chair

Claudia Petite Swivel Chair

The classic barrel shaped bedroom chair, like the Claudia Petite Swivel Chair, is a favorite of many. WIth this chair, you can still choose the barrel design that you like into the small space you have. Also, this bedroom chair comes with a huge range of colors to choose from. So, you can choose the color that you like best. 

5. Modern Accent Chair

Modern Accent Chair

Made from metal and polyester, the Modern Accent Chair is a safe choice for a bedroom chair. It is very simple and sleek, but comes with a cushioned seating so that you don’t need to compromise with the comfort. 

6. Margie Swivel Chair

Margie Swivel Chair

The Margie Swivel Chair is made from nubby fabric that makes it extra cozy. It comes in a circular shape with a wooden swivel base. You can put it in the corner of your room to make yourself a little reading corner in your bedroom. 

7. About A Chair 53 Soft Task Armchair

About A Chair 53 Soft Task Armchair

The key to fit a bedroom chair into a small space is to choose something that is practical. About A Chair 53 Soft task Armchair comes with sets of wheels which enables it to be moved around. You can use this chair as an office chair for work and also as an armchair to relax. 

8. Lexie Chair

Lexie Chair

From this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces, the Lexie Chair has a 90s retro vibe to it. It comes with retro colors and also gold metal legs to complete the whole retro vibe. The chairs have very distinct curves covered with signature velvet that makes it luxurious. 

9. Magis Voido Rocking Chair

Magis Voido Rocking Chair

The most unique option from this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces is the Magis Voido Rocking Chair. It is made out of rotational-molded polyethylene with a very unique design unlike the usual rocking chair. There is a strong futuristic vibe from this chair as if it were from a Star Wars movie. 

10. Austin Leather Swivel Armchair

Austin Leather Swivel Armchair

This Austin Leather Swivel Armchair is a compact, trapezium shaped chair that could easily fit your small space. It comes with cushioned seats and back which will give an extra comfortable experience. Since it is covered with leather, it is easy for you to clean. 

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11. Hanging Rattan Chair

Hanging Rattan Chair

A crowd pleaser due to its unique hanging design, the Hanging Rattan Chair could be a good alternative for small spaces. You can just hang it nicely to your bedroom ceiling so that it won’t take up the floor space of your small bedroom. Something fun that you could install to your room without sacrificing too much space. 

12. Yellow Mustard Chair

Yellow Mustard Chair

The Yellow Mustard Chair comes in a very pretty shade of yellow mustard color. Its wooden frame completes the whole look. A small chair with warm and inviting color, a perfect place to work or relax. 

13. Round Ottoman Storage Footstool 

Round Ottoman Storage Footstool 

The key to working with a small space, other than finding furniture pieces that are actually small, is to have one thing serving different purposes at the same time.  Just like this Round Ottoman Storage Footstool, you can use the same item as a storage, a chair, and also a footstool. It comes with a linen finishing, padded seat, and solid wood legs which makes it comfortable enough to be used as a bedroom chair. 

14. Velvet Ottoman Footrest

Velvet Ottoman Footrest

The same concept with the previous option, but this time you can use it as a footrest, bedroom chair, or a bedside table. The Velvet Ottoman Footrest comes in a square shaped velvet seat with tons of color variation and gold metal legs to give it an extra luxurious look. 

15. OUSGAR Velvet Tufted Accent Chair

OUSGAR Velvet Tufted Accent Chair

Another alternative for you to fit a chair on your small is by getting something that is foldable. The OUSGAR Velvet Tufted Accent Chair is a full set of a chair and an ottoman, covered with soft velvet to give you a comfortable experience. The great thing about it is that it’s foldable, so you can save some space when you are not using it. 

16. HOMCOM Retro High Back Armless Chair

HOMCOM Retro High Back Armless Chair

If you like a more classic and luxurious design, you can go with the Retro High Back Armless Chair. It will fit your small space perfectly with its sleek and stylish design. For comfort, it comes with a thick padded cushion covered with a soft velveteen. You can sit comfortably and still be stylish. 

17. Velvet Armless Chair

Velvet Armless Chair

Another unique bedroom chair from this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces is the Velvet Armless Chair. It comes with an ergonomic roll backrest padded with a high density cushion. The material is very well thought and would give you maximum comfort and not hurt your back. 

18. Milliard Cozy Chair 

Milliard Cozy Chair 

The Milliard Cozy Chair is a foldable chair made of faux fur fabric and sturdy metal frame. Its foldable feature is what makes this chair a great fit for small spaces. You can fold it and store it easily when you don’t use it.  

19. Eve Tufted Fabric Club Chair

Eve Tufted Fabric Club Chair

Small spaces sometimes make us feel stuffy and you need something to lift your spirit up. The Eve Stuffed fabric Club Chair comes in a pastel green checkerboard pattern that will instantly lift the mood of the room. It comes with upholstery to ensure you a relaxing sitting experience. 

20. TOYSINTHEBOX Fabric Lazy Armchair

TOYSINTHEBOX Fabric Lazy Armchair

The Fabric Lazy Armchair is a unique chair that comes with headrests, armrests, and side pockets. It is a design that you don’t usually find elsewhere. You can consider getting this for small spaces where you can put your books and snacks in the pockets for you to enjoy. 

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21. AWQM Modern PU Leather Accent Chair

AWQM Modern PU Leather Accent Chair

It is best to place a simple chair in a small room. Just like the AWQM Modern PU Leather, its simplicity will add a warm feeling to the whole room. It is covered in leather with a backrest and metal arm rest. 

22. Classy Leather Butterfly Chair

Classy Leather Butterfly Chair

Another simple option on this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces is the Classy Leather Butterfly Chair. Comes with a leather seat and metal legs, it will fit nicely in a small space. It might not be the most comfortable, but it will make a good choice for a small space. 

23. Customize Leather Ottoman

Customize Leather Ottoman

In a small space, you could do so much with a footrest. You will like this Customize Leather Ottoman even more. It is a handmade leather footrest that you can personally ask for size and shape customization. Instead of having to try fitting in the chairs with a certain size to a small space, you can adjust the size to your room. 

24. Jaxpety Convertible Chair

Jaxpety Convertible Chair

The Jaxpety Convertible Chair is a convertible armchair that you could also use as a bed. Furthermore, you can adjust the chair into five different angles. It also comes with a cushion and pillow which is basically all you need to have a relaxing time.  

25. Imagined World Petite Accent Chair

Imagined World Petite Accent Chair

Another chair option on this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces that will help lift your spirit up is the Imagined World Petite Accent Chair. A classic armchair that comes in a pink color with a beautiful pattern. This chair would not just help you relax, but also brings a little fun to the whole space. 

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What chairs are good for a small space bedroom?

From this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces, the Eve Stuffed fabric Club Chair is the first option for a small space bedroom. Since a small bedroom might feel stuffy sometimes, this chair could bring good energy to the whole room. The second option would be the Milliard Cozy Chair which is a type of foldable chair which could be stored nicely when it is not being used. You can go with a Round Ottoman Storage Footstool which could be used as several different items so it will help save some space. Lastly, it is also safe to go with something simple and small just like the Raymond Loewy Chair

What are the best small chairs for bedroom corner?

From this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces, the Imagined World Petite Accent Chair or the Fabric Lazy Armchair. The first one comes with a design that would help lift your spirits up while the second one would keep all your necessities for a good time. Both chairs are great choices for a little relaxing corner in yout bedroom. 

What are the best and cheap bedroom chairs for small spaces?

From this list of bedroom chairs for small spaces, you can go with the Jaxpety Convertible Chair or OUSGAR Velvet Tufted Accent Chair for the best and cheap bedroom chairs for small spaces. They are great choices because it is a two-in-one item so you can make the most out of it with a reasonable amount of money. 

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