26 Cool Ottomans for Your Home

These days, interior designs play an important part in making your house more comfortable. Besides, ottomans are great and relaxing furniture that complements other items. It’s not only serves as a multipurpose item, because it can also be used as a table, stool, or even a footstool. Some ottomans can even be used as an extension for a sofa or armchair as part of a living room.

Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes. That’s why we’re pretty sure that you will find the one that matches your style. And to be honest, it’s actually the reason why we’re doing this list of cool ottomans from the first place, because we believe that some of the ottomans listed can even store things that you loved! So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some cool ottomans that you can get for your house.   

The short answer is: YES! If ottomans aren’t as popular as they are, people won’t bother to buy various cool ottomans that are offered in the market. They are really useful items that will fit your house too!

Why Do People Use Ottomans?

People like to use ottomans due to their multipurpose nature. They’re cool furniture that can complement tables and sofas. You can sit on it too. On top of that, you can tidy up your house by storing some things on those cool ottomans.

Cool Ottomans with Elegant Design

Ottomans are produced in different shapes and sizes. Some of them have elegant designs that you can’t afford to miss. Take a look at some of the cool ottomans below.

1. Handmade Luxury Cream Ottoman

Handmade Luxury Cream Ottoman

First up, we’ve got this beautiful handmade ottoman. The cream finishing to the item made the ottoman look amazingly fresh and elegant. This ottoman is equipped with high feet, which making it easier to clean. Don’t let its appearance deceive you, because this ottoman is lightweight and easy to carry. 

2. Aztec Ottoman

Aztec Ottoman

This ottoman is the perfect match for those of you who love Aztec-themed furniture. This ottoman is inspired by the combination of Aztec and Turkish design, and it will be delivered to your doorstep with disassembled legs that can be easily attached to the upper part. Moreover, all of the ottomans have been professionally cleaned and disinfected to ensure safety upon delivery. 

3. Abstract Round Ottoman

Abstract Round Ottoman

You might want small ottomans to fit a minimalistic house. If that’s the case, then you won’t have to look again. This wonderful ottoman will fit your purpose just fine. It’s made up of cotton on a round silhouette with a fancy design that is perfect for a contemporary home. 

4. Traditional Moroccan Ottoman

Traditional Moroccan Ottoman

Up next is the beautiful traditional Moroccan ottoman. This hand-embroidered blue cotton is able to store many things inside. Therefore, if you’re looking to have a change of scenery, then you can always unstuff this ottoman and store them somewhere else. So practical!

5. Bali Breeze Round Ottoman

Bali Breeze Round Ottoman

This Bali Breeze pouf is a multipurpose ottoman that is able to serve different kinds of things. It’s perfect for sitting, or it can be used as an accent table in the den, living room, or even your bedroom. Plus, we really thought that the Bali-inspired design will suit your home just fine. 

6. Duhome Elegant Ottoman

Duhome Elegant Ottoman

Sometimes, you may fancy a glamorous stool from a salon or spa, and perhaps you may wonder if you can get one for your home. Wonder no more because you will fall for this elegant ottoman. It’s a perfect furniture for a contemporary house! Don’t afford to miss this one out. 

7. Pretty Indian Ottoman

Pretty Indian Ottoman

An artistic design may affect your opinion in picking cool furniture. If you like traditional designs, then we suppose you might want to consider this wonderful Indian ottoman. This is a handmade ottoman with a design that’s inspired from old and valuable saris. It’s so soft and cushy that you can sit on it all day. 

8. Indian Handmade Vintage Ottoman

Indian Handmade Vintage Ottoman

Indian designs will always look good on an ottoman. Just take a look at this particular pouf as an example. It will not only injects a cheerful aura to the room, because it’ll also provide new seating options for guests in your house. This ottoman is made using high quality construction. 

9. Indian Black Gold Ottoman

Indian Black Gold Ottoman

Would you look at this beauty for a while and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful design on it. This ottoman is another Indian-themed pouf. To be precise, this particular design is inspired from Rajasthan, India. It’s a comfortable ottoman that will fit perfectly in your living room

10. Vintage Indian Pouf

Vintage Indian Pouf

Here’s our last ottoman with cool Indian designs on it. This awesome ottoman has a similar shape to the previous poufs, but it’s got a unique design on the cover. Every Indian ottoman is so awesome, so all you need to do is decide which one suits your style the most. 

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11. Moroccan Cloud Ottoman

cool ottomans

Let’s move on from the Indian-inspired ottomans. Now we’ve got another traditional ottoman inspired from another ethnicity. This Moroccan ottoman can serve as a nice extension for your sofa. It will also serve nicely as a floor seating option.  

12. Turkish-Inspired Vintage Ottoman

cool ottomans

This is another cool alternative for your consideration. A high quality sponge is used inside this cool Turkish ottoman to give a soft and comfy feeling for your experience. If you look closely at the legs, you’ll immediately notice that it is completely handcrafted too. 

13. Mid Century Ottoman Stool

cool ottomans

This awesome stool is inspired to mimic the Mid-Century style, and undoubtedly will bring some new style to your interior design. The awesome ottoman stool will complement any other decorations that you have in your house! 

14. Amazon Mid Century Stool

Amazon Mid Century Stool

Amazon also released a cool Mid-Century styled ottoman that you can consider. The x-frame of the stool adds a more vintage style while strengthening the ottoman. This bad boy is able to support up to 300 pounds of weight. 

15. Hand Knitted Ottoman

Hand Knitted Ottoman

You should take a moment to appreciate this magnificent ottoman. This beautiful pouf is beautifully hand knitted to match your awesome interior furniture. Also, it’s the perfect item for sitting and relaxing. You shouldn’t afford to miss this one out. 

16. Luxury Square Ottoman

cool ottomans

This elegant ottoman is the perfect item for your exclusive interior. It can be used as a sitting alternative or a cool table, just like the illustration above. Please bear in mind that the ottoman will be delivered unstuffed, so it will be much easier for you to unpack. 

Cool Ottomans with Other Functions

You wouldn’t think that our list of cool ottomans will end there, right? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of unique and cool ottomans for us to explore. But these ottomans come with other functions. Let’s continue now!

17. Ornavo Large Foldable Ottoman

cool ottomans

Let’s begin our list of cool ottomans with this awesome pouf. This ottoman will be the new star of your home. It is able to store many of your precious items while offering seating alternatives for you and your guests.

18. Storage Ottoman with Tray

Storage Ottoman with Tray

If you really want a cool multipurpose ottoman, you really should consider this awesome storage ottoman. It has a similar design to the ottoman that we’ve just discussed before, but it comes with a tray, making it a good alternative as a table too. 

19. Route 66 Ottoman

Route 66 Ottoman

Tired of looking at ottomans with plain, gray coloring? Perhaps, you will fancy this awesome design. Being a unique ottoman, it was actually inspired by the Route 66 stop sign, along with other iconic signs that you may have seen before. Moreover, this ottoman is made up of premium faux leather, making it easy to clean. 

20. Thgonwid Handmade Pouf

Thgonwid Handmade Pouf

Don’t let this round ottoman’s appearance fool you. Despite its soft and cushy material, this ottoman is extremely tough and durable. This is the perfect pouf to bring comfort and relaxation in your house. 

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21. DEERUN Round Velvet Ottoman

DEERUN Round Velvet Ottoman

Modern families need modern furniture to complement their cool interior design. That’s the reason why we’re suggesting this awesome round ottoman. Just like most cool ottomans, this round pouf can also be used as a storage for some of your items. It will also serve as a chair and a footstool for relaxation. 

22. Foldable Velvet Ottoman

cool ottomans

Children have lots of toys that need to be stored somewhere inside the house. To our knowledge, boxes have now proven to be an old-fashioned way to solve that problem. Perhaps, now is the right time to buy one cool ottoman, which can be used as a toy storage for them. And for that reason, we highly suggest you consider buying this particular ottoman for them.

23. Designs4Comfort Convenience Ottoman

cool ottomans

Designs4Comfort has released a unique concept of ottoman that you can buy. This awesome ottoman is inspired to complement a modern-styled home. It’s equipped with a tray to serve foods as well as other items above. On other words, it’s basically a good ottoman that you should consider too. 

24. Linon Stephanie Storage Ottoman

cool ottomans

Want a cool ottoman that can also serve as a footstool? This Linon Stephanie ottoman is the perfect item for that task. It’s got a unique gray script printed design that will definitely match your style. 

25. Better Homes & Gardens Ottoman

cool ottomans

If you are looking to find a huge ottoman that is able to store many things, this one will be the right one for you. The hinged construction of the ottoman allows you to open the top of the store easily. Better Homes & Gardens ottoman also ensures that you can sit comfortably too. 

26. Mainstays Collapsible Ottoman

cool ottomans

Here’s our last item for the list of cool ottomans. The Mainstays Collapsible Ottoman may look simple to you, but it’s really anything but. With this awesome ottoman, you can organize your room easily. It’s the perfect item for tidying up your house. Go and get one!

Final Thoughts

In terms of size, an Ottoman is rather small compared to other furniture. But don’t judge a furniture by it’s size because the right Ottoman can really add significant changes to any room at home. Ottomans come in various types, models and also functions, and you can find the perfect item for you based on your needs and preference.

If you want to add a touch of ethnic vibe to your living room, you can go for something like the Indian-style Ottomans on our list. But if prefer something that can work both as an Ottoman and a storage as well, then we would suggest you to pick functional items such as the Linon Stephanie Storage Ottoman and the Luxury Square Ottoman since it works as a table base, too.

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FAQ (FrequentlyAsked Questions)

What are the most unique ottomans?

There are a lot of cool ottomans that you can choose for your house. But if we have to choose some of the most unique ottomans, we’re going to pick the Indian-based ottomans. They are all carefully designed to give you a traditional ethnicity vibe. Check them out!

What are the most modern ottomans for the living room?

Modern ottomans have simplistic yet awesome designs. For a contemporary house, we would like to suggest this storage ottoman with tray. It will fit perfectly in the living room whilst serving different kinds of purpose. On the other hand, you should also consider buying this Ornavo foldable ottoman too.

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