25 Cool Coil Pots for Your Home Interior

Interior design is something that keeps changing over time, with new décor items are continually being made. However, there are some items that will always be the must-have items in almost all homes, and one of them is a coil pot. If you are looking for some cool coil pots to refresh your space, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy coil pots, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, for beautifying the home interior.

First, the color of the coil pot must be able to represent the nuances and ambient of the room. Second, it is also recommended that the cool coil pot has a functional value as a storage place such as for storing flowers. Third, the unique shape of the cool coil pots must also be noticed.

Now, are you confused about choosing the right type and color of coil pot? Don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a variety of types of cool coil pots that you will surely love.

What Makes Coil Pots Different from Other Pottery Forms?

The coiling technique is what sets them apart. Instead of being spun on a wheel or molded, they’re built layer by layer. This gives them unique textures and patterns that are distinctly different from other pottery forms. Each coil pot tells a story of time, effort, and artistry.

Coil Pots That Full of Color

Step into the kaleidoscopic realm of coil pots, where every swirl boasts vibrant tales of artistry. It’s not just pottery; it’s a riot of colors, twirling and intertwining, beckoning admirers with every glance. Craftsmanship meets canvas in these hand-sculpted masterpieces, bursting with vivacity.

Ready to be spellbound? Let’s journey through this ceramic wonderland together.

1. Swirly Orange Mini Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Are you an orange color lover? If you are, then we assume you will love this swirly orange mini coil pot. We think it is the right choice for you, since it has a bright orange color that can spoil your eyes.

However, some of the things that make this pot very unique are the pattern, texture, and the color combination that includes a little touch of yellow and white in between the bright orange. Put it on your living room table, and see how it can turn into a focal point in an instant.

2. Wabi Sabi Ceramic Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Sometimes we can be in a very bad mood, and it’s quite normal since we are human after all.

If you have this ceramic coil pot at home, we believe that it will become an item that will cheer up when you are in a bad mood.

Just by looking at, you will feel a lot better since it this Wabi Sabi ceramic coil pot has a wonderful combination of yellow, green, and a touch of red and black at the same time. In our opinion, the bright yellow color combined with the deep bluish brown gives this cool coil pot a stunning color contrast!

3. Rainbow Fabric Coiled Pot

cool coil pot

Being able to see the rainbow after the rain gives is a feeling of happiness like no other. Now since we love to see the colors of the rainbow, why not apply the colors into a pretty coiled pot like this one?

This pot features a design that gives a cheerful feeling whenever we see it. Therefore, feel the happy atmosphere in your home every day by buying this rainbow coil pot as a new addition to your decor. In addition, we would also advice that you put in some colorful flowers inside the pot, and see how great it will look.

4. Batik Fabric Coiled Basket Pot

cool coil pot

Batik is one of the cultural heritages of Indonesia. It is a fabric that features amazing and countless patterns that can be applied not only in clothes but also other things like bags, accessories, and you know what? Pots!

The patterns and colors are very unique and diverse, making batik very popular not only for the natives but also for the international population.

If you want to add a touch of Indonesian Batik culture into your space, we highly recommend you to grab this Batik Fabric Coil Basket Pot. It will undoubtedly become a focal point of the room. What a genius art, don’t you think?

Coil Pots That are Simple but Full of Beauty

In the world of ceramics, simplicity often sings the loudest. Enter coil pots, where minimalist design converges with understated elegance, revealing a beauty that’s both quiet and profound. These aren’t just pots; they’re poetry molded by deft hands, a celebration of art in its purest form.

Prepare to be enchanted as we uncover the timeless charm of these simple yet stunning creations.

5. Gray Rustic Coil Pot

cool coil pot

If you are into monochrome designs, then we have the perfect choice of coil pot for you. Let’s meet this adorable Gray Rustic Coil Pot right here. In our opinion, this pot offers you the value of simplicity through handwork.

It looks clean, simple, sleek and elegant at the same time.

If you currently re-decorating your monochrome-themed space, then this pot deserves a spot inside it. Just place this pot in the corner of the room and feel the simplicity present in your monochrome space.

6. Woven Water Hyacinth Cool Coil Pot

cool coil pot

if you prefer a more natural-looking pot, then we think this Woven Water Hyacinth Coil Pot is perfect for you. It has a simple conventional shape made of natural water hyacinth fiber.

What’s good about this pot is the size. This pot measures 15 inches, which can accommodate small to medium trees.

You can place it on the floor and place your favorite indoor plants like your Monstera inside it. In terms of design, we also think that the neatly woven makes this cool coil pot feels more alive.

7. WELLAND Plant Flower Pots

cool coil pot

White, clean, and neat make this cool coil pot very pleasing to the eye. This pot is made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder, making it light and also durable. It is available in various sized and you pick the one to fit your space the most.

In terms of design, since it features a clean look, we would suggest that you put it in a white-themed room. Not only that it will make the room looks more inviting, it will also make a nice and sweet medium to place some greeneries inside the room.

8. Owl Seagrass Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Moving on to the next item on our list, here we have a cute and adorable pot made of seagrass. Are you currently looking for a sweet decorative gift for your girlfriend’s upcoming birthday? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

For your particular purpose, we highly recommend this cute and cool owl-shaped coil pot to you. We think it will make a wonderful option, especially for a girlfriend who loves to collect small succulents inside her space. Even better, these pots are also handwoven by professional craftsmen.

9. Hanging Planter Bird Cottage

cool coil pot

Looking for some coil pots that you can hang on your indoor garden’s ceiling? We have the perfect choice for you! This wooden pot is a pot that you can hang, simply using a rope.

This kind of pot will make a perfect place to put your hanging plants, and make them safe from interference from the surrounding environment. So, let’s wait no more and make your home decor different from friends by hanging this pot in your indoor garden or yard. Your choice.

10. Textured Ceramic Planter White

cool coil pot

Add a touch of artistic art to the interior of your home by displaying Textured Ceramic Planter White. This post has a unique look that features a raw touch, making it even more unique to have

This is also one of the pots that comes with drainage holes on the bottom, which will keep your plants fresh and always get enough water and sunlight. Also, in terms of design, we believe that this pot will be loved by those who love natural and earth-tone colors.

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11. Ceramic Stoneware Planter Pot

cool coil pot

Next up we have a pot that will give you some ideas on how to do some DIY activities with your kids. This pot can be a canvas for you and the kids to paint it however you like it.

It will also be a nice way to introduce your kids to art and nature all at once.

Once they are done with the painting, they can continue by placing a plan of their choice inside. It’s a fun way to introduce them to nature through fun room decorations, too. As for this one, this cool pot coil features a blue and yellow circle pattern with a ceramic base for a contemporary look.

12. Vertical Lines Planter with Saucer Black

cool coil pot

Next we have a noter monochrome-themed pot for you. This one comes in black with white lines on it.

In our opinion, this would the kind of pot that will be perfect to place your indoor plants, to be placed near your house entrance door.

It will be a nice pot to welcome your guests, since we think the black appearance with white vertical lines makes this coil pot feel more elegant and pleasant to see. Moreover, the contrast of black and white creates a stunning artistic style, too!

13. Ceramic Planter Trio Earth Tone

cool coil pot

In choosing your decor pots, make sure you don’t forget your patio! And here we have a set of perfect pots for your patio. This cool coil pot features a combination of earth tones that will give the plant a greener feel.

These three pots feature colors and patterns that will never go out of style. We’re pretty sure you can have these pots for many many years. Moreover, the bottom of this pot has drain holes to ensure your plant stays healthy and gets the best nutrition.

Coil Pots That Brings Us Back to Nature

Coil pots whisper tales of earth’s oldest traditions, echoing nature’s rhythm in every curve and contour. Crafted from the very soil we walk upon, they’re a tactile bridge connecting us to a time when art and nature danced hand in hand.

In a world increasingly digital, these creations ground us, offering a tactile reminder of nature’s subtle beauty. Dive in as we explore these earthen masterpieces that effortlessly transport us back to nature’s embrace.

14. Zebra Plant in Coiled Pot

zebra Planter

Bring nature into your home by choosing this Zebra Plant in a coiled rope planter. Thanks to it’s classic and long-lasting appearance, we believe this is a pot that will never lose it’s charm, no matter where you put it.

Also, since it comes in natural colors like black and brownish gold, it will be best to use if to display plants with big leaves. Therefore, it will look more elegance and welcoming at the same time. In short, a tropical atmosphere is offered by this pot with wonderful natural wood color.

15. Woven Plant Coiled Pot

Woven Planter

Do you happen to have a friend who just recently moved to a new home? If you do, then make sure you don’t skip in giving them a housewarming gift. One of the best gift ideas is by giving the a plan pot.

For that particular reason, we recommend you to get then this Woven planter pot. This coil pot consists of soft woven material with a natural brown color, making it a perfect choice for any home. Also, this pot has a diameter of about 10 inches which is suitable for storing medium-sized plants.

16. Bulbous Planter

Bulbous Planter

The sea atmosphere offers tranquility with the sound of the waves. We all know that friend who always love everything about the sea and nautical decor theme. Now when it comes to giving that person a gift, we think a pot with nautical design will make a great option.

For that person, the blue sea water always adds peace of mind. Therefore, why not pick this Bulbous coil pot as a gift? We think it can provide that experience in the best possible way. Decorated with carvings in the shape of waves and blue, this cool coil pot is perfect for storing in their private room as a display item.

17. Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter 

Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter 

This cool coil pot has a very unique shape, which resembles a Sloth. If you adore Sloth and all of it’s uniqueness, then you better make sure you spare a spot for this pot. It has a super cute Sloth face design, making t very adorable to see.

In terms of materials, all the materials that are used to create this cool coil pot come from nature, namely nylon cord, wicker, coconut fibers. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this pot fast before it runs out!

18. Resin Shatter-Resistant Coil Pot

Resin Shatter-Resistant Coil Pot

When you walk in nature, we believe that you will surely come across rocks at some point, right? Now here we have a cool coil pot that presents the color of the stones that are perfectly similar to the original version.

This is one of the best options of pots for those who love nature and all the elements of it, including rocks. With this pot, we believe that any plant or flower that you put inside will look more natural. Grab it now!

Coil Pots That Have Vintage Vibes

Coil pots, with their spiraled charm, are like whispered conversations from yesteryears, echoing vintage tales through every twist. Each piece, with its intricate design, seems to harken back to a time of gramophones, sepia photos, and lace doilies. Their very essence seems dipped in nostalgia, a tactile testament to eras gone by.

As we delve deeper, prepare to be transported to a world where old-school craftsmanship reigns supreme and every coil tells a story.

19. Textured Brown & Green Coil Pot

Textured Brown & Green Planter

The brown root shape with a turquoise green base makes this cool planter pot feels very special.

For those who love classic designs, we have no doubt they will immediately fall in love with this ethnic-looking pot.

The shape and structure that look ancient add to the vintage value of this coil pot. Plus, the color that looks like it has been used for many years already, wonderfully add to the vintage feel of it. Get this rare and unique item right away!

20. Vintage Coil Planter Pot

Vintage Planter

Unique items are very rare and not easy to obtain. But if we can find one, the we better make sure you don’t miss our chance to get it. Take this pot for instance. This Vintage coil planter pot is a super vintage pot that will add a touch of vintage to your space.

This planter pot is perfect for a small cactus and succulent with dimensions of 3.25 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches. We believe without a doubt, this cool coil pot can decorate your home interior differently.

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21. Santa Clara Hand Coiled Etched Pot

Santa Clara Hand Planter Etched

Have you read about the ancient American tribes?

If you haven’t done so, you might want to know that they have unique customs where every item produced must have a very unique motif.

An artist, Santa Clara Dean Haunsooah brings this ancient feel through an amazingly cool coil pot that has a turtle and rain cloud design. Having this pot at home will add a historical touch to your space, making it a more meaningful item to have, or even to collect.

22. Pueblo Pot Blue Hand Coiled Pot

Pueblo Pot Blue Hand Planter

Creative patterns can always be displayed on an art object. Take this one for instance.

This pot comes as a very cool coil pot with an artistic painting style produces the Pueblo Pot Blue Hand coiled pot item.

Due to it’s unique design, we can really say that art deco style really dominates the colors and motifs on this coil pot. It’s a piece worth having, especially if you are a collector or someone who loves to own unique pots to keep your pants safe.

23. Bohemian Ceramic Pot

Bohemian Ceramic Pot

Delicate geometric design, making this cool coil pot suitable for your home décor. Bright colors accompanied by flawless motifs make this item very suitable as a gift for friends or loved ones.

With so many options of patterns and colors to pick, you can have a wide range options to choose from. But our advice, if you find it hard to pick the best one, you might as well pick them all and get some for yourself as well. Fair enough, right? So, choose this item then you won’t regret it!

24. Ombre Resin Flower Planter Pot

Ombre Resin Plant Flower Planter

Durability is the advantage of this cool coil pot in addition to its mysterious blue and black colors. The lightweight construction makes this pot easy to move and organize indoors.

The color combination is just beautiful, making it a perfect piece to make your space feels more comforting and inviting.

Also, if you have a friend who just moved to a new home, then you might want to consider having this pot as a housewarming gift, as well. We can assure you, your friend will be thrilled to have this pot as a gift from you.

25. Dragon Incense Pot

Dragon Incense Pot

Last but not least, we have one of the coolest options on this section. Dragon in Chinese culture is a symbol of something good. Dragons symbolize truth, luck, goodness, strength, and prosperity, and that is why this pot deserves to be considered.

This cool coil pot is made of resin with a glaze coating, and you can use it as a place to accommodate aromatherapy. In addition to its very unique shape, this pot can also provide comfort to you through its aromatherapy.

Final Thoughts

Although it might sounds less important, a coil pot actually holds a bigger role in terms of decorating your space, both indoors and outdoors. The process of re-decorating your space won’t be complete without adding some pots into the picture.

Based on that reason, we want to make sure that you pick the right pots to help you turn your space into a more comforting space at home. Among 25 of the most recommended coil pots on our list, we believe you can find the best one for your space. Trust us, you will be surprised to see how a single pot can change the mood of the whole room.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What were pots originally used for?

Historical value is always interesting, isn’t it? Long ago, coil pots were used as tools for cooking, storing, and serving food. Coil pot also serves as an artistic expression. The style and design of the coil pot are greatly influenced by the religious beliefs of the maker.

Do colorful coil pots require special care?

Treat them like any other pottery. While many are robust, avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent cracking. Hand washing is generally recommended over dishwashing. Regular dusting will keep their colors popping. And remember, direct sunlight over prolonged periods might fade some colors, depending on the glaze.

What if your coil pot breaks or chips?

Like any pottery, coil pots can be delicate. If minor chips occur, some can be smoothed or fixed. However, severe breaks might be harder to mend. Treat them with care, and they’ll remain beautiful for years.

Why are colorful coil pots considered unique?

While traditional coil pots often sport a singular, earthy color, colorful versions stand out vibrantly. The juxtaposition of colors adds depth, personality, and flair to each pot. Plus, a colorful palette can highlight the intricate coil patterns, making it a visual treat.

How are coil pots made?

Coil pots are made by stacking and combining clay in the form of small rolls and then shaping as desired to make it have aesthetic value and form. Looks easy, right? Please try to make it and feel the sensation!

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