25 Cool Coil Pots for Your Home Interior

Interior design is something that keeps changing over time, with new decor items are continually being made. However, there are some items that will always be the must-have items in almost all homes, and one of them is a coil pot. If you are looking for some cool coil pots to refresh your space, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy coil pots, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, for beautifying the home interior.

First, the color of the coil pot must be able to represent the nuances and ambient of the room. Second, it is also recommended that the cool coil pot has a functional value as a storage place such as for storing flowers. Third, the unique shape of the cool coil pots must also be noticed.

Now, are you confused about choosing the right type and color of coil pot? Don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a variety of types of cool coil pots that you will surely love.

The Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics?

The basic difference between pottery and ceramics is the basic material. Pottery is made only with clay whereas ceramics can be constructed with silica, clay, or zirconium oxide. A further difference is that pottery is usually made by hand whereas ceramics are produced by factories.

Cool Coil Pots that Full of Color

Each color represents its own meaning and nuance. Here is a list of cool coil pots that have a variety of attractive colors:

1. Swirly Orange Mini Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Are you an orange color lover? If you are, then we assume you will love this swirly orange mini coil pot. We think it is the right choice for you, since it has a bright orange color that can spoil your eyes.

However, some of the things that make this pot very unique are the pattern, texture, and the color combination that includes a little touch of yellow and white in between the bright orange. Put it on your living room table, and see how it can turn into a focal point in an instant.

2. Wabi Sabi Ceramic Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Are you in a bad mood? Try to get rid of that feeling by looking at this Wabi Sabi ceramic coil pot. The bright yellow color combined with the deep bluish brown gives this cool coil pot a stunning color contrast!

3. Rainbow Fabric Coiled Pot

cool coil pot

It’s always nice to see a colorful rainbow after the rain stops. Feel the atmosphere in your home every day by buying this rainbow coil pot. You can also place flowers on top for a nice variety of colors.

4. Batik Fabric Coiled Basket Pot

cool coil pot

Batik is one of the heritages of the Indonesian nation. The motifs and colors are very unique and diverse, making batik very popular not only for the natives but also for the international population. This Batik Fabric Coil Basket Pot applies batik motifs to the coil pot and makes it an interesting item. What a genius art!

Cool Coil Pots That Simple But Full of Beauty

Simplicity is the opposite of sophistication. However, simplicity can provide immeasurable value for those who like things uncomplicated.

5. Gray Rustic Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Gray Rustic Coil Pot offers you the value of simplicity through handwork. Place this pot in the corner of the room and feel the simplicity present in your room.

6. Woven Water Hyacinth Cool Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Woven Water Hyacinth Coil Pot has a simple conventional shape made of natural water hyacinth fiber. This pot measures 15 inches which can accommodate small to medium trees. Neatly woven makes this cool coil pot feel more alive.

7. WELLAND Plant Flower Pots

cool coil pot

White, clean, and neat make this cool coil pot very pleasing to the eye. This pot is made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder which is light and durable. This pot is suitable for display in a white room.

8. Owl Seagrass Coil Pot

cool coil pot

Do you want to give a decorative gift to your girlfriend? Do not panic! This cute and cool owl-shaped coil pot can be an option. These pots are handwoven by professional craftsmen.

9. Hanging Planter Bird Cottage

cool coil pot

Is it true that this cool pot can be hung? Yes, that’s right. This wooden pot can be hung by a rope. Plants that are placed in it will be safe from interference from the surrounding environment. Make your home decor different from friends by hanging this pot in your yard.

10. Textured Ceramic Planter White

cool coil pot

Add a touch of artistic art to the interior of your home by displaying Textured Ceramic Planter White. This cool coil pot has drainage holes to keep your plants fresh and get enough water and sunlight.

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11. Ceramic Stoneware Planter Pot

cool coil pot

Do you have small children? Introduce them to nature through fun room decorations. This cool pot coil features a blue and yellow circle pattern with a ceramic base for a contemporary look.

12. Vertical Lines Planter with Saucer Black

cool coil pot

Do you want a different look and color of the coil pot? The black appearance with white vertical lines makes this coil pot feel more elegant. The contrast of black and white creates a stunning artistic style!

13. Ceramic Planter Trio Earth Tone

cool coil pot

Don’t forget your patio! This cool coil pot features a combination of earth tones that will give the plant a greener feel. The bottom of this pot has drain holes to ensure your plant stays healthy and gets the best nutrition.

Cool Coil Pots That Back To Nature

“Back to nature”. A very common slogan we hear. Nature gives a positive vibe to every living being.

14. Zebra Plant in Coiled Pot

zebra Planter

Bring nature into your home by choosing this Zebra Plant in a coiled rope planter. A tropical atmosphere is offered by this pot with wonderful natural wood color.

15. Woven Plant Coiled Pot

Woven Planter

Do you have friends who recently moved house? Gift him this Woven planter pot. This coil pot consists of soft woven material with a natural brown color. This pot has a diameter of about 10 inches which is suitable for storing medium-sized plants.

16. Bulbous Planter

Bulbous Planter

The sea atmosphere offers tranquility with the sound of the waves. The blue sea water adds peace of mind. This Bulbous coil pot can provide that experience. Decorated with carvings in the shape of waves and blue, this cool coil pot is perfect for storing in your private room as a display item.

17. Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter 

Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter 

This cool coil pot has a very unique shape, which resembles a sloth animal. All the materials used to make this cool coil pot come from nature, namely nylon cord, wicker, coconut fibers.

18. Resin Shatter-Resistant Coil Pot

Resin Shatter-Resistant Coil Pot

When you walk in nature you will surely come across rocks. This cool coil pot presents the color of the stones that are perfectly similar to the original. Plants or flowers planted in it will look more natural. What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

Cool Coil Pots That Have Vintage Vibes

A coil pot can be shaped very uniquely at the wishes of the maker. Here is a cool coil pot that has an amazing shape:

19. Textured Brown & Green Coil Pot

Textured Brown & Green Planter

The brown root shape with a turquoise green base makes this cool planter pot feel very special. The shape and structure that look ancient add to the vintage value of this coil pot. Get this rare and unique item right away!

20. Vintage Coil Planter Pot

Vintage Planter

Unique items are very rare and not easy to obtain. This Vintage coil planter pot is a small cactus and succulent with dimensions of 3.25 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches. This cool coil pot can decorate your home interior differently.

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21. Santa Clara Hand Coiled Etched Pot

Santa Clara Hand Planter Etched

Have you read about the ancient American tribes? They have unique customs where every item produced must have a very unique motif. An artist, Santa Clara Dean Haunsooah brings this ancient feel through an amazingly cool coil pot that has a turtle and rain cloud design.

22. Pueblo Pot Blue Hand Coiled Pot

Pueblo Pot Blue Hand Planter

Creative motifs can always be displayed on an art object. The combination of a cool coil pot with an artistic painting style produces the Pueblo Pot Blue Hand coiled pot item. Art deco style dominates the colors and motifs on this coil pot.

23. Bohemian Ceramic Pot

Bohemian Ceramic Pot

Delicate geometric design, making this cool coil pot suitable for your home decor. Bright colors accompanied by flawless motifs make this item very suitable as a gift for friends or loved ones. Choose this item then you won’t regret it!

24. Ombre Resin Flower Planter Pot

Ombre Resin Plant Flower Planter

Durability is the advantage of this cool coil pot in addition to its mysterious blue and black colors. The lightweight construction makes this pot easy to move and organize indoors.

25. Dragon Incense Pot

Dragon Incense Pot

Dragon in Chinese culture is a symbol of something good. Dragons symbolize truth, luck, goodness, strength, and prosperity. This cool coil pot is made of resin with a glaze coating. This pot can be used as a place to accommodate aromatherapy. In addition to its very unique shape, this pot can also provide comfort to you through its aromatherapy.

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