25 Gift Baskets for New Moms That Really Useful

New moms are celebrating and welcoming their newborns into their lives. As friends and family, you can join their celebration and joy. You can give them the things they really need from the early stage of being parents. Or you can give fun gifts for them after the long run of being pregnant. 

You can start by thinking what’s their favorite things. Or, if you want to give something new, you can check out our gift baskets list, especially for new moms. We collect wonderful presents to make their exhausting days into a big laugh again. 

What Do You Get A New Mother After Giving Birth?

We believe giving her something that can help her relax is the best gift choice. A foot therapy spa can be helpful in her short breaks of breastfeeding or naps. An easy-to-make and practical cup of tea is also a great idea to help her relax.

1. Postpartum Care Package Deluxe

gift baskets for new moms

We agree that this deluxe postpartum care package is the perfect gift for a new mom. It provides lovely products to help a new mom recover sooner and rest easier. It also serves baby products that a mom needs. Do not forget to put your message on the box. This deluxe gift shows how much you care for the mom and the baby.

2. Bathtub Gift Basket

gift baskets for new moms

Many new moms have difficulties with the recent changes, especially on their bodies after giving birth. “You’re the Bomb!” gift basket helps you remind them that they are the new hottest mom in the world. A long hot bath with this unique bath bomb will give them the needed me time. 

3. Hand-Picked Essentials Gift Basket

Hand-Picked Essentials Gift Basket

The carefully hand-picked gifts deliver your heart to your new mom’s best friend. It consists of a journal book, bath bombs, and comfy socks for the mom with a muslin swaddle blanket and pacifier clip for the baby. You can encourage her to note down every day’s memory with her baby.

4. Book of Honey

gift baskets for new moms

Aside from the parenting books that new moms collect, this Book of Honey should make its entrance. The six different tastes of honey are the healthy choice spread for their breakfast. They can also replace the sugar on their tea with honey.

5. Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box

gift baskets for new moms

If the new mom has restrained herself from taking too much sugar during her pregnancy, she will love this present now. This unique Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffle Box has a dozen flavors. She can take a truffle a day to brighten up her day.

6. Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set

gift baskets for new moms

This Foot Therapy Spa can help relax the new moms’ feet after hours of standing and holding a baby. It is available in lavender and eucalyptus scents that are best in soothing. This self-care kit is easy to use at home without taking much time to travel to the spa center.

7. Tea Drop Sampler

gift baskets for new moms

This Tea Drop Sampler has two options: unsweetened and sweetened drops. Both drops are not taking much time to prepare. A perfect thing for a new mom! The sweetened drops set comes with a reusable wood box that can be a decorative item on her end table

8. Mom Life Gift Basket

gift baskets for new moms

A little fun present like the Mom Life gift basket means a little happiness. The new mom can put the mug with the hot Starbucks coffee and the succulent on her bedside table. Or if she’s a working mom who plans to be back at work, this mug will be a great company at her desk.

9. Self-Love Box Crystal and Metaphysical Box

gift baskets for new moms

This pretty Self-Love Box has so many things inside to help the new mom intensify their self-love. The affirmation notes, rose quartz, diffuser bracelet, and others stimulate the new mom to not forget about focusing on themselves while taking care of their babies. A happy mom will undoubtedly lead to a happy baby.

10. Beautiful Gift Box

gift baskets for new moms

True to what people say about beautiful things for a beautiful lady. A pleasant smell from a good perfume increases the new mom’s confidence. There are ten incredible scents in the box to use every day. She can be a different persona each day with these perfumes.

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11. Sleep & Stress Care Package

gift baskets for new moms

This gift package has every natural thing that brings calmness and peace. This Sleep & Stress Care Package is the best solution for the sleep-deprived new mom. The components inside the box help them have the peaceful sleep they crave.

12. The Distraction Box

The Distraction Box

Some new moms need a distraction from their full-time job as moms, whether it is their first child or the third one. The coloring book can take her busy body and mind to a state of peace for a while. As it completes with some treats and many more, this box can be the gift basket they need.

13. Assorted Handmade Tropical Flower Candle

gift baskets for new moms

This assorted handmade tropical flower candles box is the ideal present for a new mom that spends most of her time at home. She can take a beautiful flower candle and burn it for a good 2 hours. Scented by Neroli essential oils, the colorful candles spread their smell throughout the room.

14. My Mom is Great Gift Basket

gift baskets for new moms

This gift basket fits the title of new mom’s best friend. You can give this gift basket to the new mom in the family as her treats. Various drink options come in the basket with a special mug. She can use her “Mom” mug for drinking hot chocolate or coffee after a long day. 

15. Flower Bath Soap

Flower Bath Soap

If bringing new moms a bouquet of flowers is a cliché, this box of flower bath soaps will be the opposite. The unique flower look-alike soaps are a fresh gift basket to give. They can use these pretty flowers to wash their hands or bathe. New moms can save the undying flowers as decorations if they are too lovely to be used.

16. Sunny Sunflower Gardening Gift Set

gift baskets for new moms

New moms rarely have spare time as they are busy with the family’s newcomer. They cannot do their hobbies yet to release the stress. Instead of the actual gardening activity, you bring them a sweet treat pot that the new mom can enjoy in the garden. They can temporarily replace their hobbies with spending their time with the newborns.

17. Luxurious Gift Set

Luxurious Gift Set

Because one box is not enough to express your love, this luxurious gift set is the perfect gift you need. A wine and three-tier sweet treats for the new mom wash away her fatigue and all.  She also can share her goodies with the new dad and build a more excellent atmosphere at home18. Crystal & Herbs Tealight Candles

18. Crystal & Herbs Tealight Candles

Crystal Herbs Tealight Candles

If you have the first-hand experience of being a new mom, you are sure a call away to help your new mom friends. These dazzling crystals and herb tealight candles are one of many help you can offer. The special herbs spread their home positive and loving energies with bright colors and aura from the crystal. The pleasant fragrance helps them to relax and get some rest.

19. Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Beauty Sleep Gift Set

While the baby needs plenty of sleep to grow, the new mom needs her beauty sleep to be in perfect shape. With a bit of spare time, the beauty sleep kit will help her get more quality sleep time. This gift fulfills the mom’s needs and keeps her looking fabulous all the time.

20. 24K Gold Bath Bombs

24K Gold Bath Bombs

Surprise the new mom with this luxurious 24K Gold Bath Bombs gift basket. The nine golden balls have nine unique fragrances that are different scents in each bomb. The gold is not for appearance purposes only but also gives the new mom’s skin benefits.

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21. Global Hot Sauce Gift Box

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box

As the best friend, you know how the new mom tries to be careful of her food. On the other hand, you also know she is craving some spiciness. This Global Hot Sauce Gift Box might be what she is looking for after giving birth. You wouldn’t expect your small gift is the perfect gift until it comes into the hands of the recipients.

22. Pregnancy Care Box

Pregnancy Care Box

The Pregnancy Care Box will bring the new mom to her new memory lines. She also knows that every single thing in the box is a good thing for her, even after being a new mom. This gift basket makes her appreciate your tender care and love for her and her baby.

23. Charcuterie Gift Box

gift baskets for new moms

Bring the fresh vibe of the beach to the new mom’s house by sending her this Charcuterie Gift Box. The unique homeware that consists of a chopping board and coasters may help her grant her longing wish to refresh herself on the beach. Names of important dates written on the chopping board add more personal value to the gift.

24. NYC Subway Token Collector’s Set

NYC Subway Token Collector’s Set

If spending all her time on her pregnancy once stops her from hunting historical items she likes, we bet she will be thrilled to receive this gift box from you. This NYC Subway Token set is an excellent present for a history buff. The collection starts with the 1953’s and ends with the 1995’s token. The certificate of authenticity is inside the box, so no worry about an in-genuine gift.

25. Seaglass Heart

Seaglass Heart

The stunning Seaglass Heart conveys your heartfelt message for the new mom. This masterpiece is carefully made to order, which makes it more special. The beautiful blue glass shines from the wall or table where it is placed. It brings a calming sense to the room and, hopefully, to the new mom and her baby’s night.

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