25 Unique End Tables for Any Room in Your House

You do not necessarily need to make a significant change to your house or have some major renovations to create a fresh and new ambiance to your space. All you need do is simply rearrange items and furniture and find a new spot to place them. You can also add one or two ornaments to enliven the room. For instance, you can add extra unique end tables to highlight your area. Although it sounds like a simple and small piece of furniture, a perfect end table can actually make a significant change to your space. However, if you are looking for something different, you can consider adding unique end tables to create a unique fresh look to your space.

To meet your needs, we have compiled 25 unique end tables in our hands that can help you refresh the mood of your spaces. This list can help you get the idea of whether you need to fill a small space in your living room or replace the old side table.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at our 25 unique end tables that you can choose to decorate any room or corner in your house.

BEST End Tables for Your Lovely Room

Get ready to embark on a journey through a curated selection of the finest end tables, where form and function unite seamlessly to create a harmonious haven. Let your room’s personality shine through with these exquisite pieces that promise to be both eye-catching accents and indispensable companions.

1. Lawlor Solid Wood Abstract End Table

unique end tables

The Lawlor Solid Wood Abstract End Table is actually pretty big for an end table. But if you have a pretty wide open space at home, then we think this might be a great choice for you to pick. This big twist end table uses solid wood as its top and base material, so it’s sturdy and robust enough to be a last-minute seating stool.

Due to the size, you don’t need to worry when many guests are coming to visit you all together at the same time. The oak oil layers the top of the table and makes it a food-safe and water-resistant surface. In our opinion, this table is best to feature in your living room. However, make sure to set two wooden chairs on both sides to have the maximum function of the table.

2. Acrylic End Table

Acrylic End Table

This transparent acrylic end table has a built-in storage area at the bottom of the tables for your convenience. The invisible helper is a high-grade, lightweight, and shatter-proof table. It looks very chic and modern, making it one of the most unique end tables to pick.

Given its acrylic material, it is easy to move around, making it convenient to adjust with your furniture in the area. If you want to add greenery around, we also think tht you can put a small potted plant underneath the tabletop instead of stocking it with newspapers.

3. Round Hairpin Leg

Round Hairpin Leg

The Round Hairpin End Table is a handmade table of reclaimed wood that undergoes many complex processes. At the same time, it also becomes a unique retro-style end table with a different design on each, making one of the most unique end tables on our list.

Due to the colorful feature of this item, you can mix-match this odd color end table with any seating furniture. However, we do recommend that you arrange a reading chair and a potted plant next to this table to create a cozy, reading space while sipping a cup of coffee.

4. Bamboo Stackable End Table

Bamboo Stackable End Table

This stackable end table is a real multifunctional end table. In our opinion, it will be the best symmetrical end table to be placed on each side of your sofa. Plus, we also think that it will be your one or two-tier nightstand at the same time. In terms of color, we’re pretty sure that the natural color of bamboo can easily blend with your living room design, makes it look livelier.

Meanwhile, the storage gives you space to display figurines or store your favorite books. Given the material, it will easily match your tropical or contemporary interior design.

5. C Shape Marble End Table

C Shape Marble End Table

This C Shape Marble End Table will undoubtedly give you the best comfort for everyday use. Due to it’s unique design, this marble end table can slide under your sofa or bed. In our opinion, it will also become a great choice of end table to accompany you while you are working in front of your laptop.

It has a unique reversible design that allows you to have two different shapes of end table by rotating it 90o. Not to mention that you can also change it anyway and whenever you like. We recommend arranging a small cactus or succulent on the second shelf or on top to decorate the space.

6. End Table with Charging Station

End Table with Charging Station

This end table is the qualified unique end table. If you ask us, we can also say that this is one of the most unique end tables on the list. You can open and fold the top table and find the charging station – two standard plug outlets and 2 USB ports. We can guarantee that you will not find these features in other end tables, making this one worth buying.

It is absolutely a game-changer for your living room! Instead of leaving it empty, set a cactus, and table lamp. Meanwhile, the shelves under the table top will work great to display your dolls or figurine collections.

7. C-Shape Side End Table

C-Shape Side End Table

This C Shape Side End Table offers you the elegance of a minimalistic neutral design with the white marble and gold metal combination. We believe that this end table can become the best solution for small and empty spaces inside your home, whether your living room or bedroom.

You can use this table as a simple work table if you work from home, or as a table display for your potted plants. Alternatively, we also think that it will make a cute, portable mini bar in your kitchen if you haven’t built one.

8. Addine End Table

unique end tables

This Addine End Table provides a wide area for you, your laptop, and your busy schedule. You can easily adjust the height and tilt the table to your convenience. Moreover, the 4-wheels help you to move this unique table easily to the perfect spot for your zoom meeting.

Additionally, you can also put some drawings or photos on the end table as decoration when you’re not using it. With a unique design, we do think that the end table will effortlessly match any interior design.

9. Adjustable C Table

Adjustable C Table – End Table

If the usual end table is a relatively short and low-height table, this Adjustable C-Table proves to you that it is a one-of-a-kind end table. It has a height-adjusted function to fulfill your needs, such as working on your laptop or whenever you need a table to put your cup of coffee on.

Another great thing about this table is that it is so easy and quick to assemble, so you can use this end table immediately after it arrives at your doorstep. Since it comes in two colors, we would suggest that you choose one to match other existing furniture.

10. Walnut Nesting End Table

unique end tables

These walnut nesting end table trios are very popular on the internet. The moment you lay your eyes on it, we can assure you that you can’t help but fall in love with it. Being one of the most elegant yet unique end tables, this one features the beauty of the solid walnut wood in the small space next to your sofa.

In our opinion, it will be nice if you can place small things on these end tables as decorative and practical end tables. We would suggest that you start with a cactus, succulent, or photo frame of your family or spouse to feature on the tabletop.

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11. Half Barrel Head End Table

Half Barrel Head

This unique Half Barrel Head End Table serves cool rusty looks to be an end table in the living room, as much as to be a nightstand in the bedroom. The table uses Authentic Kentucky bourbon barrel heads, highlighting its antique design.

We think this table is already giving you adequate reasons on why you need to have it soon. You can display your beer, bourbon, or other liquor bottles on the bottom shelf. Meanwhile, the tabletop functions to put your favorite potted plants or a table lamp.

12. Wood Smart End Table

unique end tables

The Smart End Table has a complete cool features with a Bluetooth audio speaker and wireless phone charging. With support for digital devices, we still think that it seems humble with its simple woody look compared to its high-tech features.

Knowing its small design, you can probably place only one medium-potted plant on top. However, we recommend having one small succulent or cactus and your mini photo frame instead. Also, you can place it between your armchair and window or next to your bed as a nightstand.

13. Engraved Walnut Hardwood Table

unique end tables

This Engraved Walnut Hardwood End Table has an excellent artwork design that burns into the end table’s surface. We believe without a doubt, you will never feel bored of seeing this end table inside your living room over and over.

Also, this end table is very stable because it uses solid walnut hardwood as the primary material. It also has great durability that lasts a very long time, too! You can have one next to your tropical potted plants like Monstera or Sansiviera to offer greenery around and match the natural vibes the table has.

14. Tensegrity Coffee Table

unique end tables

This end table screams unique from the very first glance. In our opinion, the Tensegrity End Table looks more like artwork in an exhibition than a practical end table. Being one of the most unique end tables on the list, this one comes with five different style tabletops for you to choose from.

What makes this table even more unique is the fact that you can adjust the chain balance to your preference. Moreover, it will make an amazing piece as a nightstand where your table lamp resides. One advice though, you can also consider arranging it in your living room next to your sofa.

15. Antique Round Table

unique end tables

The Antique Round End Table is 100% handcrafted furniture of solid mango wood. Being a unique piece of artwork, the skilled artisans in India slowly carved the wood to give delicate details. As the nature of solid wood, this end table has a long life span.

Knowing such a detail and craftsmanship, it will easily become a centerpiece in your rustic interior design. We would also suggest that you match it with your wooden chairs or bed to create the rustic atmosphere.

16. Driftwood End Table

unique end tables

The unique end table has complicated yet artistic table legs. We really think that this driftwood end table will instantly catch everyone’s attention, even from the small space in the corner of the room, thanks to its striking appeal.

This handmade wooden end table can also be the plant stand to freshen the whole room’s mood. We recommend Calathea, Caladium, or Monstera plant to sit on the tabletop. We really think that those plants will be perfect to highlight the tropical feel in the area.

17. Modern Nesting End Table

The Modern Nesting End Table looks so sophisticated with its white color. You can arrange the three end tables into your arrangement preference. Also, it can replace your coffee table and save a lot of space in your living room. If you have a limited space, then this one would be the best pick.

Moreover, this end table uses eco-friendly and child-friendly materials that are safe for your children. Hence, if you wish, you can have one in your kid’s bedroom to display their toys or simply put a table lamp.

18. Simple Side Table

unique end tables

This Simple Side Table has just the right size as the end table. It uses a solid wood table that has incredible durability. As simple as it’s seen, we’re pretty sure that this wood table will match any color or any theme of your living room.

Instead of one, you might want to grab two of these. Don’t worry, they won’t take up too much space, thanks to the tiny designs. And then, put on your favorite potted pants on the tables. Our advice, arrange them in your living room or indoor garden to spice up the area.

19. Gloss Nesting End Tables

unique end tables

This gloss nesting end table gives off elegant and glamorous looks. Aside from using a combination of high-quality wood material and metal legs, it also has an ideal height for your living room furniture.

Moreover, this end table comes with various colors as options. Nonetheless, we think that nothing can beat the combination of gold and black to highlight the simple yet modern appeal that will effortlessly blend in with the surrounding. That’s why, we highly recommend this to you!

20. Pottery Tiles Nesting Table

unique end tables

We can’t stop ourselves from putting another nesting end table on our list because of the exquisite tiles of this end tabletop. We really think that this next item undoubtedly gives a decorative touch to any room it’s placed in.

And at the same time, the colorful shades of the pottery tiles offer unique and pleasing looks. You just need to touch it up with Bohemian or Turkish rug as the base and ottoman to sit next to the table.

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21. Ocean End Table

The ocean end table allows you to enjoy the sea view from your living room. Believe us when we say that you can expect irregularities from the handmade production process. Moreover, you can also use this end table to be the scene-stealer when your friends come to visit. 

Having such an eye-catching design, it will be unfortunate not to showcase the table to everyone. For that reason, the living room makes the best place to feature this table. You can let it empty or have a small flower vase on top. However, make sure you choose white flowers to match the artistic design.

22. Bedroom End Table

unique end tables

This unique bedroom end table comes with three color options. It has a multi-functional purpose as a nightstand in your bedroom, and in our opinion it offers such an elegant yet sweet look, too! The organizer replaces the drawer storage of the usual nightstand.

Furthermore, you can place more items on the top of the end table. We recommend displaying your favorite books, candles with holders, and a mini cactus or succulent to liven up the tabletop.

23. Modern Oval Coffee Table

Modern Oval

This Modern Oval End Table perfectly combines a simple look and a unique shape. We think it can be a nightstand because of its simplicity, especially since this oval end table also uses reclaimed wood as the main material.

We are not the only ones who think this unique is worth buying as the stock is running low now. Don’t leave the top empty! Instead, arrange a table clock, photo frame, and or candle with books on the tabletop. Then, set a potted plant next to the table to make the space more attractive.

24. Two-tier Wooden Stool Table

Two-tier Wooden Stool

This eco-friendly stool uses reclaimed wood material as a plant stand. However, we cannot skip a chance to make this cute stool be multifunctional as your end table. It has all the end table’s criteria! So why don’t you try and make this stool the most unique end table of all?

Despite the limited space, you can arrange a table lamp on top or have a stack of books. Meanwhile, the bottom shelf works great to display your favorite potted plant to add greenery to this spot.

25. Three-tier End Table

Three tier

As the name describes, the Three-tier End Table has multiple shelves to store your things close to you. This particular end table uses a combination of acacia wood and metal. However, it requires an easy and simple assembly before you use it, but it won’t be a matter really, because it will only take minutes ad very easy to be done, too!

Featuring such a modern with a touch of rustic design, this table will smoothly blend in with your minimalist home interior. You can put on a small potted plant on the bottom and a stack of books on the second shelf. Then, have a table lamp with a photo frame on top.

Final Thoughts

Unique end tables make a great addition to your area. Even though some people prefer a bigger one, this kind of table gives a touch of artistic design that nothing can beat. It serves both the function to display your things, like photo frames, lamps, or even potted plants on top, and also a stunning decoration. But, of course, you must consider the design that matches your home interior.

For a minimalist one, you better choose simple designs with neutral tones. If you love kind of Bohemian styles, those with sculptures, patterns, and striking colors might be your choice.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can end tables be used as nightstands?

People usually don’t use end tables as nightstands because they lack height, so they don’t feel comfortable giving much effort to reach the tables. End tables also don’t have the storage drawer as nightstands do.

If you are okay with all of those reasons, we strongly recommend you use end tables as nightstands. They are the best space-saving solution if your room has a narrow space for a nightstand. Like the bedroom end table and bamboo stackable end table, they will be perfect next to your bed.

Where should end tables be placed?

End tables should be placed next to one or both sides of your seating furniture. Place an end table next to the armchair where you do the reading and put a lovely reading lamp on it. Similarly they look good to stand near your windows with some small family photo frames on them.

What are end tables for?

They usually exist in the living room as a place for additional lighting, small décor, drinks coaster, remote control, and other items that you will need in arm’s reach. The end tables also enhance your living room’s aesthetic looks. Lawlor Solid Wood end table, Pottery Tiles Nesting end table, and Ocean end table are the perfect examples.

Do end tables have to match?

There is no obligation to match the other furniture’s colors or materials. It would be fantastic if you could make it a beautiful same tone color. Natural wooden end tables like the Walnut Nesting end table and Simple Side Table will blend nicely.

The end tables look amazing if they stand out in between your sofas or in the corner of your living room.

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