25 Cheap End of Year Gifts for Students from Teachers

May to June is the happiest time of the year for students because it is the end of the school year. It is time to enjoy the summer break! It’s like the end of the race when a student’s hard work for one semester will be celebrated. When the end of the school year is around the corner, teachers usually start looking for a nice gift for their students.

As a teacher, have you been spending the last few nights sourcing the perfect but inexpensive end-of-year gifts for your beloved students? If you are still unsure which item to choose, look no further because we have curated 25 cheap gift ideas that won’t break your piggy bank. These gift ideas will make a perfect end-of-the-year gift for students without being too expensive.

1. “Kindness Counts” Motivational Pencil

Kindness Kounts Motivation Pencil

A simple thing such as a kind motivational pencil would make great end-of-year gifts for students from teachers. Each pack contains 12 pencils with very kind words such as friendly, goodwill, respectful, favor, generosity, and other positive-sounding words. Suitable for end-of-year gifts for students to reward their kindness without breaking your bank.  

2. Junior Ice Pops

Junior Ice Pops

Kids would definitely love sweet things such as these junior ice pops. The packet includes 20 fruity-flavored ice bars in cherry, orange, and grape flavors. Perfect end-of-year gifts for students from teachers before welcoming the summer holiday. It would be a small but sweet reward for the hard work students have done. 

3. Thank You Postcard

Thank You Postcard

As the teacher, showing appreciation through Thank You postcards is an effective way to appreciate your students. On the front side, the card is written with “Thank you for being amazing”. Meanwhile, the blank space on the back is where the teacher can put a personalized message to send a positive vibe to the students. One package contains 50 postcards. It would be an amazingly personalized end-of-year gift to send to students.

4. 24-Color Crayons 

24-Color Crayons

For students who love art and drawing, you can consider giving 24-color crayons as the end-of-year gifts. The colorful crayons come in a bulk size, perfect for teachers who’re looking for gifts on a budget. Each set contains 36 individual 24-color crayon boxes, just the right amount to accommodate the average classroom. With this crayon set, teachers can bring lovely gifts without breaking the bank.

5. Adorable Pencil Sharpener

Adorable Pencil Sharpener

Children always love cute things, and this pencil sharpener is no exception. Make their pencil-sharpening activity more fun with this owl pencil sharpener as the end year gift for students. This pencil sharpener comes in a set of 5 pieces with a colorful and adorable owl. As they come back to school, they’ll find this little gift brings more joy and is useful as well. 

6. Scratch and Sniff Bookmark

Scratch and Sniff Bookmark

This scratch and sniff bookmark would be a fun end-of-year gift for students. This bookmark comes in a package of 36 pieces of fruit-scented bookmarks in 12 different styles and scents. Each piece is made of paper with a bright color that brings more excitement to reading activities for children, especially primary students. 

7. Kraft Paper Notebook

Kraft Paper Notebook

A notebook is necessary for students to record classroom topics. When the summer holiday is around the corner, preparing useful gifts such as this kraft paper notebook would be a good idea.

The notebook set features 24 kraft paper notebooks with 6 inspirational quotes such as “Be Bright, Be Bold, Be You”, “My Happiness Journal”, and “Believe in Yourself”. Very suitable as the end of year gifts for students to be always having a positive mind throughout the school holiday until they come back again for the new school year.  

8. Mini Bubble Wands

Mini Bubble Wands

The end of the year might become the most anticipated day by students because they’ll take a long summer break and relax after the stressful class. This day would be a joyful day, and giving mini bubble wands as the end-year gifts for students will add a little excitement. Students can blow bubbles to each other and enjoy the entire day. The bubble set includes 32 bubble wand pieces in 8 different colors.

9. Invisible Ink Pen

Invisible Ink Pen

If you’re looking for a unique gift that blows their mind as well as showing magic to your student, this invisible ink pen would definitely be a good idea. It’s such a sophisticated item as the ink will be invisible after you write with it. To read the invisible message students must light on the cap blacklight to read it perfectly. It would be funny and amazing end-of-year gifts for primary students, especially 1st and 2nd-grade students.

10. Highlighter Gel

Highlighter Gel

Students who still record classroom topics with a notebook often use highlighter gel to highlight some parts of their notes. Giving a highlighter gel to each student as an end-of-year gift is a great idea because it will be useful for them later when entering the new school year. This highlighter gel comes in a set of 12 pieces with 6 colors in one pen. It provides a variety of colors students can apply to their notes.

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11. Snack Gift Box

Snack Gift Box

Because children love snacking, nothing would beat a snack box! This item is the sweetest but most inexpensive end-of-year gift for students from teachers. The snack box is available in small (20 snacks), medium (45 snacks), and large (75 snacks) which you can adjust based on the number of your students. The box includes popular snacks such as potato chips, pretzels, chocolate cookies, and many more.

12. Shoe Charm Set

Shoe Charm Set

Add a little charm to a student’s croc shoe with this graduate student shoe charm. It perfectly served as end-of-year gifts for students, especially for primary students in 1st grade and 2nd-grade students. Each set contains 13 charms and features many objects that represent the end of the year such as the graduation cap, honor students, writing certificate, and other knick-knacks.

13. Seeds Packets

Seeds Packets

As they will take the summer holiday, make your students engage more with their environment with these seed packets as the end-of-year gifts. Each packet comes with sunflower seeds and can be personalized with the student’s name. It will be a personalized gift which is not just a great idea but will make a good impact on the environment. 

14. Printable Candy Bar

Printable Candy Bar

A DIY snack gift could be an option if you prefer a cheap but still highly personalized gift. You can buy digital printable candy bar awards where you can personalize the student’s name. Then, you can add your own snack and give it as a present to each of your students. This will be a fun idea for the inexpensive end-of-year gifts for students. 

15. Personalized Roll Cake

Personalized Roll Cake

One more personalized idea which will make a sweet end-of-year gift for students could be this personalized roll cake. It’s a roll cake wrapped with a personalized label where you can add an individual student’s name and the message. The roll cake is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, just in case some of your students are vegan.

16. Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets

There are many ways for a teacher to say her or his wishes to the students. Giving a wish bracelet as end-of-year gifts for students is a good way to wish the best for them. The bracelet is made of elastic cord with bead glass where the color can be customized. Each bracelet is attached to a gift card with a poem of wishes and a personalized student’s name and message.

17. Colorful Wristband

Colorful Wristband

If the school held an end-of-the-year party, it would be best to give each student this colorful wristband for a lively celebration. The wristband comes in a variety of color ranges and will make a perfect wrist or hair accessory for the end-of-school-year party, making the end-of-school-year celebration become more colorful.

18. Engraved Star Keyring

Engraved Star Keyring

A teacher must be hoping that their students will shine like a star. As a teacher, you can send encouraging messages to each student through a gift such as this star keyring with an engraved message. Each keyring can be customized with the student’s name and your personal message as a teacher. The piece is also inexpensive and would make the perfect end-of-year gift for students.

19. LED Lights Spinning Top

No products found.

Make the end of the school year more fun for students by giving a sophisticated end-of-the-year gifts such as this light spinning top. This spinning toy has LED lights that change patterns as they spin. It’s such a novelty toy and would work the best for 1st and 2nd-year students. One pack contains 15 toys that are suitable for all ages above 3 years old.

20. Sunglasses


The end of the school year is the ticket to enter the summer holiday. So, a gift such as sunglasses would be the perfect match for students who go on a family vacation. Don’t worry, getting sunglasses as end-of-year gifts for students won’t break your bank because we have this one pack of sunglasses from Bullseye’s Playground that is quite cheap. The pack contains 12 pairs of sunglasses in 4 different colors. It’s inexpensive and provides UV protection for children’s eyes.

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21. Paper Bag

Paper Bag

This isn’t a gift idea, but you might need to wrap the gifts with this paper bag. Some teachers would opt for DIY-ing end-of-year gifts for students as it is considered thoughtful and cheaper than buying the customized ones.

No matter what you get for your lovely students, presenting a gift in a paper bag would be great to create a surprise effect. These 100 pcs paper bags are easy to be filled with candy, snacks, toys, jewelry, and many other small gifts, available in 4 pastel shades. 

22. Galaxy Slime

Galaxy Slime

Involve your students in a slime party while enriching their imagination of the galaxy and constellation with this galaxy slime. It’s super fun to play alone or together with friends. The slime comes in one set consisting of 24 slime cups or balls depending on your choice. It’s made of an exclusive formula that brings a unique playing experience with super stretchy, soft, and non-sticky slime. 

23. Tic Tac Toe Board

Tic Tac Toe Board

As students enter the holiday, they will have more time and need more activities to do. Give an end-of-year gift for students that is fun to play such as a Tic Tac Toe board. It would be fun and also makes them be more excited to find a friend to play with, very useful to reduce their screen time and socialize more. The package comes in a 36-piece Tic-Tac-Toe board, enough for the average amount of classroom students.

24. Magic Cube Puzzle Set

No products found.

Giving magic cube puzzles as the end-of-year gifts for students would be a great idea to help them become more patient as they solve the cube. This cube puzzle set includes 20 packs of mini 3×3 magic cubes, perfect for a classroom reward. It’s suitable for any type of player, even the very beginner can enjoy this game.

25. Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

As a child, it’s natural for primary students to naturally have more curiosity. It’s also important for their growth and well-being. Help their curiosity grow through useful end-of-year gifts such as this magnifying glass for student.

Besides as a unique gift for students, this magnifying glass helps them be more curious about the small objects around. The other good news, this magnifying glass comes in a set containing 48 pieces of magnifying glass. Sure, it’s a great deal for the teacher!

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What can I give my students at the end of the year?

For your student, at the end of the year, you can give a personalized message with a Thank You postcard or star keyring with an engraved message to send a message in the form of a gift. For more fun but inexpensive things, you can get them a galaxy slime or magnifying glass.

What kind of awards can I give to my students?

You can give some positive award titles to your student such as “The Kindest Student,” or “The Academic Star”. Those would be a great awards idea. You can also create a little different title such as “The Shining Star” for students who achieve the highest rank or “Math Master” for those who excel at Math, and “The Spectacular Sport” for students who are beyond great at Physical Education.

What is the best gift for a student?

The best gift for a student would vary depending on the student’s and teacher’s preference. From the list above, some that are considered the best gift could be the junior ice pops and a snack box because children would be happy getting sweet treats from their teacher.

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