25 Best Graduation Cap Ideas To Make You Stand Out 

Students, graduation is almost here! To celebrate your special occasion, you can decorate your graduation cap to make you look stand out. Before decorating it, you need the best graduation cap ideas that match your style and personality. Caps used to be straightforward and uncomplicated, but nowadays it is usual to embellish your graduation cap and make it distinctively yours. Moreover, decorating your graduation cap is a terrific way to show your personality and share your excitement for the future. It can be filled with sweet ornaments and wishes, or you can put funny graduation jokes on your graduation cap.

If you are looking for graduation cap ideas to make you stand out on your special day, let us help you to find the best one! We have compiled some excellent decorated graduation cap ideas that will bring some insights to yours. From a simple graduation cap with a meaningful caption, to the decorative and artistic graduation cap, you can choose which one that suits your vibe! Let’s get started! 

1. Earth Decorated Graduation Cap for Explorers

Graduation Cap Ideas

Express your excitement in facing the bright futures with a simple graduation cap and an impactful quote. As you will be a free human after graduation, you can check your next bucket list to travel around the world. Just simply put the globe sticker at the center of the cap as well as the printed caption, making it one of the best graduation cap ideas for explorers.  

2. Motivational Flowers Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas

Make sure that you finish school in style with this beautiful graduation cap. Put the artificial flowers in the fringe of your cap to make a wonderful garden in your head. You can add motivational captions to fill the blank space at the center with a golden marker to inspire everyone around you. It will definitely be one of the most inspirational and stunning graduation cap ideas.  

3. Beauty Brains Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas

If you are looking for funny graduation cap ideas for girls, this concept should be on your list. Because of the fact that you have completed the study well, you may flex to the people that you have the “beauty brains”. Don’t forget to decorate your “beauty brain” with eyelashes and flowers to enhance its charm. 

4. Spongebob Meme Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@bysophialee.com )

Celebrate your graduation in a cool way with Spongebob theme graduation cap ideas. You can print a funny graduation meme to decorate your graduation cap. Adorn it with Bikini Bottom flowers at the fringe for merrier vibes. The colorful print will make this graduation cap appealing and entertaining at the same time.

5. Photo Collage Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@finishere2 )

Cherish every beautiful moment at school with this photo collage graduation cap. The idea is to adorn your grad cap with memorable pictures with friends using photo print paper. Fill the rest of the space with captions to show your gratitude to have those people in your life. It will be one of the sweetest graduation cap ideas to say goodbye to all of your friends at school.

6. “Hakuna Matata” Wisdom Quote Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@theodysseyonline.com )

An elegant and charming graduation cap, this hand painted technique creates a piece of art on your special day. The concept is painting the whole surface with a wonderful sunset scene, showing that you have finished your day at school or campus. Add the wisdom quote “Hakuna Mata” which can inspire your juniors to finish their study as well.

7. Double Degrees Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@savvycollegegirl.com )

Express your joy in completing double degrees with fantastic graduation cap ideas. You can decorate your graduation cap with 2 stickers of diploma certificates as well as attractive letters to show how proud of yourself you are with 2 degrees. Put the big golden stars at the edge of the cap, which will attract people’s attention.

8. Fun Game Board Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

For those people who are often bored hearing graduation speeches, this graduation cap can be a lifesafer. Inspired by the classic board game, you can print the model for your graduation cap. Don’t forget to add the roulette for the focal point. This is one of the most creative graduation cap ideas to play with.

9. Clapperboard Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@collegelifemadeeasy.com )

If you are looking for graduation cap ideas for a film major or just a movie addict, this concept will be the best. Turn your black graduation cap into a unique clapperboard with your graduation day as the title of this movie scene. This will be a wonderful and memorable company that witnesses your special day.

10. Powered By Starbucks Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@itschristinabee.com )

Show your gratitude to every cup of Starbucks coffee that accompanied you finishing your thesis in your graduation cap. Put the Starbucks logo at the center, adorn it with some white and green flowers that match the tones. For additional sweet accents, you can put a big white ribbon at the edge, making it look like a flower bouquet. 

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11. Glitter Present Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@aleenes.com )

Decorate your graduation cap like a beautiful present box with some chunky glitter and ribbon at the top. This is one of the most elegant but simple graduation cap ideas for those who don’t want funny captions or wisdom quotes on it. The concept of glitter present itself already defines that you won the big prize!

12. Mosaic Golden Glass Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@shutterfly.com )

Show your artistic skill to your graduation cap with a mosaic glass concept. Unlike those graduation cap ideas with merry and colorful decorations, you can emphasize a single color with mosaic design for some textures, perfect grad cap concept for guys. Use gold color for the mosaic, giving a luxurious and victory feel. Meanwhile, the mosaic design symbolizes that you have successfully completed all the pieces you need in this school.

13. Peace Out Drawing Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Pin Depot | Ideas To Inspire)

Say goodbye to your friends in an aesthetic and cool way by drawing a big finger peace symbol and the text “out” in your graduation cap. For extra appealing touches, you can fill the peace drawing with abstract colors using acrylic paint. Those 2 combinations will give a strong statement that you have done the study and will walk out of the school with pride.

14. “John 11:4” Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@creatively.brie )

Get yourself a peaceful and calm feel with religious graduation cap ideas. To reminisce about the blessings you got while facing the difficult times during your study, you can put the powerful “John 11:4” text on your grad cap. Add the bing print of a pinky promise hand, holding the diploma certificate, showing that God’s promise is real.

15. Happily Ever After Disney Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@evscrafts_)

Disney theme graduation cap ideas will be a fun way to say “happily after” afer in your special day. You can put the iconic Disney world castle on your graduation cap, along with the mesmerizing fireworks for extra glow. Anyone who sees this graduation cap will feel the joy of the happy ending scene of Disney movies.

16. Baby Yoda Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@scrappy_aly )

Bring the “powerful” Baby Yoda quote on your graduation cap to make people smile and laugh. Put the baby Yoda sticker under the funny caption for a fantastic look. You can add some stars for decoration, filling the blank space with shining accents. It will be a great concept for guys who love to joke around.

17. Starfish Ocean Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@samanthadelafuente7 )

Feel the calming beach and ocean vibes in your head with this unique graduation cap. Using some white finger starfish for decoration, this graduation cap will definitely make you stand out. Color the entire of your graduation cap with blue sands for textures, giving a beach sensation. Don’t forget to put an inspiring quote to fill the empty space on your grad cap.  

18. Vintage Scrapbook Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@angwritesbooks )

If your hobby is journaling, then you must love scrapbook graduation cap ideas. Utilize some of the scrapbook paper decoration to cover the whole graduation cap, giving a vintage look. Use your journaling skill by cutting out some letters from old magazines to write your inspirational quote in your graduation cap.

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19. One Eternity Later Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Instagram (@vmwartwork )

Celebrate your graduation day although it takes a longer time than it is expected to complete with this funny concept. Inspired by the funny scene in the Spongebob movie that says “One Eternity Later”, you can be the oldest yet the funniest graduate in that year! Just put the funny print on your graduation cap to commemorate this great achievement.

20. Just Did It Nike Inspired Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mymodernmet.com)

Show your pride on graduation day with this cool and elegant grad cap idea. You can make a twist on the famous Nike slogan to be “Just Did It” to express your joy of completing the study. Don’t forget to put the Nike logo on the cap for a masculine appearance, making it one of the excellent graduation cap ideas for guys.

21. New York-themed Graduation Cap

New York-themed Graduation Cap
Source: Pinterest (@Tyler Cirulnick)

For college graduates, New York is the ultimate destination, since it offers millions of opportunities to reach their dreams and to have a better future. If you are one of those people to make New York as your next destination after college, then it would be a great idea for you to create this New York-themed graduation cap for your graduation. Draw a silhouette of the city skyline, and add wordings that say “A Million Dreams are Keeping Me Awake” to keep your dreams alive.

22. Van Gogh Graduation Cap

Van Gogh Graduation Cap
Source: Pinterest (@Emma Smith)

For a fan or Van Gogh, there’s no better graduation cap idea than this one. You can create your own Van Gogh graduation cap with a touch of humor that will make people smile when they see your cap. First and foremost, you must paint the cap and make it look like one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings, and then write ‘Van Gone’ instead of ‘Van Gogh’ on it. It also means that you are literally leaving college after graduation, or in short, you’re gone, Van Gone.

23. Looney Tunes Graduation Cap

Looney Tunes Graduation Cap
Source: Pinterest (@nonintersecting.tumblr.com)

Without a doubt, we all know that this graduation cap was inspired by Looney Tunes. We might also know that anyone who wears this cap is definitely a fan of Looney Tunes. So if you happen to be one, then you need to consider having this graduation cap idea for your upcoming graduation day. Plus, don’t forget to write the thing that Daffy Duck always says, “That’s all Folks!.”

24. Funny Pacman Graduation Cap

Funny Pacman Graduation Cap
Source: Pinterest (@malenapermentier.com)

This graduation cap idea offers a simple, cute and funny image as it includes a Pacman who is about to eat and swallow your graduation certificate, in a fun way of course. If you love Pacman and want to just graduate so you can go to chase your dreams, then this one’s for you. It represents what’s inside your heart perfectly, yet it also also super cute and simple.

25. Mandala Graduation Cap

Mandala Graduation Cap
Source: Pinterest (@Julie Delgado)

Here we have this adorable Mandala graduation cap. It looks adorable yet stunning with all the details that a Mandala artwork can offer. If you’re looking for an elegant graduation cap, then you might want to take a look at this adorable Mandala graduation cap. It looks more than just adorable, because it is also beautiful, artsy, and elegant. 

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