20 Fun Ways How to Celebrate a Birthday in Florida You Must Try

Sunny weather, good food, and amazing attractions are some of the charms of Florida. So, we can conclude that there’s no doubt the Sunshine State will be a perfect location to celebrate your birthday all year round. In case you need some ideas of some fun and exciting activities to celebrate your birthday this year, Florida has many cool places to have fun. Beside its wonderful beach resorts, theme parks, and climate, Florida also offers fantastic activities to mark your special day.

Moreover, there are many fun things to do to celebrate birthdays in Florida. Let’s take a look at some best places to celebrate a birthday in Florida in our top lists below. Whether you are looking for free things to do to celebrate birthdays in Florida, or need some outdoor activities to celebrate birthdays, we are sure that you will be inspired by the following insightful ideas.

1. Colorful Adventures with Crayola Experience

Let your creativity and imagination go wild at the Crayola Experience! This is definitely a heaven for those who love art and colors. If you want to celebrate your birthday with kids, then we can assure you that they won’t keep their eyes off the colorful world inside. Make yourself a coloring page, give yourself a crayon name, and have fun in the Crayola Experience!

2. Rock Your Latin Blood at Mango’s Tropical Cafe

When it comes to fantastic latin cuisine and entertainment, then we can assure you that Mango’s Tropical Cafe is definitely the best place to celebrate birthdays in Florida. Along with a full menu and a range of entertaining adult beverages, you can watch the magnificent Michael Jackson live performance show with Latin influences. In this place, you can definitely enjoy your birthday since it will transform the celebration night into a Latin nightclub.

3. Explore Theme Parks

Embrace your inner child and celebrate your birthday by visiting some of the most popular theme parks in Florida. In that case, the Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom must be on your list, especially because the Magic Kingdom hosts the magnificent fireworks display. Additionally, you may fly through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios or experience the exhilarating thrill rides at Volcano Bay at Universal.

4. Roller Skating at Semoran Skateway

Looking for a vintage roller skating rink with excellent music, traditional party cuisine, or probably a plain fun in Florida? Then say no more, because your next birthday party should be held at the Semoran Skateway! You are allowed to bring outside food into Skateway, and you will also find accessible arcade games, which also has a great DJ to please the crowd. Moreover, you can book a rink and invite your friends to have fun here.

5. Karaoke and Cafe Hopping in City Walk Orlando

At Universal Orlando’s City Walk, you will definitely have the perfect birthday night, since this central hub is a great place to treat yourself on your special day. You can have dinner at Cowfish to start the evening, and followed by dessert at Voodoo Doughnuts. Then, continue to the Rising Star for a ball singing karaoke with your friends.

6. Try the Tallest Swing Ride in the World

For those who are looking for heart pumping activities in Florida to celebrate their birthday, then Starflyer should be on the list. This one is indeed one of the tallest attractions ever built in Florida, not to mention the tallest Starflyer ride in the entire globe. Simply sit in a chair that resembles a swing before being carried to the very top while taking in breathtaking views of their city.

7. Enjoy Tournament and Show at Medieval Times

At the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, you can travel back in time and experience life as a knight. Enjoy a four-course supper and a live jousting and equestrian performance. In fact, there is no need for utensils because they promote eating with your hands. This is indeed a unique birthday idea in Florida you should try.

8. Take a Culinary Tour with Winter Garden Food Tours

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Tasty food will always make your birthday feels a lot more special. If you don’t know where to start the food hunt in Florida, then you might want to take a culinary tour. A company called Winter Garden Food Tour provides a variety of food tours, including brunch tours, beer tours, and also dessert tours. Even a special birthday tour might even be created specially for you! Therefore, for the curious foodies out there, this one comes as an activity that offers tons of fun.

9. Private Birthday Party With the Dinner Party Project

Suppose you don’t have the time to arrange a party but still want to celebrate the day in Florida, we have the perfect solution for you! The Dinner Party Project is a fantastic option to have a memorable dinner party organized, which will be specially arranged for you. You will have food prepared by a fantastic local chef who develops a special menu at a special private dinner, which has been specially designed for you in a cozy location in Florida.

10. Sophisticated Gathering at Blue Martini

Feel the high energy and crowd at Blue Martini, especially if you need a fun idea to celebrate your birthday in Florida. This place is popular with the after work cocktails and great shows, which is a perfect place to celebrate your birthday with your office mates. A tip; in order to obtain a wonderful view of the stage where their live musical performances will inspire you and your friends to get up and dance, you might want to secure their VIP area.

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11. Visit the Iconic Orlando Eye

Celebrate your birthday at outdoor landmarks during the warm and sunny weather. From the recognizable Orlando Eye at Pointe Orlando, take in the beauty of the entire city. This is definitely a lovely experience, which is perfect for a special day like your birthday. On top of the city, grab a champagne glass and cheers for your new age!

12. Play Arcade Games at Dave & Buster’s

Under one roof, you may eat, drink, play, and watch sports at Dave & Buster’s. Having a birthday dinner with friends in a game room will definitely be an unforgettable experience in Florida. Aside from having a birthday dinner, you can also show your strategic thinking skills and test your luck by becoming the king of arcade games for a night.

13. Challenge Yourself at Planet Obstacle

If you need more dopamine on your birthday, then Planet Obstacle is the great place to do some fun activities in Florida. In fact, Planet Obstacle is the World’s Largest Indoor Obstacle Park. In this park, you can have fin by challenging yourself to conquer those unique and challenging courses. Furthermore, you can take your loved ones there and show your fitness and stamina.

14. Make Your Birthday Drink at The Courtesy

Make Your Birthday Drink at The Courtesy

Making a birthday drink is a great way to mark your special day. In case you want to make your own birthday drink while improving your mixology skills, then you can go to The Courtesy. Fantastic mixology and artisan cocktail making workshops are available at The Courtesy Bar in Downtown Orlando. Book a private session before inviting your friends to celebrate your birthday.

15. Meander Sea Life at the Florida Aquarium

Meander Sea Life at The Florida Aquarium

Make a wonderful and peaceful birthday by admiring sea creatures at the best aquarium in Florida. Get a close-up look at some of the sea turtle, moray eel, and stingray exhibits by meandering through the aquarium’s labyrinth of aquatic life in The Florida Aquarium. Moreover, here you will also find that the shark tank section is a well-liked display. Not to mention the alligator-infested waters provide you the opportunity to experience Florida up close and safely.

16. Try Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

Try Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

Suppose you want to feel how it feels to be a bird, then use this change to fulfill your bucket list. The fantastic indoor skydiving facility at iFLY turns the impossibility of flying into reality, and you can pump your adrenaline without the risk! Undoubtedly, the wind tunnel at IFLY Orlando is one of the best charms because it is so real and secure.

17. Dine and Play at the Main Event

Dine And Play At The Main Event

This location is a hidden gem with top-notch family entertainment in Florida, perfect for family-friendly birthday celebrations. The Main Event also provides a birthday package with various games to play with guests. In addition to dining, bowling, billiards, and a multiplayer virtual reality arcade, the Main Event also offers a high ropes adventure course that you need to try.

18. Watch Art Performances at Dr. Phillips Center

Watch Art Performances at Dr. Phillips Center

Visit the Dr. Phillips Center for the most genuine cultural encounters in Florida. The opulent theater Dr. Philips Center in Downtown Orlando hosts some of the best artistic events. In this place, you can watch various forms of entertainment such as broadway, popular music, and comedy shows to celebrate your birthday.

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19. Explore Exotic Animals at Zoo Miami

Explore Exotic Animals at Zoo Miami

Suppose you are an animal lover, then celebrating your birthday at Zoo Miami will be a fantastic idea. Zoo Miami is the largest and the oldest zoological garden in Florida. You can safely get remarkably close to magnificent and endangered wildlife in large and open-air exhibits. In addition, in this place you can also use Safari Cycles, in case you are tired of walking in this huge zoo!

20. Visit Local Art Museum

Visit Local Art Museum

For this of you who love history and art, then you should visit the Orlando Museum. Orlando Museum is situated in a city park with broad lawns, lovely gardens, and parks to visit as well. So, make your birthday celebration meaningful in Florida by supporting and showing your appreciation to local artists there. Plus, get ready to be amazed with wonderful art in Florida!

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What is a unique way to celebrate a birthday in Florida?

You can try extreme activities such as Starfyler as the tallest swing ride in the world. Or, if you are food lovers, then you can book your food tour for the best culinary experience in Florida. For more unique ways to celebrate a birthday in Florida, you can check in the article above.

How can I celebrate my birthday without a party in Florida?

Well, the answer is actually depends on your personality. If you love people and crowds, then you can have a mini gathering with your best friends at a bar like Blue Martini. Or, if you prefer a personal time for contemplating your special day, you can choose to visit art museums or galleries.

How can I make my birthday special without money in Florida?

Florida offers public places that you can enjoy for free, and you can visit the ICON park and watch the Orlando Eye without a ticket. Have a little picnic there while admiring nature. Moreover, some art museums also offer free entry on the first week of each month or also called Free Museum Days.

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