23 Best Ways On How To Celebrate A Birthday While Traveling

Traveling is a fun activity to celebrate your special day like a birthday. Instead of a birthday party, traveling gives you personal time to know yourself more at the new age. Explore new places you have never been to. Or, you can visit memorable locations in your childhood. After all, there are many ways to celebrate your birthday while traveling. Especially if you live in America, use some tips below for your next birthday travel destination. In addition, you can apply some ideas to other countries as well.

To celebrate birthday on vacation, you need amazing activities and ideas on the road. In case you are looking for fun things you can do to celebrate your birthday while traveling, then this article is destined for you! Without any further ado, let’s reveal them one by one!

1. Outdoor Celebration at Nature Park

Since you will spend most of the time on the road, then you can throw an outdoor birthday celebration. Stop at the nature park there and celebrate it with a few of your closest friends. Yosemite is a wonderful location you can visit if you travel to california. Or, you can bring some food and drinks to have a picnic at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North California.

2. Try New Delicacies

Celebrate your birthday by eating at a place you’ve never been while you’re traveling. Before visiting the restaurant and exploring their best menu, do some online research. Mama’s Fish House serves the best fish cuisine in Hawaii. Snow’s BBQ in Texas is worth trying as the best BBQ joint in America. Additionally, you can be fortunate to locate some upscale eateries that give birthday celebrants freebies.

3. Stop and Take A Lot of Photos with Family and Friends

In case you are on the road trip with family and friends, then it is okay to stop whenever you find instagrammable photo spots. By doing this, your family and friends will get the best photos from the incredible trip, helping them remember your memorable birthday. To capture your important occasion, take into account hiring a local photographer.

4. Set Campfire In The Wood

Instead of having a birthday candle, you can set a bonfire in the forest as an alternative while traveling. For example, Wild Willy Hot Springs in California will be the ideal location for camping. Grill some corn, sweet potatoes, and marshmallows at the birthday feast. This is a perfect idea for camping lovers to celebrate their birthday with friends.

5. Private Yacht Party

To celebrate birthday on vacation, you may throw a small birthday party with your friends, family, and significant others. So, treat yourself and reserve a yacht for a day. Additionally, you can host your favorite performers as well as dine and drink in style on a boat. Pirates or Hawaiian style will be a fantastic theme for your party.

6. Have Fun at Amusement Park

Bring back childhood memories by visiting your favorite amusement park while traveling on your birthday. Go to Magic Kingdom Theme Park for  classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades and Disney Characters. You can take some rides you like or simply walk around to reminisce about the good old times. If you have some childhood photos there, try to remake them after years!

7. Get A New Hairstyle

To celebrate your new age, you can stop at a barbershop and get a new hairstyle there. Ask the barber to create the locals’ popular hairstyle, making it a fun activity to try. We recommend you to have a fresh look like a short haircut for men and classic bob for women. Moreover, you can color your hair with purple or blue if you want to go extra with the birthday celebration!

8. Staycation at Hotel

Why not treat yourself to a luxurious hotel stay instead of blowing your birthday funds on a party? You can ask for a room on the top floor, request a massage in your room, and spend the day by yourself or with your spouse on the super king bed at St. Regis New York. For budget friendly staycation with amazing scenery, you can book Tropical Beach Resorts. Additionally, most hotels will even provide freebies, such as a cake or a complimentary bottle of wine, for guests celebrating their birthdays.

9. Visit Local Bars

It’s time to blend with locals while solo traveling on your birthday! Getting drunk on your birthday will be a fun activity you can do at local bars. Visit the oldest bar in Milwaukee, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, to feel you’ve stepped back in time. If you prefer a modern bar, you can go to Cafe La Trova in Miami and meet Bartender Julio Cabrera.

10. Try Scuba Diving

During your beach vacation, trying new things like scuba diving on your birthday is a fantastic idea. Especially if you are a good swimmer, then it will be very easy for you. Enjoy the breathtaking underwater view and meet amazing sea creatures there. For beginners, we recommend scuba diving at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park at Key Largo, Florida or Casino Point at Catalina Island, California.

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11. Attend Local Festivals

Feel the festive vibes at local events while traveling on your birthday. You can check some events that will be held on your birthday date. For example, go to the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival to watch your favorite singers. Or, join the Kutztown Folk Festival as the oldest continuously operated folklife festival in America.

12. Make New Friends with Other Travelers

While solo traveling, usually you will meet other travelers who are also on a solo trip. Use this chance to make new friends and celebrate your special day with them. Look for travelers communities online such as Couchsurfing or Meetup and arrange a meeting with them. This is definitely one of the most unique ways to celebrate your birthday while traveling. You can invite them over for dinner or beverages, trying the local delicacies.

13. Rest and Relax with Spa Massage Treatment

Traveling can be exhausting, so taking breaks is a good idea. Get that massage to relax and feel yourself born again after that. You can go to Spa Solage for the renowned Calistoga mud, making you feel fresh and relaxed. Please remember, choose the treatment that suits your traveling budget as you still have many places to explore!

14. Tasting Local Wines

Tasting Local Wines

Make your birthday meaningful by enjoying some tasty local wines while traveling. Usually, each city has its own technique to create a distinct taste of wine. Go to the West Coast since more than 90% of the total American wine production occurs in the states of California, Washington, and Oregon. Visit some local breweries and get to taste them from its original place. 

15. Romantic Sunset at Beach

Romantic Sunset at Beach

Make a romantic birthday vacation with your significant others at the beach. You can watch the sunset together at the beach, taking some romantic photos there. Butterfly Beach at Santa Barbara, California and Mount Haleakala at Maui, Hawaii have amazing sunset beaches in America. Continue with a romantic beach dinner, making a perfect birthday trip.

16. Make Your Weekend Away Trip

Make Your Weekend Away Trip

For those workers who can’t have a long holiday, then we recommend you go on a weekend trip to celebrate your birthday. It is a simple way to take a few days off from the stresses of everyday life and relax. You can visit some tourist places you want like parks and cafes, treat yourself with tasty local food, and forget about work for a while on your birthday week!

17. Have Camping Drinks

Have Camping Drinks

If you want to celebrate your birthday while camping, then let your favorite drinks come with you. Choose the best camping location such as Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. You’ll be in good spirits if you bring a few bottles of rum, vodka, or perhaps a liqueur that you can mix with soda, juice, and iced tea. Your birthday will definitely be much more enjoyable and fun!

18. A Virtual Party While Business Traveling

A Virtual Party While Business Traveling

Suppose you are in business traveling, then you can throw a virtual party with your family and friends. Throw a party on Skype or other teleconference media. It may bring some joy for you while receiving virtual birthday messages from your family and pals. Bring your own food and ask them to enjoy it at the same time. By the end of the party, don’t forget to take a virtual photo group!

19. Bungee Jumping For Adrenaline Seekers

Bungee Jumping For Adrenaline Seekers

For adventurous people, birthday traveling will be a perfect time to try extreme activities like bungee jumping. Try one of the highest bungee jumps in the United States, the Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico. You can get the reborn feeling after beating your fear and anxiety on the ride. In addition, it can be a memorable activity to mark your birthday that year.

20. Get A Meaningful Tattoo

Get A Meaningful Tattoo

In case you have personal achievements or experiences that year, you can keep it forever with a birthday tattoo on your body. There are many tattoo shops that will be happy to draw the design for tourists like Ultra Violence in Alaska. Choose a meaningful tattoo such as your handwriting name or infinity symbol to mark this year’s birthday. For the first timer, you can try the temporary tattoo before adding the permanent one.

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21. Visiting Local Museums

Visiting Local Museums

If you love history or vintage things, visiting local museums will be a wonderful activity you can do while traveling. One of the best museums in the US you should visit is The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Take some photos of the artwork from the local artist there. Spending the whole day with history and art will give you more insights and broaden your knowledge.

22. Go Hiking A Mountain

Go Hiking A Mountain

At your new age, hiking will be a great idea to increase your strength and health. Suppose you want to experience new things while traveling, then you can hike a mountain on your birthday. Choose an ideal mountain to hike based on your fitness. Let yourself blend with nature during the hiking journey.

23. Midnight Stargazing

Midnight Stargazing

On your birthday at midnight, look up to the stars and find your wisdom and peace. Especially while traveling, it is an easy activity you can do to mark your birthday. Let our creative soul flow through you. You can stargaze at the clear sky in the dark and high locations like hills or mountains.

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How do I celebrate my birthday flight?

You can take photos from the sky to mark your memorable birthday at flight. Moreover, the flight crew might surprise you with a gift or a handwritten letter. Airlines like JetBlue now give flight attendants digital seat maps, which mark your seat with a birthday cake icon if it’s your special day.

What is a unique way to celebrate a birthday while abroad?

You can try local birthday celebrations there. For example, you can eat local food which people usually eat on their birthday. Or, you can make new friends with them and ask to celebrate your birthday together.

What is the best way to celebrate a birthday when doing a business trip alone?

If you need a support system to celebrate your birthday, you host a visual party. Make a video call with your family and friends on your birthday after finishing the job. Or you can simply have a personal time to relax at the spa massage after an exhausting work.

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