26 Most Unique and Memorable California Gifts

Everyone knows that California is one of America’s most exciting states. California is also known as the home of the world’s best entertainment and sports. Moreover, California is also famous for its diverse geography. It ranges from the Pacific Coast and metropolitan areas in the west, to the Sierra Nevada mountains in the East, and from the Redwood and Douglas fir forests in the northwest to the Mojave Desert in the Southeast. California has it all.

With so many things and places to offer, California is definitely a place worth visiting.

If you happen to have the chance to visit this exciting state and are looking for the best, unique, and memorable California gifts to bring home for your loved ones, here are 26 of the best California gifts to give you better ideas and inspirations! 

BEST Memorable California Gifts

#1 Los Angeles California on Canvas

Los Angeles California on Canvas by Lantern Press California

Add a touch of the Los Angeles skyline to any room at home with this piece-of-art in canvas, which will be a nice addition to the decoration of any room.

It’s a prefect décor for any room, whether it’s a room with contemporary, rustic, modern, or traditional style. Being one of the most unique California gifts, this wall décor will definitely be admired by everyone in the family for many years to come.

#2 Earthenware State Souvenir Serving Platter

Earthenware State Souvenir Serving Platter

Give your loved one a little bit of excitement in the kitchen by having this colorful and fun-looking California Serving Platter as a gift from California. Aside from being nice and useful, this item is also dishwasher safe and highly durable. Moreover, it will also be one of her most favorite kitchen items for sure!

#3 Southern California Soy Wax Candle

Southern California Soy Wax Candle

Everyone loves scented candles, which is why this Southern California Soy Wax Candle is one of the best California gifts for your special person back home.

This candle features a natural, hand-poured soy-wax candle, which taps into your senses through the scents of zesty orange as well as lemon, that reminisce of California, with a touch of fresh sea breeze carrying notes of rose and jasmine from Balboa Park to Rodeo Drive.

#4 California Golden Bears Stuffed Bear

California Golden Bears Stuffed Bear

Say hello to this cute and adorable stuffed bear. This officially licensed NCAA classic plush bear is a cute California gift for your little ones. Additionally, this cute California Golden bears Stuffed Bear is wearing a team color shirt with the official team logo printed on the front. Super adorable!

#5 California Vintage Soft Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

California Vintage Soft Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

A vintage throw blanket like this will be the perfect California gift that will take you back to the time when retro style was in style. Made of 100% ultra-soft polyester, this blanket features a vintage image of ‘Greetings from San Diego, California’ and is perfect for bed, sofa, couch, or even as a warm blanket for pets. 

#6 Hermosa Beach California Jigsaw Puzzle

Hermosa Beach California Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are still one of the best toys loved by both kids and adults, and we believe you know that a puzzle is also one of the best gifts for your family and friends. This Hermosa Beach California Jigsaw Puzzle will be a nice California gift for your family back home. The sweet image of the Hermosa Beach will definitely make your puzzle time with your family become more exciting!

#7 California Mug Camping Gift

California Mug Camping Gift

The simple and sleek graphic in this stainless steel mug brings out the feeling of enjoying a warm summer day in California beaches, while sipping a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning. This coffee mug will make a perfect California gift for anyone, whether it’s a friend, family, or even your little ones.

#8 California Toasted Almond Flavor

Eight O'Clock

California is also known for its best coffee. So if you’re thinking of bringing home this California Toasted Almond-flavored ground coffee, we totally agree with you. These 100% Arabica beans guarantee premium quality and taste with a wholesome goodness of both sweet and nutty toasted almonds.

#9 Dried Orange Peel from California

Dried Orange Peel from California

This pack of California Dried Orange Peel will be the perfect California gift for anyone with a healthy lifestyle. She will be thrilled to have this as a gift from California to endorse her healthy lifestyle, as her morning tea before starting with her day.

#10 California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch Avocado Oil

Avocado and Olive are two of California’s best in terms of natural products. That’s why we recommend this bottle of goodness as one of the best and healthiest California gifts.

As a Keto-diet friendly, this avocado & extra virgin olive oil is a heart-healthy blend that is perfect for any keto recipes. This blend can be used for salad, baking, or to saute and even fry.

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#11 Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Honey

Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw

The best kind of sweetener is the one that’s natural and made of 100% pure California honey. Hence, choosing this as a special California gift for your loved ones is the perfect decision, as this bottle of sweetness will go nicely with granola, yogurt, coffee, tea, or any food that needs a drizzle of honey. 

#12 Santa Barbara Olive Stuffed Olives

Santa Barbara Olive Stuffed Olives

Aside from being some of the best choices of olives in the market, Santa Barbara olives are also full of fresh ingredients that enhance the natural flavor of olives at the highest quality standards.

As one of the best California gifts, this pack includes 6 bottles of olives and is perfect for martinis, Bloody Mary’s or as a healthy snack for everyone in the family. 

#13 Napa Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

california gifts

Napa Valley is widely known as the place that produces high-quality wine, which makes Napa Valley wines the perfect California gifts.

If you plan to bring home a bottle of Napa Valley wine, we recommend this Napa Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine that brims with black currant, violets, plum and black cherries with threads of honey, pipe tobacco, cedar and vanilla. So, grab this wine now!

#14 Andy Anan Sugar Free Milk Chocolate California Almonds

california gifts

We all know that California is also about almonds, almonds, and almonds, plus chocolate! Anyone would love to receive this box of heavenly delicious California almonds with milk chocolate as a special California gift for you. With no sugar added, this healthy box will undoubtedly give pure enjoyment in every bite.

#15 Setton Farms Premium California Pistachios 

california gifts

Bring something healthy as a thoughtful gift from California, like this Setton Farms Premium California Pistachios Dry Roasted with Sea Salt. Comes in a large 14 ounce burlap large bag, this healthy superfood will definitely be a great diet item, not to mention a great post-exercise snack.

#16 California Round Coasters

california gifts

Coasters are great souvenirs as they are useful for any kind of drinks, which will protect any table from scratches and abrasion.

No wonder why coasters are still produced as a special gift or souvenirs from many places in the world, just like these California Round Coasters. Comes in a set of 4, these coasters will be a nice California gift for your loved ones.

#17 California Poppy Wildflower Seeds

california gifts

California Poppy Seeds are one of the most unique California gifts. That’s why we think it’s necessary for you to bring these Poppy Seeds as a gift for your family and friends who love gardening.

These Everwilde Farms’ seeds are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Hence, this gift is free from all Neonicotinoids, and packaged in a zip packaging that allows you to reseal the bag for later use.

#18 California Crew Neck Sweater

california gifts

Bring home a nice California sweater that features iconic California parks on each sleeve. This sweater is one of the most adorable California gifts. It comes in several colors including blue, navy, black and red, which makes it a perfect sweater for everyday use. 

#19 California State Flower Necklace

california gifts

Keep the sweet California Poppy charms near to our hearts by wearing this lovely California State Flower necklace.

As a plant of the sun, the California Poppy is known as the plant that opens and closes in response to the light. Also, it flourishes in open, sunny meadows. This precious necklace is definitely one of the sweetest California gifts for your special person.

#20 California Map Scarf with Tassel

california gifts

Your mom, grandma, wife, or girlfriend will love this California Map Scarf with Tassel, as a sweet California gift that will complete her daily casual look. The graphic prints in this super soft fabric makes it a perfect shawl for any occasion.

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#21 Vintage 60s California Plate

california gifts

A nice piece-of-art home plate featuring California with all the excitements will certainly be a nice addition to any home decoration. This amazing vintage California gift has gold trim with two holes in the back with string for hanging.

It includes graphics of LAX, Farmers Market, Olvera St., Chinese Theater, Universal Studios, and Marineland. Moreover, LA Zoo, Movieland Wax Museum, Chinatown, and Knott’s Berry Farm are also uniquely pictured in this item.

#22 California Notebook

california gifts

If you’re still finding the perfect California gifts for a creative friend, you might want to pick this blank notebook with a California-themed cover. The colorful graphics of California will bring out creative ideas to be written in this book. 

#23 California Souvenir Bell

california gifts

These bells are going to be an adorable piece of home decoration that perfectly fits on any shelf or desk. With a vintage and retro look, these bells will be a nice California gift for your family, friends, or loved ones. 

#24 California Flag Rocks Glass

california gifts

Enjoying a sip of your favorite drink in this California Flag Rocks Glass will be a nice routine to do in the morning or evening. Made of high-quality glass, this glass features words and images engraved by hand, which will never wear off. Packed in an individual box, this glass is one of the nicest California gifts for both men and women.

#25 California Adventure Map Keychain

california gifts

When it comes to California gifts, any Disneyland souvenir will be one of the nicest gifts that we can think of. If you’re looking for a special Disney fan, this acrylic Disney California Adventure Map is perfect. It will definitely bring a little touch of magic to his or her keys. 

#26 Please Return to Disneyland California T-Shirt

california gifts

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re never too old to wear an iconic Disneyland t-shirt, including this Disneyland California 1055 T-shirt. Made of 100% cotton material, this t-shirt is a unisex shirt with a design made by an experienced designed for excellent quality.

Final Thoughts

The State of California is definitely one of the most exciting states in the US. It is one of the most favorite holiday destinations not only in the US, but also in the world. Based on that fact, it would be a great idea to bring home some of the best California gifts for your loved ones back home.

Now that you have seen some of the best recommendations of gifts from our list, make sure you choose the best ones to keep the memories of California stay with you forever.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a unique gift from California?

If you’re looking for unique gifts from California, you might want to consider buying California Coasters or California Candles. Moreover, California-inspired gifts like Poppy Seed Kit, California Crafted Candles, or the delicious Dardimans California Orange Crisps, are also recommended.

What are things to buy in California?

California has several popular coffee roasters including Verve Coffee Roasters, West Coast Roasting, and many more. So coffee from the Golden State is one of the best California gifts to buy, especially for coffee lovers. Aside from coffee, Napa Valley Wine, Santa Barbara Olives, and souvenirs from Disneyland are also recommended.

What should you get your friend from California?

The best California gifts can be something practical such as socks or kitchen utensil. It can also be something fun like a plush toy or puzzle, or something that’s very Californian like an In-N-Out gift card or avocados.

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