Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

Have you ever heard of Svalbard seed vault? It’s more commonly known as the ‘Doomsday’ vault where thousands of crop samples are stored surrounded by rock and permafrost to withstand any natural disaster.

In the case of a natural disaster actually taking place, humanity can rely on the crops stored there as a food backup plan. Well, earlier this year the ‘Doomsday’ vault was flooded, so although we should support such facilities it really wouldn’t hurt to have your own last-resort plan in motion.

If you don’t want to meticulously collect the necessary seeds yourself you can always order one of these emergency survival non-GMO seed packs. 

Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

The Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack is pretty impressive in terms of both variety and quantity – 30 types of plants and 15,000 seeds.

The seed pack has been assembled with utmost care treating the quantity of the seeds as a secondary factor.

Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

This means that instead of following the principle ‘the more the better’, the seller has focused on the viability, the ability to adapt to various climates, vitamin count and variety that the seed pack represents.

Basically, if worse come to worst you wouldn’t be forced to only eat potatoes and nothing else, instead, having a range of foods to choose from.

Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

Additionally, all the seeds come from vegetables that are easy to grow and maintain after planting. The fact that the seeds do not contain any GMO modification means that the seeds can be collected and replanted indefinitely. In case of a widespread apocalypse, this sounds like a smart option.

The seed packs are hermetically sealed and easy to store. Just put them into the refrigerator or freezer and rest assured that was the disaster to come you’d have the upper hand. 

Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

Emergency Survival Non-Gmo Seed Pack

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