25 Unique Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

Comic books have been a staple in pop culture history for many years. Heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, and Superman have served as inspirations to people all around the world. Deep down, we all dream to be a hero that is able to protect society. But in the meantime, reading the fictional tales of those characters will do the trick. However, a lot of comic genres don’t always tell the story of heroes. There’s romance, comedy, and thriller. 

US comics have long dominated the world of comic books. But the emergence of Japanese and other comics have started to balance out the domination. If you take a closer look at Japanese comics, you will learn to love Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and many other cool titles. If your friend loves to collect comic books, you might want to buy some cool and vintage comics for their collection. It doesn’t have to be in the form of comics. Sometimes memorabilia of items found in the story will do the trick. Here’s some of the best gifts for comic book lovers. 

Cool US Comics for Comic Book Lovers

There are a lot of cool comic distributors in the United States. Although people generally know Marvel and DC Comics as the industry giants, other companies like Image Comics and Millarworld have released some cool titles. Let’s take a look at some key comic books that you can buy as gifts for comic book lovers. Some of these books are old and rare, so don’t be surprised when you look at the price!

1. Infinity Gauntlet Paperback 

Infinity Gauntlet Paperback

Paperback comics are a cheaper alternative to buying singular issues, as they are regularly reprinted. If you’re looking to read a whole arc from a story, a paperback is the solution. If you particularly enjoy the Avengers movie, please read the book that serves as the inspiration for the third and fourth installment. 

2. Ultimate Grab Bag

Ultimate Grab Bag

There are literally billions of comic issues that you can buy as gifts for comic book lovers. If you don’t know which issue to buy, just try to purchase bundles of cheap comic issues, like this offering. For each grab, you’ll get 10 randomly selected comics from the selection. 

3. Marvel Mystery Comics

Marvel Mystery Comics

If you’re just looking for Marvel Comics in particular, then you probably should take a look at these items. When you purchase it, you’ll get 13 different Marvel comic books that span from the golden age to the bronze age. 

4. Eternals #1 CGC Graded

 Eternals #1 CGC Graded

The Eternals movie arrived in the theaters and received a mixed reception. However, the comic book itself is a masterpiece. Here, you will find the first ever issue of the Eternals in mint condition, professionally graded by CGC.

5. Moon Knight CGC Graded Set

Moon Knight CGC Graded Set

Comics that have been graded by CGC are stored in a safe slab to preserve the book’s condition. If you’re looking to buy a set of CGC graded comics, please take a look at this awesome Moon Knight set

6. Cosmic Ghost Rider Omnibus

Cosmic Ghost Rider Omnibus

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of Marvel’s latest characters that took the Marvel Universe by storm. It turns out that he is Frank Castle, the original Punisher, who is out for blood. If you want to reread his story, go buy this amazing Omnibus book

7. Civil War Paperback

Civil War Paperback

If you think that the Captain America: Civil War movie is amazing, wait until you’ve read the original story. It showcases a lot more superhero and fight scenes. This book is a must-have for all comic book lovers out there. 

8. Black Adam: Endless Winter Special

Black Adam; Endless Winter Special

Before the Rock is cast as Black Adam, this antihero isn’t a well-known character outside DC Comics hardcore community. However, he is a pretty strong character. Just read this comic book special and you’ll see it for yourself. 

9. Incredible Hulk 115

Incredible Hulk 115

The Leader is one of Hulk’s most iconic villains. You probably have seen him in the Incredible Hulk movie, although he hasn’t transformed into the evil mastermind that comic book fans dreaded. This book is one of the best gifts for comic book lovers, as it tells about the fight between the two characters. 

10. The Death of Superman Paperback

The Death of Superman Paperback

The Batman vs Superman movie’s climax is heavily inspired by this famous storyline. You probably remember the duel between Superman and Doomsday, and how the Man of Steel sacrificed himself to kill his enemy. Relive the story with this wonderful book

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11. Marvel Vintage Collection

11. Marvel Vintage Collection

Despite the overwhelming presence of superheroes in the Marvel Universe, they also released other cool tales that you should read. Here’s a collection of 10 lesser-known Marvel comics in the silver age. You won’t regret buying this!

12. Archie Comic

Archie Comic

The interest for Archie is heavily renewed with the arrival of the Riverdale show. But fans of the show probably didn’t realize that the original comics aren’t as dark as the series. If you love Archie, please consider buying these books!

13. Marvel Mini Books Box Set

Marvel Mini Books Box Set

Children also love comic books. In fact, there are a lot of cool and cute comic books made especially for kids. These Marvel mini comic books are prime examples of how comics can be fun for a lot of children.

Japan/Manga Comics for Comic Book Lovers

Currently, Mangas are hot properties in the eyes of comic collectors all around the world. Although the values of vintage Mangas aren’t as high as US comic books, they still attract a lot of attention. Let’s take a look at some of the best Mangas that you can get as gifts for comic book lovers. 

14. Black Lagoon English Version: Complete Set

Black Lagoon English Version; Complete Set

Black Lagoon tells the story of a successful businessman who was kidnapped during a business trip by a group of mercenaries called Black Lagoon. Black Lagoon is not as famous as other titles like One Piece and Naruto, but it is worthwhile to read it. 

15. Knights of the Zodiac Set

Knights of the Zodiac Set

The original title of this franchise is called Saint Seiya. But most people in the west know it as Knights of the Zodiac. This is a really cool story, mixing martial arts with Ancient Greek mythology. Try to buy this set to get hooked up. 

16. Naruto Vol 1

Naruto Vol 1

Arguably one of the three most well-known Manga in the world alongside Dragon Ball and One Piece, Naruto tells the story of a Ninja orphan and his journey in becoming the best Shinobi in the village of Konohagakure. Relive the story by rereading its first volume!

17. Attack on Titan Manga

Attack on Titan Manga

If Naruto is the king of 2000s manga, say hello to one of the best Japanese comic titles in the last decade. Attack on Titan really blew our mind with its brilliant plot and storytelling. We’re not going to share any spoilers here, so you better get this full set now!

18. My Hero Academia Vol 1

My Hero Academia Vol 1

If your friend is a hardcore US comic book lover who’s trying to get into the world of Manga, we highly recommend reading My Hero Academia. It’s a brilliant story set in a world where almost all people in the world are gifted with special skills. 

19. Haikyuu Comic Set

Haikyuu Comic Set

Those who have read this comic know that Haikyuu is currently the best sports-related comic book in Japan. Even if you don’t enjoy volleyball, we bet that you will learn to love it after reading this manga

Other Items for Comic Book Lovers

Comic books are not the only item that you can get as gifts for comic book lovers. There are a lot of items related to the story that you can buy for their collection. Let’s take a look at some of the best items and stuff that you can get as gifts for comic book lovers.

20. Customized History of Comic Books

Customized History of Comic Books

Comic book fans will definitely love to know the rich history of comic books. Luckily, you can help them out by giving this amazing customized book. Inside, they can see long-buried articles and photos of their beloved superheroes and the people responsible behind them. 

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21. Captain America Poster

Captain America Poster

Captain America embodies the spirit of patriotism that every citizen should have. The shield that he carries also looks sick. If you like the model of his shield, you should buy this awesome poster as a decoration in your house. 

22. Comic Book Storage Box

Comic Book Storage Box

Comic books need to be stored in a safe place and environment to avoid getting damaged. It’s common knowledge for collectors to store their favorite books inside a special storage box. If you want to have a storage box with special glass to display the furthest book, then consider buying this beauty.

23. Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

If you really want to dress up like Thanos on Halloween, then you should buy his Infinity Gauntlet and equip it. We thought that this version of the Gauntlet is the best one for your purpose. Plus, you can also display it in your house as some kind of a trophy!

24. All Might Poster

All Might Poster

In the My Hero Academia lore, All Might is the former number one hero in Japan. He is regarded as the best hero and the true symbol of justice. If your friend adores All Might, give this cool poster as your present for him. 

25. The Avengers Notebook

 The Avengers Notebook

Comic book lovers don’t have to take notes in something plain anymore. Now they can work and travel in style with these notebooks. They are all inspired from the Marvel movies. We bet that your friend will love this notebook. 

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