29 Special Gifts for Lifeguard To Make Their Job Easier

A gift can mean a thousand words. A perfect gift from someone special can surely share happiness and definitely bring joy to every single person who receives it. Gift giving is a sweet and sincere gesture that will make people’s day. If you currently in the process of browsing here and there to find the perfect gift for a dear friend, family of loved ones who work as a lifeguard, then you have come to the right place! We know that sometimes finding the best gifts for lifeguards is not as easy as it sounds, so we have come to the rescue to help you with your struggle.

In the article below, we have listed down items that can be your best recommendations of the best gifts for lifeguards. Some of the items can be personalized and personalized gifts can give more meaning to a special lifeguard in your life. After all, we think someone who risk their life every day to make sure that the beach or pool are safe for everyone to have fun in the water everyday deserves a special gift, don’t you think?

So let’s start scrolling and discover 25 special and useful gifts for lifeguards that you can choose below.

BEST Gifts for Lifeguard

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the lifeguard in your life? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best gifts that will make their day at the beach or pool even more enjoyable. Whether they’re on duty saving lives or simply enjoying their time off, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face. From practical gear to fun and stylish accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to dive into a world of thoughtful and exciting gifts that will show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Let’s make a splash with these amazing gift ideas for lifeguards!

1. Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Gifts for Lifeguard

There is no doubt that the life of lifeguards will always be around the beach or water all day long. Based on that reason, we think it would appropriate to get your favorite lifeguard a Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack as a gift.

It would be a perfect item for them to make sure all of their essentials and belongings stay dry all day while they are on duty. This dry pack will come very useful to store their wallet or smartphones and keep them dry even when the bag is used in the water.

2. Ezprogear 40 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Gifts for Lifeguard

Lifeguards need to make sure that they are not dehydrated while they are exposed to the sun at the beach. You do know that they are under the sun all day long, right? We can assure you that your dear lifeguard needs to have a nice tumbler like this Ezpogear 40 oz Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler.

It can can be the right and useful gift for your special lifeguard. Made of high quality 304 18/8 food grade BPA free, this tumbler will not retain the smell of any liquid and is highly safe to use.

3. Lifeguard Funny Gift Mug 

Gifts for Lifeguard

Looking for a personalized mug for a special lifeguard in your life? Well, we think that there is nothing can beat this “I’m a Lifeguard” mug. This funny gift comes in the form of a simple but meaningful mug with a funny quotes on the front side.

With this mug, they will have a reason to enjoy their morning coffee and feel good before they star their day at the beach. In our opinion, this gift will definitely put a smile on the face of a lifeguard whenever they sip their morning coffee.

4. Red Whistle with Lanyard

Gifts for Lifeguard

A whistle is crucial for lifeguards. Being one of the most useful items that any lifeguard must own, a whistle should be put in your list of gift options when you are about to decide the perfect gift for a lifeguard.

Made of unbreakable aluminum, this Red Whistle is more durable than plastic whistles, but it is more environmentally friendly and uses non-toxic aluminum. Moreover, this whistle also comes with the lanyard, which makes it handy to carry for other purposes including camping, hiking, boating, or hunting.

5. Lifeguard Vinyl Wall Clock

Gifts for Lifeguard

There are many kinds of wall clocks out there. But when you are trying to find a wall clock as a gift for lifeguards, we have no doubt this Lifeguard Vinyl Wall Clock is the answer.

This piece of vinyl art will show your friend how thoughtful you are when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a special occasion. So whenever your friend is looking at this clock, they will remember that this one is specifically given by you.

6. Lifeguard Funny T-Shirt

Gifts for Lifeguard

Saving one’s life is one of the ultimate jobs there is, and that is exactly what lifeguards do. In case your special lifeguard needs a reminder on how important their job is, we think giving them this t-shirt can be a nice reminder of that.

This t-shirt will remind them about how important their job is despite the funny wordings. After all, a lifeguard is indeed the person that we can trust when something happens to us at the beach, right?

7. Reflective Visi-Hemp Mini Sling Bag

Gifts for Lifeguard

Small and useful might be the perfect words to describe this Mini Sling Bag. The small size makes it easy to carry and keep a lifeguard’s belongings well-kept inside. If you plan on giving something that they can use everyday, even when they are out in the sun all day, this sling bag is definitely the answer.

Aside from being a functional item, we also love design since it is very simple and sleek, giving it a nice look to be combined with other lifeguard accessories as well. 

8. Mini Clip Watch with Bottle Opener

Gifts for Lifeguard

Lifeguards are mostly adventurous and free-minded, and almost certainly will love this new adventure buddy that features luminescent hands and a large, easy-to-read dial. This Mini Clip Watch with Bottle Opener also includes an LED micro flashlight that projects a bright red beam to preserve night vision, and of course a bottle opener to easily pop the tops after a long day.

From now on, thanks to this device, we can assure you that your lifeguard friend does not need to look far for keys anymore. Moreover, this item is also water resistant up to 165 feet. What more can we say, this is the ultimate tool that a lifeguard must have.

9. Utility Bracelet

Gifts for Lifeguard

This one is for a lifeguard with a free and adventurous soul who will be excited to have this sleek multi-tool bracelet. If you have a favorite lifeguard who loves to look stylish all the time, then we can assure you he will look even stylish with this accessory.

In short, your favorite lifeguard will not only look good in this, but he will also have a multi-functional knife with a flat head screwdriver on its tip within reach on his wrist. 

10. NanoDry Towel

Gifts for Lifeguard

Being around water all the time means that a lifeguard needs a towel to stand by all the time, too! Instead of presenting a regular towel, in our opinion this Nano Dry Towel will be more useful, thanks to it’s high quality material and the extra small size, or course!

It’s a small item made of nano-fiber that absorbs 2.3 times its weight. We have no doubt, your lifeguard friend will be thrilled to know that he can carry this towel around as this is incredibly compact and ultra light.

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11. Lifeguard Hut on The Beach Wrapped Canvas Giclee

Lifeguard Hut on the Beach Wrapped Canvas Giclee

Taking a piece of art that reminds a lifeguard about the beauty of being one is just priceless. This beauty will be perfect to become the newest member of home decoration that reminds your friend about the pride of being a lifesaver, yet about the beauty of the beach, which becomes their everyday work place.

In addition, we also think that this wall décor item will be a wonderful housewarming gift, too! So, if you have a lifeguard friend who just moved in to a new house, congratulations! You just found the perfect gift for him.

12. Lifeguard Lifesaver Swimming Pool Coffee Mug

Gifts for Lifeguard

This mug seems to show its identity without us having to tell you about it. Also, bear with us since we can never have enough of mugs when it comes to gifts for special people in our life.

Since you are looking for one of the most special gifts for lifeguards, we’re pretty sure you can never go wrong with a mug. In our opinion, this mug is perfect for a lifeguard who loves to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before beginning the day at work.

13. Personalized Lifeguard Wall Clock

Gifts for Lifeguard

Moving on to the next item on our list, we have another great choice of a housewarming gift for a lifeguard who just moved in to a new house. We think this wall clock will make a wonderful gift, and after all, who can say no to a classic looking wall clock like this one?

Well, we know that your lifeguard friend will. It will be a nice focal point to state the identity of the home owner, and it will also be a nice addition to your friend’s home decoration, or to be placed inside their hut.

14. Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Everyone needs a hoodie, right? Including lifeguards. So, we have decided to include this cool hoodie as one of the most useful gifts for lifeguards. The weather is not always sunny at the beach, you know, and this hoodie can be the right option to be used by lifeguards during any weather.

In short, we believe without a doubt that this hoodie will be the right option for a gift, which will keep them warm, healthy and ready for any job coming their way.

15. Timex Men’s Expedition Acadia 40mm Watch 

Gifts for Lifeguard

To be honest, a watch will always be a good choice of gift for loved ones, for any occasions including birthdays or Christmas. We have no doubt, a watch will certainly be a good choice for a lifeguard, too!

However, there are certain things that we need to remember when we are choosing the right watch for lifeguards, not just the one that is waterproof, of course! It must be lightweight and able to have night-light as well, and we think this Timex Men’s Acadia is the perfect piece for that.

16. VenTop Moment Action Camera Waterproof

VenTop Moment Action Camera Waterproof

Being a lifeguard is exciting since this is one of the occupations that often finds many excitements that are worth seeing. To have exciting moments captured in a high quality video, this VenTop Waterproof Camera will be the right tool for that purpose.

If you give a special lifeguard in your life a special gift like this camera, we’re pretty sure he will appreciate you more than anything, because the gift will allow him to capture and save memorable moments to cherish.

17. Men’s Waterproof Sailing Jacket

Men’s Waterproof Sailing Jacket

A lifeguard must have a healthy mind, soul, and body. Being outdoor all day and facing different conditions under various weather, we all know that lifeguards must have this waterproof jacket as a protection when the weather is not so friendly.

This Helly Hansen Waterproof Jacket is not just waterproof, it is also windproof and has an inner pocket. Chest zip pocket, head restarts into collar and has velcro strap adjustable cuffs.

18. Kate Spade Arlynn Women Sunglasses

Kate Spade Arlynn Women Sunglasses

Spending a lot of time under the sun needs to be equipped with one stylish sunnies! Being professional at work is one thing, but to stay in style is another thing, which most women lifeguards need to pay attention to.

For that particular reason, we believe without a doubt that this fashionable Kate Spade Arlynn Women sunglasses will surely be a must have item that a lifeguard can use to stay stylish at work.

19. Sterling Silver Lifeguard Charm Necklace

Sterling Silver Lifeguard Charm Necklace

We understand that looking for the right jewelry as a gift for your lifeguard girlfriend can be tricky and quite challenging, too. However, we think that this Lifeguard Charm necklace might solve your problem.

Made of sterling silver, this adorable necklace will put a smile on her face and don’t surprised if the smile is followed by a hug. Moreover, you can also have your own personalized word engraved on this charm, which reminds your friend how much she means to you.

20. Dorfman Pacific Scala Lifeguard Hat

Dorfman Pacific Scala Lifeguard Hat

Sometimes the hot weather can be unbearable. But for a true lifeguard, there’s nothing can stop them from dong what they love, even under the harsh daylight, which is saving people at the beach. If you know such person, why not give some some support by giving them something to keep them protected during daylight?

One of the best gifts, in our opinion, is this Dorfman Pacific Scale Lifeguard Hat that we think will be useful for your lifeguard friend who still wants to stay stylish and stay protected from the heat of the sun at the same time.

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21. Livermore Lifeguard on Beer Break Pillow

Livermore Lifeguard on Beer Break Pillow

Who doesn’t like to have a short nap after a long day of work? We do, and I think lifeguards is also the same. Sometimes, during their day off, all they want to do is to have a long nap and recharge.

For such lifeguards, we think a pillow will always make a great gift. However, don’t go for the plain and boring pillow. Instead, we recommend you to go for this personalized lifeguard pillow. Any lifeguard will be happy to take a nap with this Livermore Lifeguard on Beer Break Pillow.

22. Striped Beach Towel

Striped Beach Towel

Sometimes the one thing that a lifeguard needs is simply the one that we didn’t think of before. Aside from having to keep clean towels ready for everyone who needs them, lifeguards also need one for themselves!

So, let’s be that person who give them something that looks unnecessary but very useful, and get them this towel. In short, we think this Striped Beach Towel is one of the most simple yet useful gifts for lifeguards.

23. Maritime Compass Pendant

Maritime Compass Pendant

Who doesn’t love this elegant yet solid pendant? We believe without a doubt, this necklace with adorable pendant is one of the most precious gifts for lifeguards.

If you’re looking for an exclusive and elegant gift for your special person who works as a lifeguard, this necklace and pendant will be the perfect item to show that you care for them and you are proud to have them as a lifeguard.

24. Lifeguard Sport Bottle

Lifeguard Sport Bottle

Another water bottle? Yes. Because why not?! Everyone needs to stay hydrated, especially those who work outdoors like lifeguards. Based on that reason, we highly recommend you to get this lifeguard-specific water bottle as a gift for a special lifeguard in your life.

More than just a plain bottle, this one has a fun and colorful look that describes how fun it is to be a lifeguard.

25. Men’s Woven Leather Bracelet

Men’s Woven Leather Bracelet

A leather bracelet has been proven as one of the most selected personal gifts for a special person, especially if that person happens to be a male. So, if you are planning to present a personal gift for a special lifeguard, this leather bracelet is definitely worth picking.

It is made of high-quality leather with an elegant and sleek design, making sure your special lifeguard looks on point all the time.

26 Pool Police Lifeguard T-Shirt

Pool Police Lifeguard T-Shirt

Can we all agree if a lifeguard equals pool police? They deserve this title because of their dignified work in overseeing the safety of others. To even more cherish them, you can give this bold statement gift for them.

The dark blue color of the t-shirt seems describe the sea they watch over every day. Moreover, we also think that the words printed on this t-shirt depict their job perfectly. What a thoughtful gift!

27 Lifesaver Keychain For Lifeguards

Lifesaver Keychain For Lifeguards

A meaningful gift is much needed to show your appreciation to your lifeguards, like this one tiny keychain. It is beautifully engraved with aphorisms that may make them shed tears.

Although it’s small in terms of size, we think that this gift will feel more meaningful because it contains a sincere message from you who appreciate their work. In our opinion, they have done such a noble job to save people’s lives while risking themselves.

28 Vintage Metal Signs Poster

Vintage Metal Signs Poster

We all need a little humorous twist when we have a rough day, aren’t we? And so does your lifeguards. This lifeguard vintage poster has playful words that can be the greatest choice among all gift options available.

It is a wall-mounted décor that will give a fun touch to their home. As they see this hilarious piece, we believe that all the tiredness seems to be gone from their shoulders.

29 Backpack Organizer

Backpack Organizer

Help your lifeguard organize their stuff by gifting this handy backpack that will surely make everything packed before work. Storage compartments allow them to store many things inside them, such as swimming goggles, life jackets, and sunblock.

Moreover, the size is not too big nor small, just the right one, providing comfort when carrying it. Now, they don’t have to worry about their stuff getting messy, thanks to your special gift.

Final Thoughts

Gift hunting is one of the most exciting things to do. You just can’t pick whatever you like because you will want to make sure the gifts are perfect and useful for the receiver. If the perfect gifts for lifeguards are the things that you are looking for today, then you have come the right place.

You can search up and down in our article to find which gift will suit your favorite lifeguard the most. We can assure you, with some cool recommendations, hunting for gifts is more exciting than ever!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the most special gifts for lifeguards you can buy?

Lifeguard is a job that not everyone can do because it is too risky. Therefore, the special gifts for lifeguards will be significant to them. The gifts can be in the form of engraved keychains with touching words, personalized items, to lifeguard t-shirts. You will be considered a caring person and value their work by gifting meaningful presents.

What about gifts that promote safety and convenience?

Lifeguards are all about safety, so gifts that enhance their ability to perform their duties effectively are always appreciated. Consider items like a high-quality whistle, a durable rescue tube or buoy, a waterproof pouch for their phone and essentials, or a multi-tool with features like a knife, bottle opener, and screwdriver. These gifts ensure that they have the necessary tools at their fingertips to keep everyone safe

Are there any gifts to help lifeguards relax after a long day on duty?

Absolutely! After a day of vigilant lifeguarding, relaxation is crucial. Consider gifts like a comfortable beach chair, a portable hammock, or a beach umbrella for some shade. You could also gift them a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so they can enjoy their favorite tunes by the water. These gifts provide a much-needed escape and help them recharge for their next shift.

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