25 Useful and Awesome Personalized Gifts for Lawyers

People have mixed opinions regarding lawyers. Some might say that they are greedy people who work for evil people. But people who happen to be close friends with lawyers might argue that they are actually nice people. And in our books, nice people earned the right to receive gifts and presents once in a while. For lawyers, finding personalized gifts for lawyers might be a great idea!

There are a handful of personalized gifts for lawyers that you can choose from. You can buy them nice decorations for their home or office. On the other hand, you can probably get some presents that can be useful for their work or daily lives. The choice is yours, but we’re also here to help you! If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, please take a look at some of the best personalized gifts for lawyers below. 

Personalized Decorations for Lawyers

Decorations can be a perfect gift for lawyers. They can enhance their home or office (or probably both, depending on the quantity you bought!) with lovely personalized gifts for lawyers. We’ve got a lot of awesome decorations for lawyers, so let’s start off our list, shall we?

1. Personalized Family Print

Family Print

No matter how hardworking your lawyer might be, they still have a family and personal life outside the office. Perhaps it is good to be reminded of that. For us, there’s no better way to pay tribute to an amazing family than with this cool personalized gift in the form of a family portrait

2. Customized Cartoon Lawyer Print

personalized gifts for lawyers

In real life, lawyers have to be cool, composed, and imposing in the court. But when we turn lawyers into an animated version of themselves, they sure will look cute and funny. Perhaps giving this awesome customizable print as part of your personalized gifts for lawyers might be a good idea to cheer them up. 

3. Cute Lawyer Frame

personalized gifts for lawyers

Despite the cute design of this magnificent frame, the highlight of the item is the quote printed. Everytime they read that inspirational quote, they can hold their head high and continue to work with pride! You can also choose to add your friend’s name on this amazing gift for lawyers. 

4. Personalized Wooden Gift Decoration for Lawyers

personalized gifts for lawyers

The scale is a symbol that has been widely associated with lawyers and the justice system in general. It also makes a good decoration. Just take a look at this wooden personalized gift if you don’t believe in us! You can even ask the seller to include your friend’s name to be engraved on the decoration

5. Treats for Kitty Personalized Jar

personalized gifts for lawyers

We don’t know if your lawyer owns a lovely pet or not. But if they really do, you can bet that they will love and take care of their pets just as much as they enjoy taking care of their clients. Perhaps this personalized kitty jar might be cute and useful for their cause too. They can keep their pet’s favorite snacks inside.

6. Personalized Travel Tags Photo

personalized gifts for lawyers

Even the best lawyers will have hard and tough times. But to get through that challenging period, they need to be constantly reminded that they have friends and families who got their back. It’s the reason why we highly recommend you to buy this awesome personalized travel tag as part of your personalized gifts for lawyers. You can add up to eight photos and put details and tags on each of them. 

7. Personalized Lawyer Set of 2 Photos

personalized gifts for lawyers

What’s better than one gift for lawyers? Exactly, two personalized gifts for lawyers in the form of framed art is perfect. With this awesome set, they can choose to hang one in their house and the other on their office wall. But before you check out, make sure to ask the seller to add your friend’s name on the print!

8. Personalized Custom 3D Photo

Personalized Custom 3D Photo

This is truly one of the most unique personalized gifts for lawyers that you can get. Find a memorable photo of your friend and transform it into this awesome 3D decoration. You can even put an LED base light to make it look better. 

9. Custom Judge Bobblehead

Custom Judge Bobblehead

We know that your lawyer friend is not a judge. But if you have an amazing inside joke about a judge, you can give this personalized gift as a prank gift for them. The cute and funny gift for lawyers will continue to haunt them and hopefully encourage them to work harder. 

10. Personalized 45RM Record

Personalized 45RM Record

Lawyers have to meet with their clients regularly. It comes to no surprise if they have to make their office as classy as possible. Well, you can help them by finding gifts for lawyers. We thought that a decoration in the form of a customizable 45RPM record might be a unique and cool idea. You can choose to add some personalized message to be printed on the label of the record. 

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11. Custom Lawyer Metal Sign

Custom Lawyer Metal Sign

This is one of the best personalized gifts for lawyers who are just going to kick start their career. To gain a good reputation, they need an elegant room to complement their skills, which is why this customized metal sign is a good gift idea!

12. Personalized Female Lawyer Ornament

Personalized Female Lawyer Ornament

An ornament can be a special gift that creates a lifetime memory for its recipient. If you have a female lawyer friend, perhaps this cute ornament might be a gift for lawyer idea, especially if your friend is a cheerful person! You can even add her name on the brief book that the ornament holds. 

13. Personalized Scale Ornament

Personalized Scale Ornament

Unfortunately, we don’t have a male lawyer ornament to act as a counterpart to the female ornament that we’ve offered before. However, you can also get this adorable and personalized gift as an alternative. Please make sure to add your friend’s name as well as a memorable date to the item. 

14. Personalized Throw Pillow

Personalized Throw Pillow

A throw pillow can also be used as a good decoration at a comfy office. Perhaps you should try to find a cool one as part of your personalized gifts for lawyers. If you agree with our idea, you should come and check out this amazing throw pillow. It’s also made out of high-quality polyester, making it one of the most perfect gifts for lawyers.

Personalized Gifts for Lawyers That are Useful

There are other items that you can get as personalized gifts for lawyers than decorations. In fact, there are a lot of customizable items for lawyers that are useful for both their personal and professional lives. 

15. Funny Lawyer Mug

Funny Lawyer Mug

Every employee loves to bring their own mug to the office. But to avoid having it mixed up with another co-worker, you probably should ask them to bring a unique and personalized mug, just like this one. Make sure to add your friend’s name on the mug!

16. Grilling Tool Set

Grilling Tool Set

Lawyers love to celebrate a victory at the court. Perhaps barbeque might also come to their mind. Well, if they really love to grill, you probably should hand them this awesome personalized gift. Aside from having top notch grilling tools, they can also store them inside a magnificent box engraved with their name. It’ll be one of the best gifts for lawyers!

17. Personalized Handmade Leather Journal

Personalized Handmade Leather Journal

Journals are important for lawyers. They definitely need them in order to keep track of updates as well as taking notes of all important information. Out of all the available journals, we thought that this personalized gift might be the best one for your consideration!

18. Personalized Lawyer Necklace

Personalized Lawyer Necklace

Lawyers also need to look beautiful in court. We thought that this scale necklace might make them the belle of the court (not ball, unfortunately)! You can also choose to engrave your lawyer friend’s initials to make it more unique. Truly one of the best personalized gifts for lawyers, right?

19. Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks will make a male lawyer look more presentable and elegant. If you want to buy one for your friend, make sure to consider giving this personalized item instead. This is one of the simplest gifts for lawyers, but it sure looks dope! You can add their initials to be printed out on the second cufflink!

20. Customizable Pen

Customizable Pen

Every worker needs a pen to take note of important things. Well, you probably can give a personalized pen to your friend. With this cute personalized gift for lawyers, you can choose to add their name or a funny message as a banter!

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21. Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

We know that consuming alcohol is inappropriate during work hours. However, your lawyer has a personal life to live, and that’s the reason why you should give this ultra-rare set as a gift for lawyer. They can choose to consume the whiskey for special occasions!

22. Personalized Key Holder

Personalized Key Holder

Giving gifts for lawyers can’t be any better than this! Even if your friend spends most of their time at the office, it doesn’t mean that they should leave their home in a messy condition. If you want to help out, this awesome key holder can be a starter! Now, they won’t have to look hard for various keys before going out to work. 

23. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Law is a lawyer’s number one priority. But the law doesn’t prohibit them from having other hobbies. If your friend loves to cook during their spare time, then giving this personalized gift might not be a bad idea after all. You can even choose to add their name on top of the board!

24. Personalized Leather Portfolios

Personalized Leather Portfolios

A portfolio is really useful for a lawyer. They need to take notes as well as keep some important documents. To keep all of the necessary items organized, they will need this awesome portfolio! Plus, your friend’s name can be embossed on the cover of this cool and personalized gift

25. Customized Fleece Blanket

Customized Fleece Blanket

A lawyer who is working on a hard case might spend the night in their office. However, it doesn’t mean that they should get cold by sleeping there. In fact, you can hand them this cute and customizable blanket, where you can choose to add cherished photos as well as a personalized message to keep them encouraged. 

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