25 Unique Hourglass for Decoration in Your House and Office

Nowadays, people are used to tracking time with stopwatches from their smartphones. However, gadgets weren’t available back in the olden times. Therefore, people will rely on hourglasses to monitor time. Although we have no need for this old technology anymore, they can still be used as decorative displays for your home or as antique gifts for others. Furthermore, they also come in different shapes and sizes. Some might be quite antique, while others are large decorative hourglasses. 

Looking for a 24-hour hourglass or a 1-year hourglass? Well, that’s impossible! However, we’ll be able to find some unique hourglass that can make your home look better! Not only do these hourglasses make an amazing time watcher, but these sand timer hourglasses may also appear as a large decorative hourglass or even a tiny decorative item!

Either way, you shouldn’t miss out on our list of unique hourglasses! Check them out!

How Does an Hourglass Work?

An hourglass is used to tell time. Usually, you will flip the hourglass to one side and let the sand drip to the bottom side of the sand timer. After all the sand drops, you can flip it again to the other side.

What Are The Advantages of An Hourglass?

The most important aspect that a modern hourglass has is their design. They can look beautiful in your home. Unfortunately, there are no other advantages of hourglass that a digital stopwatch or clock also has.

Large Decorative Hourglass

If you want to have an hourglass that can last for about an hour or so, then you should check out these large decorative hourglasses. Despite their large stature, they will look good on your shelves or nightstands. Some of them might be big enough that you probably think they were 24-hour hourglasses or 1-year hourglasses!

Without any further ado, let’s have a look!

1. Bay-berk Handblown Hourglass

Bay-berk Handblown Hourglass

Our first large decorative hourglass is a handblown hourglass with a dimension of 9.5 x 4D. It is able to keep time up to 60 minutes, making it convenient to keep track of your time for a short schedule.

This sand timer has an elegant shape that perfectly suits any different environment, such as a desk or bookshelf. Nonetheless, we recommend having one on your work desk where you can easily access the hourglass. Truly one of the best modern hourglass on the market!

2. Luminous Remote Hourglass

Bay-berk Handblown Hourglass

Want to see a modern hourglass that can also serve as a cool night light? Take a good look at the Luminous hourglass! It is a handmade and large decorative hourglass made from borosilicate glass and a wooden base.

the sand that flows from the top looks to shine with an attractive blue color, making it an amazing decoration to adorn your nightstand. Interestingly, you can control the glowing sand with a remote control and turn the hourglass into a sleep company at night.

3. 10” Ferdinand Hourglass

10” Ferdinand Hourglass

A unique hourglass will always have an unorthodox shape and design that will look good as a decorative piece. With this large, 10” hourglass, you’ll also have a big-sized item with an airy contemporary style.

Despite not being a 24-hour hourglass, you can still be sure that it’s big enough for monitoring 60 minutes! To allow the hourglass to stand out, you are better off placing it on a work desk or cabinet.

4. Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass

Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass

Our next item is truly one of the best decorative items on our list of unique hourglasses. With this awesome set, you’ll get one large 30-min sand timer hourglass, 1 small 5-min sand timer, as well as a unique magnetic sculpture.

Not only relying on gravity, but this hourglass also features a magnet that ensures the sand will come down the passage without leaving marks. In addition, each sand timer is also equipped with a modern wooden stand that is scratch-free. With the stand, you can also arrange it on the desk, cabinet, or near the TV table in your family room.

5. Pomodoro Hourglass

Pomodoro Hourglass

As large as these hourglasses look, they are not a 1-year hourglass. In fact, they can be a 60-minute timer for your convenience to keep track of your time precisely, following Pomodoro practices.

With its minimalistic design, the large decorative hourglass will be amazing as a desk decoration or an elegant addition to your library. If you love neutral tones, choose beige, white, or black one to suit your taste.

6. Silvered Hourglass

Silvered Hourglass

Our last large decorative hourglass is a 10” long sand timer made with sparkling and antique glass, shaped in a contemporary style. This unique hourglass is also dressed in glittery silver shine and crisp white sand.

Aside from being used as a decorative item, you can also take advantage of it when cooking delicious meals. For that reason, you can display it in your kitchen cabinet. But make sure you don’t put it in the cabinet above the stove so the glass doesn’t expand easily.

Unique Sand Timer Hourglass

There are a lot of unique hourglasses in the market. The question is: which one fits your style and preference? Well, we are here to provide excellent options, as we have a lot of decorative sand timers that you can get for your collection or as gifts.

They come in diverse designs and sizes that will match your preferences. Check them out!

7. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Let’s start our list of unique hourglasses with something fiery! The magnetic sand hourglass is a fun desktop diversion that can also act as a unique decorative piece in your office.

As soon as you flip the funny sand timer, the grains of iron will stack up in a seemingly impossible formation, thanks to the magnetic features! It’s a must-have item for those who fancy bold and uncommon hourglasses.

8. Indian Hourglass

Indian Hourglass

If you want to find unique hourglasses as gifts for a loved one, perhaps this cool sand timer hourglass might fit the bill. It is an antique decorative item that was made using brass and filled with purple sand.

And in case you just want to play with a 5-min hourglass, this item will be the best one there is! It also makes an awesome piece to keep track of your time while cooking, knowing the 5-minute feature will help prevent burning food.

9. 60-min Hourglass Gift Set

60-min Hourglass Gift Set

Sand timers are items that shouldn’t be enjoyed alone. In fact, you can buy this lovely gift set as a gift for a dear friend. It is filled with beautiful blue sand, and wrapped inside an equally beautiful box.

The diamond-shaped design also makes this modern hourglass eye-catching for any guests who visit your home. And if you are eager to impress them, feature one in your wooden living room cabinet to steal the spotlight.

10. Decorative Hourglass

Decorative Hourglass

Doing daily chores might be boring to some people. However, you can liven up the mood if you own this unique hourglass. Perhaps, you can also use it for chess night with your lovely partner!

Are you not fancying those activities? Well, it’s still an excellent 15-min decorative hourglass for your shelves. Or perhaps, you can set it up on your desk to make sure you do and finish your work on time. 

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11. Metal Sand Timer

Metal Sand Timer

For someone who’s looking for a 15 to 30-minute sand timer, this modern hourglass might be the perfect choice. With pure white sands flowing inside the awesome hourglass with nice Euro carvings, you can be sure that people will be jealous of this unique hourglass. 

You can gift this hourglass to those who fancy steampunk or vintage designs. Furthermore, you can also display it on your roundtable in the living room to make a centerpiece.

12. Rotating Nordic Hourglass

Rotating Nordic Hourglass

This rotating Nordic hourglass is the ultimate decorative item for any desk! This unique hourglass is able to rotate for the full 360 degrees and has a rotation time of 60 minutes.

The alloy sand timer’s size can be customized to your preference. If you want a large decorative hourglass, please choose the 27cm sand timer! We recommend having one on your mini library to decorate the area as well as tracking your reading time.

13. Nautical Sand Timer

Nautical Sand Timer

A gorgeous timepiece that can liven up any environment, this nautical sand timer is a one-of-a-kind hourglass that is handmade with high precision. There are two glass bulbs connected by a narrow neck, a ship’s wheel at the base, and a compass incorporated into the wheel.

It only weighs for 500gram, so there’s no need to worry about putting it on your fragile shelves. With these features and a distinctive design, you can gift it to retired sailors in your life as a display that reminds them of their golden ages.

14. Hourglass and Hand

Hourglass and Hand

Want a helping hand to assist you in holding this magnificent and unique hourglass? Well, this item might do just that, literally! It is a collectible item that looks good on your office desk.

Besides that, you can also flip the item and let the sand flow slowly but surely. And given the creepy design, consider displaying one as a Halloween decoration to celebrate the creepiest time of the year.

15. Awesome Modern Hourglass

Awesome Modern Hourglass

A modern hourglass will have a simplistic and contemporary style, just like this awesome sand timer! It is able to let green sand flow for a full hour to impress you.

The mixture between the glass material and the bright colors of the sand truly makes this unique hourglass a brilliant decorative addition to your house. Hence, you better showcase one in your living room to mesmerize your guests.

16. Diamond-shaped Hourglass

Diamond-shaped Hourglass

Modern hourglasses will always have unique shapes and designs that can fulfill any person’s taste. If you prefer a contemporary hourglass, then perhaps this diamond-shaped sand timer hourglass will be good for your addition.

The largest size, a 10.6cm diameter hourglass, is able to clock in at 30 minutes. If you choose the big one, get the chance to show it off on the round table in your living room or family room.

Antique Hourglass

Antique and vintage hourglasses are the way to go, especially for those who are passionate about such items. Since hourglasses are made from, dare we say, ancient

technologies, antique hourglasses, they seem to be a perfect addition to a cool shelf or office desk. For that reason, we have curated some of the most stunning hourglasses you may find interesting. Take a look at some of the best unique hourglasses on our list below!

17. SOFEE DESIGN Hourglass


Another antique and unique hourglass that you should consider for your collection. This green and vintage-looking item is a 6-minute sand timer hourglass that is filled with white sand.

To make it look stands out against the crowd, you can arrange one on the wooden table with white walls as the background. But if you don’t fancy one, you can always buy some as gifts for your family or best friend!

18. Maritime Ship Hourglass

Maritime Ship Hourglass

Hidden treasures from long-lost ships are always awesome, but they are definitely pricey. If you want an affordable one, try a reproduction item, just like this hourglass.

Although it’s not the real deal, this sand timer hourglass is still made using premium material and looks exactly like a real antique hourglass! Given the rust color, you better have one against white walls to highlight its presence.

19. Dragon Sand Timer

Dragon Sand Timer

The Death’s Door dragon hourglass is the perfect decorative piece for those of you who are looking to dress up your house with a medieval or fantasy theme.

Moreover, the dragon resin statue is made with high-quality material that is strong and durable. Plus, the 6-inch hourglass is able to empty its upper glass for about five minutes, making it an awesome addition to your work desk.

20. Party-time Hourglass

Party-time Hourglass

Did you know that an hourglass can also be used for parties? Well, personal parties anyway! With this fantastic set, you’ll get an amazing street lamp pen holder with a white hourglass.

All of the materials (except the sand) are made with plastic, and you can also give them as gifts for a friend in need of fun! In case you buy one for yourself, try showcasing one on your display cabinet.

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21. Marine Antique Hourglass

Marine Antique Hourglass

There are a lot of vintage maritime hourglasses on the market. The reason is simple: there are a lot of people who love to collect antique and unique hourglasses, and marine-themed sand timers fit the bill perfectly!

Besides that, this brass hourglass also has a compass and a clock that works with a battery that vividly depicts a nautical theme. Hence, we recommend wrapping one for your friend who adores nautical objects to collect.

22. Vintage Nautical Sand Timer

Vintage Nautical Sand Timer

Some people might prefer to own antique and large decorative sand timers rather than buy a small-sized one. If you feel the same thing, then please seriously consider this antique sand timer hourglass.

It is a unique hourglass that is equipped with a compass. The duration of the sand will be approximately 5 minutes, making it a handy item to feature on your kitchen cabinet to ensure you finish cooking on time.

23. 7” Antique Hourglass

7” Antique Hourglass

Items that originated from the 1920s are usually broken and useless, especially when they are handmade. Fortunately, we have an antique and unique hourglass that was produced in that era.

Furthermore, it has a unique frame design that is entirely unique and different from other modern hourglass frames. With such a rare appeal, it will be unfortunate not to display one in your glass cabinet.

24. Rotating Hourglass

Rotating Hourglass

Rotating a sand timer hourglass can’t get any easier with this awesome and amazing decorative item! It has a 360-degree rotating angle, enabling you to easily turn the sands and let them ease your stress.

The metal hourglass is also made of premium material that ensures quality and satisfaction for you! Knowing you can play with it, you better have one featured on your work desk.

25. Zinc and Alloy Hourglass

Zinc and Alloy Hourglass

Most of the hourglasses on our list are usually made using brass. However, a zinc and alloy sand timer can also result in a unique hourglass you never know exist!

With this beautiful item, you will get a unique hourglass with an elaborate design and shape. In addition to the hourglass, it also features a space for your stationary. Hence, this hourglass will be best to display on your work desk. 

Final Thoughts

Unique hourglass captures your interest with the passage of time. Its flowing sand coming through the delicate chambers makes the hourglass a tranquil symbol of transience and beauty. Each hourglass tells a story and mystery of time, adorned with intricate details and designs.

As the sand slips away from the tiny tunnel, we are awakened from the unconscious mind that time ticks faster than our eye blinks. To choose one for your friends, family, or colleagues, consider their preferences to make these unique hourglasses an enchanting present to remember.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you give an hourglass as a gift?

Hourglass will be a magnificent gift, especially to people who love collecting antique items. Even if they don’t collect that kind of stuff, an hourglass is still a good option, because it is a decorative item that can fit perfectly on their desk or shelves. 

What is hourglass structure?

Normally, an hourglass consists of two different glasses that are connected through a thin neck. This thin neck will allow the sand inside to flow from one place to the other. 

Are hourglasses accurate?

Generally, an hourglass isn’t as accurate as a stopwatch or clock. However, they still have a 10% accuracy rate, which isn’t bad for a traditional technology. Plus, you also have to make sure that they stand on a flat surface. 

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