27 Unique Wooden Table for Your Home

Home is the place where we spend most of our time. It’s essential to take care of our place by creating pleasant and comforting spaces through lovely interiors. To make a pleasant and comfortable interior design, we have to choose the best furniture made of wood. It is a common material for furniture, especially for tables.

Wooden tables have many advantages, such as being highly durable and having aesthetic value. Having a lovely wooden table will help you relax and feel at ease when you have a lot of work to do. The calming brown color and the smooth wooden texture enhance the room’s atmosphere. And so, here are some unique wooden table ideas for your house. 

Wooden Dining Table Ideas

Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, you can start classing up your kitchen with a lovely wooden dining table. The following items are some unique dining tables ideas for your home.

1. Sleek Dining Table for Six

Sleek Dining Table for Six

A dining table needs to have a smooth surface because such a tabletop is easy to clean. This Floyd Table is lined with linoleum, making the surface smooth and shiny. It also comes with four different pattern options. You can choose your favorite color or select the one that will blend well with the interior!

2. Compact Wooden Table with Storage

Compact Wooden Table with Storage

If you’re living in a small space but want a fancy dining table for the heart of your home, this 3-piece Wooden Dining Table Set will be perfect for you. It is small yet offers so much more! This table set is also equipped with a side shelf to store your cutlery.

3. Antique Oak Dining Table for Family

Antique Oak Dining Table for Family

This wooden table is perfect for a house where a large family lives. The Tanner Extendable Solid Oak Dining Table has a traditional spindle legs design that gives a nostalgic feel. What makes it even more perfect is that this table includes 18-inch leaf inserts.

4. Rustic Table for Two

Rustic Table for Two

The Weehom 3 Pieces Bar Table Set is the perfect model to complement a small house. This set comes with an extra layer under the desktop for storage. Furthermore, it includes stools that can be put under the table when not in use, how convenient!

5. Minimalist Sturdy Dining Table

Minimalist Sturdy Dining Table

Looking for a sustainable wooden table that would last long? The perfect choice is this Small dining table made of solid oak. This furniture is crafted using high-quality materials to ensure its sturdiness and durability. The angled table legs also add extra strength to the structure.

6. Stunning Bone Inlay Dining Table

Stunning Bone Inlay Dining Table

This table combines art and durability in one attractive package. The Bone Inlay Round Table features an intricate pattern that will impress anyone. One large spindle leg that supports the table is also aesthetically shaped.

Unique Wooden Table for Study

Studying will be much more efficient when you do it on a comfy wooden table. You will be able to focus on your books. A good table will also provide you with a good sitting posture. So, you can avoid getting tired quickly.

1. Foldable Wooden Table

Foldable Wooden Table

Studying often requires hours of sitting, so a comfy table is essential. YJHome Small Computer Folding Table comes with an adjustable height, making it comfortable for both children and adults. Even though the design is foldable, the structure is durable.

2. Ergonomic Table with Vintage Design

Ergonomic Table with Vintage Design

Vintage Solid Wood Drafting Table by The Studio Designs is a versatile table for drawing, writing, or reading. The slanted surface allows the table’s angle to adjust to the arrangement that suits you best. The structure is made of premium quality wood, making it sturdy and sustainable, along with the vintage design, making it the perfect table for study!

3. Spacious L-Shape Table

Spacious L-Shape Table

Have trouble with small spaces in your room?  The Folding Computer Table might be the answer for you. This table is made specifically for the corner of the room so you can save space in your room. The design also comes with a CPU stand!

4. Convenient Table with Compartment

Convenient Table with Compartment

Being organized is essential to maintain your focus while studying. Having an organized table like Kraxton Lift Top Table will help you stay organized. It has a lift function and hidden storage underneath, perfect for storing your laptop, books, stationery, and other items. There are also three shelves at the bottom, more storage and more organized!

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Unique Multipurpose Wooden Table

There are different tables for different rooms and activities, it’s good to have a different table for every need. But well, have you ever thought about having a table that can be used for various activities? That would be awesome and efficient. This list of versatile wooden tables will definitely impress you.

1. One Table for All Occasions

One Table for All Occasions

This versatile Hybrid Desk Table provides most of the functions you need, from a table, from a simple work desk, to a large dining table that can seat six to ten people . This Tableworks by Studio Lorier is perfect for your busy day. This table also has hidden storage underneath!

2. Table for Cat Lovers

Table for Cat Lovers

Are you a cat lover? Having a dining table that is also a Cat Friendly Table for your cat’s playground would be a nice touch to your room. This wooden table has a hole in the middle that allows the cat to play around. A dining table where you can relax with a cat is made perfectly for an ailurophile. 

3. Unique Fish-Shape Wooden Table

Unique Fish-Shape Wooden Table

This Folding Rustic Fish Table not only has a unique design, it is also versatile. The simple folding design ensures the table is ready in seconds, making it simple and portable, perfect for outdoor or indoor events. Just fold up and go!

4. Fun Reversible Wooden Table

Fun Reversible Wooden Table

Looking for a practical table that is more than just portable and space-saving? This reversible table is a great choice. More than just practical and space-saving, this FlipN’Clack Tables is also fun because the surface can be turned over as if you have different table colors.

5. Geometric Nesting Table

Geometric Nesting Table

Nesting tables are great for homes with limited space. Apart from the unique look, this Labounty 24” Tall Frame Nesting Tables has great versatility. Comes with three different sizes making it possible to use it on many occasions. The white colored hexagonal top gives a clean and modern look.

Artistic Wooden Tables for Aesthetic Touch in Your Home

You can place a wooden table in almost any room in your house,  whether the wooden has an actual purpose or just for aesthetic interest. A beautiful wooden table will be a pleasure to look at and it will make your day better. Hopefully the following will give you some insight into choosing the most suitable wooden table for your own aesthetic.

1. Antique Black Wooden Table

Antique Black Wooden Table

Having limited space can not limit you to having a beautiful room. Decorate your space with this Fort Wood Round End Table. The small size and black wooden table that has curved lines and accent accents, giving your room an antique feel.

2. Resin Painted Wooden Table

Resin Painted Wooden Table

Did you know that paintings are not always on the wall? There are also paintings that can be done on various surfaces, such as tabletops. Painting can give an artistic look to a room. This Red Rock Canyon Resin Side Table features beautifully painted artwork by multimedia artist Danielle M. Chéry, perfect for those who love beauty!

3. Football Stadium that Fit in Your Room

Football Stadium that Fit in Your Room

Do you like to collect unique items? Like a table with a miniature stadium for example. This high definition 3D replica of a football stadium is made with great persistence and craftsmanship. The Football Stadium Lights-End Table also comes with LED lights that match the actual stadium, a table that is very suitable for collection!

4. Unique Natural Aged Wood Texture

Unique Natural Aged Wood Texture

When it comes to furniture artwork, we can’t rule out rustic tables. This Natural wooden table comes with natural textured elements from the aged wood, giving it naturally rustic looks. The Odywood ‘KOVUK’ Coffee Table is the perfect piece of furniture for creating a rustic design interior.

5. Unique C Stand Wooden Table

Unique C Stand Wooden Table

The wheeled structure on this wooden table gives a dynamic impression that makes the room more lively, and fits perfectly into the living room. The C stand also creates an impressive space between the surface and the bottom. There is enough space at the bottom of the table to place a small flower vase!

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6. Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Having a beautiful table in your living room is a good thing, especially when the table has an artistic value. The Living Room Table “Maison Shabby Chic” is a classic wooden table with ornate legs for country house style.The white colors give a clean and luxurious look!

7. Handmade Vintage Side Table

Handmade Vintage Side Table

For those of you who like to collect antique and vintage items, it would be great to have this  French Vintage Side Table 60s in your collection.This table features sturdy spiral legs made of dark oak. Not only does it have historical value, but its small size makes it versatile and suitable for various occasions. 

Minimalist Wooden Table for Modern Style Room

Minimalist lifestyle has become a trend lately. If you don’t want to be out of date, try checking the recommendations for some of the following wooden tables to complement your minimalist lifestyle.

1. Rectangular Table with Bottom Shelf

Rectangular Table with Bottom Shelf

Tall, slim, and stylish, a great combination to describe minimalist furniture. This rectangular EKINETY Space Saving Side Table has that combination. The dark brown wooden surfaces and high black legs give the impression that it fits anywhere. The lower space provides additional space!

2. Organized Coffee Table with Storage

Organized Coffee Table with Storage

Looking for a minimalistic coffee table that has storage? This Lipscomb Cross Legs Coffee Table designed by Brayden Studi is a great choice. The upper has a warm walnut finish and a black finish, while the geometric base in matte black gives it a modern  and sturdy look.

3. Unique Industrial Wooden Table


Minimalist style is perfect for those who have limited space in your house. This rectangular table with slanted legs is just perfect for complementing a small and minimalist living room. The Rivet Industrial Tilted Wood and Metal Side End Table is ideal for a tight corner near your sofa. 

4. Minimalist Side Table for Wall Decoration

Minimalist Side Table for Wall Decoration

Another minimalist wooden table for your small place. This Hanging Side Table is made with solid pine, a lightweight wood that is perfect for hanging decorations. This hanging side table designed for a small living room, can store your table decoration without taking up floor space.

5. Unique Cross-Legs Coffee Table

Unique Cross-Legs Coffee Table

If you feel something is missing with a boring minimalist look, try adding lively curved elements to your interior design. This Pelio Wooden Top Wood Industrial Coffee Table which has curved legs will give you a dynamic feel to your minimalist room. It comes with two storage drawers.

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