Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table

From the creators of the cooler coffee table, this Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table is a futuristic piece of furniture that will make your life easier.

Have you ever woken up feeling like your throat has been filled with sand? That’s okay. Reach down and pull out cold water out of this table’s silent cooler drawer.

The side table also comes with a motion-triggered lighting. Every time you leave the bed because of nature’s call you won’t be wandering in the dark. Or get blinded by the overhead lights.

You can sync the table with your alarm clock and be met with a sunrise light simulation in the morning. For restless sleepers, the table can play white noise or your own selection of music through the table. 

If you’re using the table’s musical talents for a party and not sleeping, you can also turn on colorful RGB LED lights.

Charge your electronics through USB, USB-C, and 120V outlet ports built into the table. It also has a wireless charging section fit for 2 mobile phones.

Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table

Staying in bed is already enjoyable enough. But this side table will take that experience to a whole new level of comfort. 

Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table

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