25 Funky Dining Tables to Elevate Your Dining Experience at Home

Dining table is one of the essential pieces of furniture we all need in our homes. Most of our activities at home happen around the dining table. Dinner is a must after a long day. This is why it is important to find the right dining table for your home.

This time, we have put together 25 funky dining tables. Funky dining tables are dining tables that come with a modern design, sometimes in vibrant colors and also fun patterns or shapes.  Through this list of funky dining tables, we want to give you a variety of dining tables that would not only be useful, pretty, but also could improve your dining experience. 

Small Funky Dining Table

This list of funky dining tables is divided into three big categories: small, round and white. The first category will be the small funky dining table. Many of us are living on our own these days and a huge dining table would take up so much space and end up being useless because we only need a small part of it on a daily basis. Thus, these small and funky dining tables will solve your problem. 

1. Illo Plus Table With Copper Column 

Illo Plus Table With Copper Column a

The first item on the list of funky dining tables is the Illo Plus Table With Copper Column. It is a small dining table made from resin with a copper central column. Comes in many interesting colors. It is a really funky piece. You can also extend the table easily when you are hosting some guests: a super practical choice.  

2. Lollygagger Picnic Table

Lollygagger Picnic Tablea

The Lollygagger Picnic Table is more suitable as an outdoor dining table where you can use it for your weekend picnics at home. It comes in vibrant colors like sky blue, green, red, etc. which makes it more suitable to be placed outdoors. The design is very simple and straightforward, but its vibrant color definitely elevates the whole piece. 

3. RS3 Foosball Dining Table

RS3 Foosball Dining Table

We love 2-in-1 furniture like this RS3 Foosball Dining Table. It is a funky and modern take on a basic dining table and combining it with a foosball table into one. You can enjoy a game and dinner afterwards using only one table. 

4. Orbit Restaurant Dining Table

Orbit Restaurant Dining Table

The petite Orbit Restaurant Dining Table is made of a scratch free marble table top and a rust proof metal base. You don’t have to worry that the table will topple over because it is equipped with adjustable glides. This table looks very modern and sleek just like the ones you can find in the cool restaurants. 

5. Film Reel Table

Film Reel Table

The dining table for movie geeks: Film Reel Table. It is made from an original 35mm film reel from the 1930s sandwiched between two glass sheets. The gear steel base completes the overall look. A thematic table like this one would always make your home feel extra special

6. Jaxpety Mid-Century Tulip Round Dining Table Set

Jaxpety Mid-Century Tulip Round Dining Table Set

The Mid-Century Tulip Round Dining Table is in white color with a tulip inspired design. Overall the table looks very sleek and modern, perfect for a minimalist home. 

7. Modern 3 Piece Velvet Dining Table Set

Modern 3 Piece Velvet Dining Table Set

The Velvet Dining Table Set comes in a set of one dining table and two dining chairs. The dining table is in white color, made of MDF top and metal legs with a very simple design. The focal point of this whole dining table set is on the dining chairs which come with a pink velvet upholstery; both very eye-catching and comfortable to use. Altogether, it makes a super fun dining table set. 

8. Mainstays 5 Piece Dexter Dining Set

Mainstays 5 Piece Dexter Dining Set

Another dining set in this list of funky dining tables is the Dexter Dining Set. This set comes with one dining table and four stools. The set comes in a natural wooden finish and the stools have a faux leather on top of it that serves as the lid to a storage space.The dining set is very flexible in terms of its functionality and it can be placed anywhere nicely. 

Round Funky Dining Table 

The next category on this list of funky dining tables would be the round funky dining table. Most people would prefer round tables because it could fit more people, but still keep the closeness between people. It is the perfect dining table shape for families. 

9. Round Faux Marble Dining Table

Round Faux Marble Dining Table

The Round Faux Marble Dining Table is a full black marble dining table. It has a classic round dining table design. The black marble is really the star in this piece making the whole dining table super funky. 

10. Thornhill Round Dining Table

Thornhill Round Dining Table a

Mix and match of materials in one piece of furniture always makes an eye-catching furniture piece. The Thornhill Round Dining Table is made of reconstituted stone as its table top and a wooden base hand-wrapped in natural seagrass for its base. The funky factor of this dining table is located in the natural seagrass which adds a unique texture to the table base. 

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11. Adler Round Dining Table

Adler Round Dining Table

If you are into dark aesthetics, this Adler Round Dining Table would make a great dining table for you. It has a black colored table top and a uniquely shaped base made from a dark acacia wood. The focal point of this dining table is the uniquely shaped acacia wood base and the black color completes the table, giving a modern feel to it.

12. Wren Dining Table

Wren Dining Table

A full wooden dining table, the Wren Dining Table, is a total stunner. The central column is shaped like an hourglass and could fit up to 8 people. It is crafted from recovered trees that have been tumbled down by huricanes. It is modern, artistic, and you have helped save the environment by using it.  

13. Small Round Dining Table

Small Round Dining Table a

Made from white MDF and pine wood central columns, this Small Round Dining Table comes in a very unique and modern design. The central column looks like it is made of several pine wood sticks tight together. Also, the central column is sandwiched by two white MDF which acts as the table top and also the base. 

14. Seaford Pedestal Dining Table

Seaford Pedestal Dining Table a

The Seaford Pedestal Dining Table is made out of a white marble table top and a brass base. Its brass base is inspired by the shape of flower bouquets which adds a very feminine touch to this unique dining table. A classic yet beautiful modern dining table

15. ‘Kampur’ Round Dining Table

Kampur’ Round Dining Table a

Not your ordinary marble dining table, the ‘Kampur’ Round Dining Table is on another level. It has that monochromatic style made out of both black and white marbles. The table top design gives this dining table a quirky design to it. The ultimate funky dining table choice. 

16. Ferreirinha 8-Seat Round Dining Table

Ferreirinha 8-Seat Round Dining Table

With its funky looking base, it gives the Ferreirinha 8-Seat Round Dining Table a modern twist to the basic round dining table. Its base comes with both marble and tubular brass, something that you can’t easily find in the market.   

White Funky Dining Table

When you hear the word funky dining table, you will associate it with some fun and bold colored dining tables. However, bold colored furniture is not so easy to pull off. Thus, we add this white funky dining table category to this list. 

17. Annaway Oval Dining Table

Annaway Oval Dining Table

The first white dining table on this funky dining table list is the Annaway Oval Dining Table. It has a beautiful white marble table top and aluminum base. The funky part of this is its uniquely designed central column. 

18. Davenport Round White Dining Table

Davenport Round White Dining Table

Davenport Round Dining Table has a beautiful scallop curve shaped central column. The dining table is made from cement, but it’s funky qualities lie in its simple design and the details of the dining table, showing how well made it is. 

19. White Marble Top And Gold Leilani Dining Table

White Marble Top And Gold Leilani Dining Table a

Another white marble dining table on this list of funky dining tables, but this one comes with metal legs. The Leilani Dining Table comes from natural white marble and stainless steel with a gold finished central column. It fits 4 people and the combination of two materials makes it really fun and modern. 

20. Terrace Dining Table

Terrace Dining Table

The Terrace Dining Table is the perfect white dining table choice for an outdoor dining table. It has very artsy legs that make it very funky and the white color makes it look very elegant. 

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21. Folding Dining Table

Folding Dining Table

The most functional dining table on this list of funky dining tables is the Folding Dining Table. This clean white dining table comes with a storage space on its legs that you can easily fold when you don’t use it in order to save space. It also comes with wheels making it easy for you to move around. 

22. 3 Piece Dining Table Set

3 Piece Dining Table Set

This 3 Piece Dining Table Set comes with two chairs and one table made of white marble and a metal frame. The funky part of this set is that it is made purposefully for modern homes. Its small size and simple design makes it easy to place it near your kitchen counter. 

23. Art Deco Style Calam Dining Table 

Art Deco Style Calam Dining Table

A stunning dinner table, the Art Deco Style Calam DIning Table, is definitely an art piece. It is made with a lacquered wood table top and onyx white brass legs. White color might look too simple, but the ring legs make this dining table very funky and stand out. 

24. Otago Oval Dining Table

Otago Oval Dining Table

If you find a round or rectangular dining table boring, you can go with an oval shaped funky dining table like this Otago Oval Dining Table. Both tabletop and legs have a glossy white finish that will make your dining room look brighter. 

25. Expandable White Dining Table

Expandable White Dining Table

The last dining table on this list of funky dining tables is the Expandable White Dining Table. It comes in a rectangular shape made from MDF table tops and steel legs. You can make use of its flexible design allowing it to be expendable when you need more room. The unique design in between its tabletop and legs makes this basic rectangular dining table look more elegant and modern. 

Latest Post:

What are dining tables?

Dining tables are basically a table that is specifically designated to be used for lunch and dinner so that you can enjoy your food comfortably. It is also a place where meaningful conversations with your loved ones happen. 

Which shape dining table is best?

The best dining table shape is actually based on your preference and the size and shape of your dining room. If you have a smaller dining space, you can go for the round dining table like the Davenport Round Dining Table. However, if you have a longer room and you need to sit more people, you can go for the rectangular shape like the Art Deco Style Calam DIning Table.

Which material is best for dining table?

The best material for a dining table would be glass or marble. Well, each material has its own pros and cons, but these two materials are simply wonderful. Not only for its aesthetics, but also its functionality since they are easier to clean compared to wood. From this list of funky dining tables, you can go with the Film Reel Table for glass or Round Faux Marble Dining Table for marble

How do I choose a funky dining table?

To choose a funky dining table, you need to think about the overall look of the room. Then, you can choose the shape, size, and color of your funky dining table. Also, you should consider its functionality and match it with your lifestyle and needs.

What dining table top is most durable?

If you want to have a durable dining table top, you can go for solid wood. However it is hard to find dining tables made from legit solid wood. So, you can always go for marble just like the Seaford Pedestal Dining Table.

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