28 Unique Wood Wall Art for Your Interior Decor

A house needs good decoration just as much as it needs good care. Without any excellent interior upgrades, it will feel somewhat hollow to its inhabitants. Plus, you won’t be able to brag about your house to anyone if your house isn’t decorated to an extent. But where to start? Perhaps wall decoration might suffice!

These days, wallpapers might not seem enough for your house. And that’s the reason why you should try finding unique wood wall arts. Aside from its jaw dropping visual, they also brought some retro vibes. There are a lot of different unique wood wall arts out there, but we are sure that we’ll find one or two that match your taste. Let’s take a look at our list below.

Unique Wood Wall Art with Cool Illustrations

One of the most traditional wood wall arts are the ones with cool illustrations. You can find unique wood wall arts with cool illustrations out there, such as pictures of scenery, animals, or other things that you may like. Check this list out.

1. Mountain Wall Art

unique wood wall art

Fancy a cool wood art with beautiful scenery? This particular wooden piece of art would suit your wall. With a three-piece set of art that makes one masterpiece, you won’t regret purchasing this unique wood wall art.

2. 3 Panel of Wood Wall Art

unique wood wall art

If you want another scenery alternative to a three-piece set mentioned previously, you might want to consider this. It’s not a painting, but it definitely will fit in your living room perfectly. You also won’t have to worry of it falling down, because this masterpiece is far lighter than most wood arts out there.

3. Muhammad Ali Pixel Wood Art

unique wood wall art

Muhammad Ali taught us the importance of preservation in every aspect of life. He is truly one of the best! He looks even better when you buy this pixelized Wood Art and display it in your living room. Stocks are limited, so you better hurry.

4. Personalized Name Plate

unique wood wall art

Nothing beats the fun of having a personalized decoration that you can choose. It’s precisely the reason why we’d like to recommend this personalized name plate for you. Buy one with the name of your favorite athlete to hang in your room. Heck, you can even buy and name them after all of your family members!

5. Triple Elephant Wooden Art

unique wood wall art

No matter how fancy your house is, it won’t matter without a happy family. This is exactly what the Triple Elephant Wooden Art is made for. Hang this on your wall so that you may cherish the importance of harmony.

6. City Skyline Wall Art

unique wood wall art

There’s a common consensus that there’s something soothing that you probably get from looking on the horizons of a city. If you’re one of those people who agree with that idea, you might like to hang this city skyline wall art. Truly one of the most unique wood wall arts out there!

7. Custom Song Wall Art

unique wood wall art

Every person got a different taste of music, be it Blues, Jazz, Pop or even Heavy Metal. Whatever your favorite genre may be, you may like to purchase this customized song carving. Request any song you’d want and hang it immediately.

8. Spectrogram Wall Art

unique wood wall art

While this particular spectrogram wall art looked very similar to the one that we have mentioned before, it still holds a cool and unique visual. If you’d like to order a more abstract looking spectrogram of your favorite music, this might be the pick for you.

9. Flower Wooden Wall Art

unique wood wall art

Flowers symbolize a true meaning of happiness, loyalty, and friendship. With this unique wood wall art, you can brag to your guests that you upheld the same values that flower represents.

10. Happy Heart Wooden Art

unique wood wall art

There’s nothing wrong with displaying a motivational quote as a home décor. And to that extent, there’s nothing wrong in considering this particular wooden art for your house. It’s got the perfect message to lift you and your family up each day.

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11. Peacock Wood Wall Art

unique wood wall art

A vintage-themed home will certainly benefit from more vintage-looking items and decoration to fill in with. This peacock painting will certainly do that favor. Grab this unique wood wall art and display it for your guests to enjoy.

Abstract-Looking Unique Wood Wall Art

Just like painting, abstract carvings and wooden art is a trend that hasn’t stopped for centuries. There’s a huge market for abstract arts out there. You might want to try and grab one of these unique wood wall arts!

12. Reclaimed Wood Art

unique wood wall art

Take a close look at the fine detail of this wooden art. It’s inspired by 1920s African American textiles, which also makes it all the more classic. You might not want to miss this out.

13. Shadow Boxes Wood Art

unique wood wall art

We are not experts of abstract arts. So don’t ask us about meanings from each of the items we are going to curate. However, we knew for a fact that these wood arts are must-have for you. Besides, you will get two different artwork that you can hang!

14. Sunrise on Mars Wood Wall Art

unique wood wall art

If you haven’t read the title of this unique wood wall art, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t notice the true meaning of it. But if you are dreaming of living on Mars one day, maybe this is the first step towards realizing it.

15. Skull and Clock Wood Wall Art

unique wood wall art

Although abstracts are usually hard to decipher, there’s still some style that you may notice. We certainly noticed how bad-ass this wall art is looking. It’s even better with a built-in clock planted on the left.

16. Traditional Wood Decor

unique wood wall art

Aesthetic, warm, and easily cleaned through. This traditional wooden decoration seemed to tick all the boxes for unique wood wall art. It’s designed with a farmhouse inspired theme that will delight all your guests in your living room.

17. Homeroots Wood Wall Art

unique wood wall art

If you are somewhat of a geometry geek, this Homeroots Wood Wall Art might suit your style. This really fits in a house with a cohesive visual vibe.

18. UV-resistant Wood Wall Art

UV-resistant Art

Afraid that your wall art will be damaged from constant sun exposure? Worry no more! This unique wood wall art is specially printed with UV-resistant ink with hand-distressed corners to make a rustic look.

19. Abstract Lines Wood Wall Art

Abstract Lines Art

Ever heard about jokes that abstract paintings are so confusing and messy that children can also finish the job? This particular abstract wood wall art isn’t looking that easy to be made, huh? Plus, it looks very beautiful to hang in your living room.

20. Square Chevron Wood Wall Art

Square Chevron Art

A unique wood wall art will also require premium wood to support good illustration on them. This cool wood wall art has the perfect match between the two. It’s made with natural Chinese fir wood which makes it all the more natural.

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21. Handmade and Unique Wooden Wall Art

Handmade and Unique Wooden Wall Art

To end our list of abstract wood wall art, we got you this handmade wooden wall art. It’s carefully sculptured and carved to bring you the best quality of wooden wall art. Enjoy!

Top-End Carved Unique Wood Wall Art

Wooden sculpture should be a detailed and fine-looking piece of art. There are a lot of different themed carved wooden art that you can find. Take a look at some of these unique wood wall art. 

22. World Map Wooden Art

World Map Wooden Art

Just take a look and adore how carefully carved this world map is. Besides, decorations such as world maps are already looking like a good fit for your room. Go and get one now!

23. Vertical Wood Wall Art

Vertical Wood Wall Art

Vertical has got an edge over the normal landscape arts: it will still look beautiful if you just leave it without the need to hang it! Just take a look at the picture of this vertical wood wall art and you’ll get what we meant by.

24. Double Thai Elephant Wall Art

Double Thai Elephant

Would you look at that: another cool elephant artwork. This time, it’s a double Thai elephant that’s hand carved to the finest detail for your convenience.

25. Lotus Carved Wood Wall Art

Lotus Carved Wood Wall Art

There are lots of artworks and paintings based on lotus. The reason is simple: it looks very elegant. Here, we’ve got a carefully carved lotus that will help shape your living room in style. Own this unique wood wall art immediately!

26. Wooden Whale Wall Art

Wooden Whale

After all of the large-sized listings mentioned before, let’s talk about some of the smaller ones. This wooden whale art is a good example that size doesn’t matter! Besides, it can fit perfectly in your smaller rooms.

27. Indian Chief Sculpture

Indian Chief Sculpture

A head sculpture has got many edges over normal paintings. You can choose to hang it on a wall or display it on a table. If you are interested, we might recommend this unique wood wall art. Bearing the face of Cherokee the Indian Chief, it’s very fitting especially if you are into history!

28. Wine Art Carved Wood Art

Wine Art Carved

Your dining room also needs a tune up, you know. Perhaps you might want to consider this unique wood wall art. With the carving of wines and food, it will certainly suit your dining room very perfectly.

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