25 Gifts for Space Lovers – They Would Never Forget

Gifts for space lovers is quite exciting even if you are not a space lover. The gift is not far from astronauts, meteors, stars, comets, galaxies, nebulas, planets, satellites, aliens, etc. Have you ever wondered how vast the universe and space are? They are actually vast and expanding which is proven by physics equations. They also make a film with a space theme like Interstellar which pictures phenomena in space.

Outer space is mysterious yet interesting. People study that in the astronomy major if they are curious enough or just study them via YouTube or Google. People love space because of its beauty, enigma, and science behind it.

BEST Gifts for Space Lovers – Our 3 Best Picks

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Meteorite Pendant NecklacePersonal PlanetariumApollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Lamp
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Gifts for Space Lovers That Support Their Passion

1. Funny Space Mug

Funny Space Mug

When you feel thirsty, a mug of water can calm that annoying feeling. The funny mug that contains “I Need My Space” with an astronaut picture in it not only will make you drink the water with joy in it but also smile because of its cute design. An astronaut fan or someone who dreams to become an astronaut should have this cool gift for space lovers.

2. UFO Alien T-shirt

UFO Alien T-shirt

Aliens are living creatures that are said to have been living in outer space. Meanwhile, only earth is the only habitable planet in the universe. Do aliens exist or not? We still haven’t found the answer yet. But, this t-shirt would make a fine gift for space lovers, especially for an alien geek.

3. Planet Lamps

Planet Lamps

Plain lamps are not fit for space lovers. A cool gift for space lovers like these ones, planet lamps will make your friend who is majoring in astronomy smile with pure happiness in their heart. The planet lamp has LEDs that will brighten the room and a wooden stand.

4. Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Lamp

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Lamp

Planet lamps are not enough? Then how about this type of gift for space lovers? The fire from the rocket will act as a lamp that will accompany your deep sleep after a tiring session in the office.

5. Map of The Universe Sculpture

Map Of The Universe Sculpture

Curious about what the universe’s shape might be? Don’t worry, this sculpture will explain that since it is the map of the universe. A perfect gift for space lovers or astronomers? This sculpture is the answer.

6. Color Your Own Space Pillowcase

Color Your Own Space Pillowcase

Space lovers are not limited by age, even a kid could love outer space out of curiosity. A cool gift for space lovers that you can give to them is a pillowcase that your child can color freely. You can also teach them about astronomy just by explaining it while your child is coloring the pillowcase with joy.

7. Mars Dust Globe

Mars Dust Globe

Elon Musk said that he will send humanity to Mars one day. If you are curious about that red planet, you can shake this dust globe and view what Mars looks like. A person who has a dream with Elon Musk must receive this kind of gift for space lovers.

8. Personal Planetarium

Personal Planetarium

The cosmos offers an amazing view that will leave your mouth wide open. The augmented reality viewer and audio guide will make anyone feel like they view or travel in the cosmos like they are in the real planetarium. An astronomy student will love this kind of gift for space lovers.

9. Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

A puzzle to kill time because you are bored to wait for someone? Check this infinite galaxy puzzle. Because of the gradation of the color, it will make the puzzle difficult to solve. A problem solver and astronomer will like this kind of gift for space lovers.

10. Cork Rocket Desk Organizer

Cork Rocket Desk Organizer

A rocket to store pencils and pens? What a cool gift for space lovers, especially if they are majoring in astronomy. The rocket will make a fine place to put your office essentials or writing tools.

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11. EcoEarth Space Calendar

EcoEarth Space Calendar for 2022

A way to save our planets and have a cool calendar for 2022 does exist. How? You can buy this calendar. Because the calendar material is 100 % biodegradable, you can save the environment. This kind of gift for space lovers is also suitable for environmental activists too.

12. Your Zone Space Bedding Set

Your Zone Space Bed-in-a-Bag Coordinating Bedding Set

Sleeping full of stars and planets might be a space lover’s dream, therefore a gift for space lovers like this is perfect for him/her. The rocket, moon, planets, etc. will make you feel that you are sleeping in outer space.

13. LEGO Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

A gift for space lovers that are suitable for kids is common. But, you can give this lego a shot. The lego is shaped like a space shuttle that is ready to go to outer space anytime. Kids that love space and airplanes will play with this toy full of enjoyment.

14. Future Astronaut Youth Shirt

Awkward Styles Future Astronaut Youth Shirt

Future astronaut, a big dream that is challenging to be achieved for sure. This shirt will become a wish that hopefully will be granted by god. You must give this to your friend who wants to be an astronaut one day.

15. NASA Embroidered Souvenir Patch

NASA Embroidered Souvenir Patch

Need some decoration for your bag or some sort of stuff? The NASA patch may suit a space lover’s bag. A gift for space lovers like this is simple but meaningful for a person who has a dream to work in NASA.

16. Motivational Astronomy Poster

Awkward Styles Motivational Astronomy Poster

The quote is right but truly fascinating if you think about it. Humans and living creatures are made from hydrocarbons or biochemicals. The coincidence is, there are meteorites and asteroids that have a biochemical in them which question the origin of our species. The quote will pump up astronomers after some bad days.

17. LED Light Portable Space Man

LED Light Night Portable Space Man

A hugging pose astronaut for your lamp? Why not? The astronaut will light your room with LED lights for you. A gift for space lovers like this is good for a girl that likes cute things.

18. Amazing Nebula Poster

Amazing Nebula Poster

Nebula in the room makes it cooler and thrilling. If your room or astronomer’s room needs some decoration or a picture with a cool design, this Nebula should do the job perfectly. 

19. Alien Ornaments Garden Statue

Outer Space Alien Ornaments Garden Resin Statue

A gift for space lovers must be added with surprise’s element to go boom. Not only your friend will be surprised by the outer space alien ornament but also their neighbor too. The polite and friendly pose is like he/she wants to know you.

20. Battleship Outer Space Game

Battleship Outer Space Game

A game is such a perfect gift for space lovers. This classic game will make kids think strategically about how to destroy the spaceship. If you can bring down five spaceships, you win.

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21. Monopoly Space Game

Monopoly Space Game

The ordinary monopoly uses cities in various countries, while this monopoly uses space themes as its properties such as planets. The game is such a wonderful gift for space lovers because it can be played regardless of their age. Also, you can play this game with your friends or family.

22. NASA Space Shuttle Light Alarm Clock

Sharp NASA Space Shuttle Night Light Alarm Clock

When will you be awakened from sleep by a NASA space shuttle? Never, right? The sharp NASA space shuttle will wake you up for a morning routine and come to the office. It is the best gift for space lovers because the gift is great not just by its design but also by its practical use.

23. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

Kanguru Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

Extra light for your room is good especially if you can’t sleep without a light. The blanket will glow in the dark which produces beautiful colors and constellations. If the cold season comes and your space lover friend needs a blanket to warm themselves. You can give this as a gift to them.

24. Real Meteorite Pendant Necklace

DANCING BEAR Authentic Meteorite Pendant Necklace

The necklace is made from a real meteorite. It is coming from Campo Del Cielo, Argentina. Such a necklace is a perfect gift for space lovers, especially for a female astronomer. Without a doubt, she will wear this pendant every day if you give this as a gift.

25. Astronaut Socks

Astronaut Socks

Space-themed socks are not easy to find. Therefore, these socks are a great idea as a gift for space lovers. The sock is designed for males. So, if you are a wife or girlfriend, you can pack these socks on valentine’s day or your anniversary.

26. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set 

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set 

A chef who is also a space lover must have these cosmos knives. The color and the knife say it all. You will enjoy a great dish that has been cut by a beautiful knife. A female astronomer who loves to cook is also suitable to use these colorful knives.

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