25 Cool Moss Wall Art You Should Have 

Decorating is a fun thing to do, especially if you’re decorating for your own pleasure using things that you love. Artistic paintings, unique statues, and furnitures are several decoration items that we commonly use when we decorate our home. However, you better make sure that you don’t leave indoor plants behind, because they can be a great home decoration, too! Adding indoor plan into your home decoration is a great idea. Rather than having the usual flower in a vase kind of decoration, you might want to have a moss wall art instead. Moss wall art is being a hit nowadays as most people say it is another level of indoor decoration that brings nature’s beauty to our house.

The moss art is very much artistic to enhance the decoration of your preferred room. Some said that having moss walls is the healthy choice as they help cleanse the air, reduce noise, reduce stress and some other eco-friendly benefits. Thus, having a moss wall art is a great decision for you in both benefits and artistic way. Here we have summarized these 25 cool moss wall arts you should have as listed below.

1. VertiGrow Rainbow Moss Wall Art

VertiGrow Rainbow Moss Wall Art

VertiGrow Rainbow Moss Wall is one in between many solutions for you and those who are biophilic. The moss decoration is irresistibly beautiful and the benefits from the moss itself will enhance your mind with a beautiful feeling. We love beautiful colors that remind us of the rainbow, aren’t we?  

2. LVZHIHUAN Eco Colorful Moss Wall Art 

LVZHIHUAN Eco Colorful Moss Wall Art 

This moss wall art design actually has 3 designs but to us the most captivating and bewitching one is this design. The colors are so mesmerizing and as an eco-friendly decoration, this one is elegant to have or even to be given as a gift to your beloved one. No maintenance needed and avoid sunlight too, sunlight is this art’s enemy!  

3. Into the Woods by Asya Art Lab

Into the Woods by Asya Art Lab

The cute art here resembles the woods and it has a reindeer (or a moose) on it. This cute and unique masterpiece will be a nice decoration to be placed on your kids’ bedroom, because it will not only improve their mood but also enhance their creative mind to see this unique-looking art. 

4. Golden Hour by Tigertiger Designs 

Golden Hour by Tigertiger Designs 

The title of the masterpiece tells about the “golden hour” and it reminds us with the beauty of the sunset moment. This one is so recommended for those who love colorful moss as your decoration, those who are obsessed with sunset moments, and some people who are seeking a memorable gift for someone they love.

5. Bright Belle Shop Honeycomb Moss Trio

Bright Belle Shop Honeycomb Moss Trio

This one is simply amazing because as a trio of moss wall art it feels like they are telling a story of nature that makes an impression. The color combination will give you an ease for your complex day.  You better have it because it is extremely affordable!

6. ZandaWoodCraft Vintage Wood Beehive Moss Wall 

ZandaWoodCraft Vintage Wood Beehive Moss Wall 

The frames here that crafter used are made of the crafter’s great-grandfather frames to collect honey in the past. This vintage and majestic moss wall art is really special because look at how brilliant the design is! This eco-friendly art will enhance air quality and elevate your room’s uniqueness too, and also your guests will be amazed by this decoration.

7. Ssmosscrafts Dark Reindeer Moss Wall Art

ssmosscrafts Dark Reindeer Moss Wall Art

The amazing Reindeer-shaped frame moss wall art will be one of the most eye-catching in your living room to hang. This interesting reindeer-shaped moss wall art comes in another 30 colors for your options to choose. Interesting thing about this masterpiece is, that the mosses they used are made of Scandinavian reindeer moss. 

8. BernalBurrow Moss Wall

BernalBurrow Moss Wall

Another must have is this colorful and charming masterpiece. They have 2 designs with solid wood frames and soft mosses which is a nice gift for your family. If you buy 2 you’ll get a special price from the artist too. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their mood by seeing these pretty colors, right?  

9. Mossimag Moss Wall Vertical Plants Art

Mossimag Moss Wall Vertical Plants Art

This one of the rare moss wall art that is enticing and calming. The price is indeed quite amazing but the art itself speaks more benefits than its price. The artist said “everything that is special in life should last forever”, and the preserved moss art like this is one of them. You won’t regret it because the object in the picture is the same by the time you have it on your hands.

10. Modern Garden Circle Moss Wall Art

Modern Garden Circle Moss Wall Art

This round-shaped masterpiece  is a reminder of the world, the shape and the terrain of the earth and would be a charming and calming thing to hang in your room. This one speaks more about beauty and nature in the shape of art, and so many positive effects you’ll get once it becomes yours.

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11. Bright Belle Shop Blue Hues Round Moss

Bright Belle Shop Blue Hues Round Moss

The astonishing blue-colored hues moss in a round-shaped frame would please you who are favoring these colors. The colors of these mosses are teal, purple, and blue. If you are a moss art lover and your favorite colors are related to some of these colors, this cool thing should be on your house as a decoration. Not to mention blue is also a “cool” color, right?

12. Flower World by Bright Belle Shop

Flower World by Bright Belle Shop

The flowers combined together with colorful moss is like a phrase of “two heads are better than one”. Yes, the “Flower World” made by the artist is very recommended because they combine flowers for the moss art in this frame and of course will make your room “blooming” beautifully. If you are a “flower person” this one will satisfy your flowery heart! 

13. Plantastic Miami Moss Wall

Plantastic Miami Moss Wall

The creative Plantastic Miami is one of the nice moss arts you could ever see. It also has 3 different styles for you to choose from the pictures, and they use the best quality moss from the pillow to the reindeer, even the colored moss. You also could add some of your touch to the design and make it as a personal gift or for someone you love if you make an order for it! 

14. Great deal skc Moss Wall

Great deal skc Moss Wall

This cute and uniquely designed moss wall  is a must have because you can place or hang it in the manner of horizontal, or vertical due to its befitting size for your wall and table. Yes, those who are into spiral shapes, will also love this cool art and those who love to redecorate their house, will love this as a great gift. 

15. CRAFT Moss Wall

CRAFT Moss Wall

It may look creepy and grotesque, but we find it as a cool artistic preserved moss wall art that resembles the true shape of moss that is growing naturally. This eccentric moss wall will have a special refreshing vibe in your prefered room. Furthermore, not only the moss, the other items are also preserved  too so no maintenance needed! 

16. Dog in the Wood Moss Wall Art

Dog in the Wood Moss Wall Art

This one is also our favorite from our recommendations, the unique and nice concept of a dog in a forest having a stroll. Animal lovers, especially dog lovers, will be happy if they have this in their home. We do recommend this one to have as the item is rare, so it is up to you to make it as a gift or to be a treasure on your wall!

17. The Handmade Preserved Circle Moss Wall Art  

The Handmade Preserved Circle Moss Wall Art  

These circle-shaped moss wall arts will be the most refreshing thing you could have in your room.  Affordable and beneficial for the room and mind, this masterpiece can also be a nice decoration for those biophilics who are searching for nice sized moss wall art, but also need to buy more than one.

18. The Handmade Preserved Flower-Moss Wall Art

The Handmade Preserved Flower-Moss Wall Art

This Flowery Moss Art will catch your eyes and your heart as it is an allure for your living room. It has the nice combination of plastic-made flowers and the preserved moss. This recommendation will be a nice gift for those, who are still into arts and want to make the room livelier!

19. Live Moss Kiss 

Live Moss Kiss 

One of our recommended moss wall art also comes from the Live Moss Kiss, which comes as the one of the most unique and we guess as also the “sensational” one. Sensual lips-shaped moss wall art here is also made of real moss, and preserved perfectly. We find this shape is unique enough for those flirtatious and sassy biophilic out there. The kiss of nature surely yours! 

20. Live Moss Chanel No. 5

Live Moss Chanel No. 5

Those who are into perfumery but also interested in eco-friendly decorations, will be surprised by the Live Moss Chanel No. 5. The iconic perfume of history is now in the form of a moss wall art, which you can use as a wall decoration, and won’t take up so many spaces on your wall. It will also be a nice gift for your perfumista friend. 

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21. Fresh Preserved Multicolored Moss for DIY Decoration

Fresh Preserved Multicolored Moss for DIY Decoration

The Fresh Preserved Multicolored Moss for DIY Decoration is a great idea for you and your creative friends. They serve high quality moss with many options of colors for you to choose, and can be shipped abroad! Now, you can make elegant moss wall art with your brilliant mind and the creation is yours!

22. Moss Perfect Live Moss with LED lights

Moss Perfect Live Moss with LED lights

One of our recommended cool moss of our search is the Moss Perfect Live Moss with LED Lights. No, not because it has LED lights on it, but it is indeed the “moss perfect” moss wall art you could have in your living room. It has different sizes for the frame and also made of Scandinavian moss. LED Lights and the spruce wood frame already included, which also enhance the room lighting!

23. Hello Moss Shop Large Clock Preserved Moss

Hello Moss Shop Large Clock Preserved Moss

When you need a new clock and also a moss wall art at the same time for your favored room, the green clock is the best idea for you to have. Eco-friendly as the clock made from pillow moss, will make your room cooler and will be the best gift that anyone would like. It is also a real clock so you get a two-in-one function! 

24. Dorina Boutique Moss Art

Dorina Boutique Moss Art

Magical and enchanting are some befitting words for the Dorina Boutique Moss Art. This preserved moss wall art is recommended by the complexity of its artistic side. It is rare enough to find and its magic will boost your mood and mind! We don’t recommend it as a present but buy it before it’s sold out!

25. Wood Wall Art Designs 90 Moss Wall Art

Wood Wall Art Designs 90 Moss Wall Art

This Tree-Shaped Moss Wall Art is one of the most magnificent recommendations, for those who want to feel nature’s refreshing benefits in their home with no maintenance at all. It is also quite hard to find and a rare moss wall art so you better have it sooner!

Latest Post:

What are the best moss wall arts?

Some of the best moss wall arts creations come from the unexpected crafters like the one Zanda Wood Craft with the vintage beehive moss wall art and Dorina Boutique which has complex designs.

How do you take care of moss wall art?

They don’t need any nutrition or watering, they should not be placed in a place where direct sunlight affects the moss because it will cause the colors to fade and become pale. Indoor is preferable and placed in moderate level of humidity too

How does moss wall last?

They can last up to 25 years for the living moss wall (with maintenance) but some said the preserved moss which doesn’t need maintenance may last up to 5-8 years. So it’s better to understand which type of moss you are going to have as decoration.

Are moss walls good for you?

Yes, some benefits of having moss walls are reducing your stress, improving air quality as the moss cleanses the air from pollutants, noise reduction, stabilizing moisture levels, reducing the airborne dust, reducing the carbon dioxide levels and some more! 

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