25 Cardinal Gifts for The Red Bird Lovers

Cardinal bird is well known for its beautiful red color. Despite their attractive look, they are known to be harsh to intruders. This bird has become very iconic because of its unique appearance and characteristic. As a result, it is popular among avid bird watchers and casual. And so, Cardinal-themed gifts will be appropriate for people who love this bird.

We have come up with 25 items that represent this stunning red bird. They consist of practical products that will be useful for bird watchers. Furthermore, we have also included decorative items with elegant designs with Cardina bird motifs to adorn your friend or your own house. Let’s check them out!

1. Cardinal Glass Sculpture as a Gift

Cardinal Glass Desktop Sculpture

This glass sculpture of a red Cardinal bird will be an excellent little gift for your friends! It does closely resemble the bird. They can put it on their table as a decorative item. The sculpture is not that big, so it will not take too much space. 

2. Kissing Cardinals Metal Sculpture as a Gift

Kissing Cardinals Metal Sculpture

Even cardinal birds need some romance in their life! If the glass sculpture is great for a table or desk, then this metal sculpture is excellent to put on the tree. You can also use it as a wall hanging. Who knows, maybe a real cardinal bird mistakes this adorable sculpture as one of its kind?

3. Cardinal Gift: Soft Flannel Infinity Scarf

Cardinal Soft Flannel Infinity Scarf

Although the scarf is called infinity, it does not refer to the length but the patterns! It features numerous Cardinal birds illustrations all over the surface! The scarf is made of 100% cotton to ensure your comfort whenever you wear this Infinity Cardinal scarf. Because of its design, it is the perfect gift for bird lovers.

4. Winter Cardinal Birdhouse

Winter Cardinal Birdhouse

Cardinal birds have red color, so the birdhouse should be red-colored too, just like the model in the picture above. The cute house features good quality exterior paint and lacquered finish. As a result, it will hold up to the elements even if you place it outdoor. Wild Cardinal birds will start nesting in this house.

5. Personalized Cardinal Pendant

Personalized Cardinal Pendant

Is your girlfriend a cardinal bird‚Äôs lover? If yes, this Cardinal necklace will be an excellent gift to strengthen your loving relationship. The pendant has a cardinal bird engraving on it. Furthermore, it is gold, so it will look great on her.

6. Personalized Cardinal Christmas Blanket

Personalized Cardinal Christmas Version Blanket

Do you want to provide a warm sensation for your spouse during Christmas? This unique blanket will be excellent for that! It is covered with a very Christmassy design and the red Cardinal bird motifs. In addition, it also features a quote that says, “I am always with you,” which is very lovely.

7. Cardinal Vase

Cardinal Vase

If you would love to bring a bouquet of flowers for your partner, you should also get this Cardinal vase! Red-colored flowers like roses will suit this vase very well. It is made of high-quality glass and is a rare item in online stores! So, you should get it now before the stock runs out!

8. Cardinal Bird Stained Glass Suncatcher

Cardinal Bird Stained Glass Suncatcher

Cardinal birds often live outside of your house. Perhaps you’ve seen one in the wild. If you want to bring the beauty of this red bird inside your room, you should get this beautiful stained glass suncatcher! It features the Northern species with its iconic vibrant red color. This item can also be an excellent Christmas present for your partners.

9. Red Cardinal Table Setting

Red Cardinal Table Setting

Bring the beauty of the Red Cardinal to your dinner table with this unique table runner! It is made of natural cotton adorned with a stylish decorative pattern. Furthermore, it protects the table from spills. The design makes this item an excellent Cardinal-themed gift.

10. Cardinal Wood Carving

Cardinal Wood Carving

Would you like to welcome your guest in style? If you want to decorate your entrance, you should consider this Cardinal wood carving! It is a fitting item because this red bird represents a warm welcome to anyone. You can also put it in your garden, and perhaps, a real one will show up!

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11. Cardinal Bird Bookmark

Cardinal Bird Bookmark

Reading a book about birds will be a lot more fun if you have this unique Cardinal bookmark! This item will be an excellent present for bird watchers who love to read. This bookmark is one of a kind, beautiful flexible, and natural. Furthermore, it will last for years and will not damage the book.

12. Decorative Bird Feeder for Cardinal Lovers

Inc Cardinal Seed Decorative Bird Feeder

If you love wild Cardinal birds so much, you should consider buying this decorative bird feeder! You can attract the iconic bird to your yard or garden by filling the feeder with mixed seeds. The birds will gather when they are hungry and provide you a majestic wildlife show!

13. Cardinal Food as a Gift for Bird Lovers

Cardinal Blend Wild Bird Food

Suppose you want to get the previously mentioned bird feeder. In that case, you will also need the Premium Cardinal food to fill the feeder. It is packed with delicious cherries and raisins that the Cardinals love. It is also nutritionally fortified with added supplements. If you really love the Cardinal bird, you better buy this bird food now!

14. Solar Cardinal Wind Chime Lights

Solar Cardinal Wind Chime Lights

This stunning wind chime features a series of pendants that resemble the Red Cardinals. When the wind blows, the chime will produce a relaxing melody. Furthermore, they will light up automatically at night because of the LEDs and light sensor. You do not need to connect the chime with an outlet because it is solar-powered!

15. Cardinal Mug as a Gift

3dRose Digital Art Cardinal birds sitting in birch trees

Are you looking for a meaningful but affordable gift for a bird lover? In that case, try this mug! It has a picture of Cardinal birds perching on trees. Your spouse or friend will appreciate it because now they can make hot choco in style. They can also do birdwatching in their backyard while enjoying a delicious drink in this mug.

16. Bird Pillow as a Cardinal Gift

Bird Pillow

A legend says whenever a Cardinal bird appears, an angel is nearby. This pillow includes that quote and a Cardinal illustration on the case. It is comfy and soft, perfect to use after a long day of birdwatching. You can also get it for your birdwatcher friends as a lovely little present.

17. Cardinal Tealight Candle Holders

Hodao Cardinal Tealight Candle Holders

Big fans of the Red Cardinals will absolutely love this candleholder! It comes with a sculpture of the bird while perching on a pinecone. The statue will look even more stunning when you put a candle and light it up. It is a perfect decoration for a romantic dinner or an emergency light holder when there is a blackout.

18. Ceramic Cardinal Trinket Box as a Gift

Suppose you are looking for something different for your spouse. In that case, you should get this aesthetic ceramic box! The lid features a statue of the bird, making it very cute. This little box is perfect for storing tiny precious trinkets like jewelry. Hence it is suitable for any female Cardinal bird lover.

19. Cardinal Garden Flag

Cardinal Garden Flag

This unique flag that features a Cardinal bird illustration will be an excellent addition to your garden. The flag also includes a quote that says, “I am always with you,” which is very sweet. It is designed with high-quality material and print, so it is super durable. Additionally, it includes a flag pole for ease of installation.

20. Cardinal Bird Table Lamp

Crackle Glass Cardinal Bird Table Lamps

The gorgeous Cardinal bird glass ball will be a fitting present for your friends who love birdwatching. The translucent ball features a beautiful etching of the red bird. When you illuminate it, it will emit a soft glow, making an excellent decoration for the windowsill, fireplace, or work desk.

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21. Personalized Bird Lantern

Personalized Bird Lantern

Garden flags and sculptures are not the only things that can decorate your garden. This antique-looking lantern is also great to make your garden look more aesthetic. The cardinal lantern has an on-off timer that you can control at will.

22. Cardinal Earrings

Cardinal Earrings

Here is another lovely gift for your female partner who loves Cardinal birds. It is a pair of earrings that will suit your girl very well. Each of them has a Cardinal bird motif. The bird symbolizes spiritual messengers for the loved ones who are not by our side. So before going on a long-distance relationship, you better get this accessory first!

23. Cardinal Bird Half Dollar Novelty Coin

Cardinal Bird JFK Half Dollar US Colorized Coin

For hardcore fans of the Cardinal bird, we present you with this funny novelty coin! It is originally a JFK half-dollar coin that has been painted over with the picture of a Cardinal bird. Your friend or family who loves birdwatching would love to collect it!

24. Cardinal Pin Brooch

Cardinal Pin Brooch

Get these Cardinal brooches set for yourself and your spouse for a matching accessory! The pin includes a male and female version of the bird. They will look lovely on you because of the high-quality and very detailed artistic Cardinal relief.

25. Cardinal Address Plaque

Cardinal Address Plaque

Decorate your house with this Cardinal metal address plaque! You can engrave your house number on it. The plaque is very artistic and provides a clear sign for couriers or mailmen. Please note that this plaque is suitable if your house number has three or fewer digits.

Final Thoughts

Cardinal is one of the most magnificent birds and therefore, Cardinals are loved and adored by many bird enthusiasts out there. It has the most adorable red color and majestic shape, making it one of the prettiest birds we know. If you know someone who love Cardinal birds or perhaps you love this adorable bird yourself, the best way to show the whole how much you love the bird is by having the best Cardinal-themed gifts.

However, since the bird has a pretty look by nature, it’s not that hard to create merchandise or gifts with Cardinals in mind. From accessories, jewelries to home decor items, our list has it all and we believe you can find the best one that suit your needs. Your Cardinal-lover friend will surely love your gift.

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What to get someone who loves cardinals?

You can get anything as long as it is still related to the bird. However, it is better to get the bird feeder and its food. After all, people who genuinely like the bird may want to help with its conservation. Providing birdfeed in the garden may also invite wild Cardinal to come over for a closer encounter.

What are the best personalized cardinal memorial gifts?

The best personalized cardinal gifts are a necklace, blanket, or address plaque. If the person who receives the gift needs something to warm themselves, the blanket is the best. The necklace is absolutely the best for couples, while anyone who likes unique ideas should try the address plaque.

What are the best cardinal gifts for mom?

If your mom loves Cardinal birds, she may appreciate the decorative birdfeeder. For Christmas, you can buy her the unique Cardinal blanket, glass ball, and LED windchime. They are all lovely products that will surely make your mother happy.

Do cardinals bring good luck?

According to the legend, some of them believe those sighting cardinals will bring a piece of good luck within 12 days of the sighting. However, it is up to you to believe it or not since it is not proved by science. Nevertheless, seeing a beautiful red bird in the wild is already a stroke of luck in itself!

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