25 Meaningful Gifts for Grieving Children to Make Them Feel Better

When a mother or father passes away, children experience and express loss in a variety of ways. The way children deal with loss is influenced by their age, how close they were to the person who died, and the assistance they receive. If you happen to have grieving children who just lost their mother or dad, you can show your sympathy and support through gifts. They might feel denial of their loss, some would cry a lot, while the others become depressed alone. However, gifts for grieving children can help them to calm and accept the reality. Moreover, gifts for grieving children also will heal them as they have something meaningful to remember.

Choosing perfect gifts for grieving children is a little bit tricky. You might not be good at supportive words, but gifts for grieving children will give them another comfort. Suppose you need inspiration for gifts for grieving children, we are sure you will like our selected items below. Without any further ado, let’s check this out!

Gifts for Child Who Lost Dad

Losing a dad means losing a role model for children. They might have a difficult time, feeling lost and lonely. Therefore, good gifts for grieving children can be a precious keepsake that reminds them of their dad. 

1. My Angel Dad Urn Keepsake

My Angel Dad Urn Keepsake

This is one of the best gifts for grieving children who want to keep a part of their dad with them for a long time. Made from stainless steel in the heart shape, you can fill the urn pendant with their dad’s ashes after cremation. Moreover, the pendant has short but meaningful quotes, making it a beautiful keepsake for your grieving children.

2. The Grief Companion Deck

The Grief Companion Deck

Children may have various methods to grief their dad’s loss. While they are mourning and isolating themselves, you can ask them to play with these gifts for grieving children. These cards feature unique and creative techniques to express emotions and feelings in a fun way, making your children’s healing process well.

3. In Memory Of Your Dad Necklace

In Memory Of Your Dad Necklace

Give your grieving children strength and support for their loss with this lovely necklace. It features a silver love knot pendant which resembles the infinity love of their dad. Not to mention, it has a meaningful card message which can be a beautiful reminder that their dad now is becoming their guardian angel.

4. Heirloom Custom Video Book

Heirloom Custom Video Book

Surprise your grieving children with this unique video book. While they usually only watch the photo of their dad in the photo album, now they can happily watch the video of their father from this gift. You only have to collect the videos of their dad, and the editors will arrange it into a sweet video of memories for this book, which will heal your grieving children.

5. Missing You Always Poster

Missing You Always Poster

With this gift for grieving children, you can create a beautiful memory for their bond. This is a genius handcrafted poster of a dad and a child, filled with personal messages that represent both of them. Therefore, your grieving children can watch this poster whenever they miss their beloved dad.

6. Guided Gift Journal

Guided Gift Journal

When grieving children lose their dad, they may lose a big influence in their life. Help them to speak their emotions with this gift. This gift for grieving children is not just an ordinary journal. Each page of this book has a task your grieving children should do in order to express their feelings, so that they will feel better.

7. Painted Photo From Deceased

Painted Photo From Deceased

Your grieving children might love to watch old photos of their dad. Therefore, you can give them a new one, but now in the painted version! This is one of the most beautiful gifts for grieving children to make them smile. Since it is the upgraded version, you can combine two different photos into one perfect harmony, creating a precious gift to treasure.

8. Loss Of Father Keychain

Loss Of Father Keychain

When grieving children feeling sad, they might want to get strength from their beloved dad. With this gift for grieving children, you can send them a sweet message to remind them that their dad now is already in heaven. Made from durable stainless steel, your grieving children can use it as their bag accessory for a long time. 

9. Remembrance Casting Heart

Remembrance Casting Heart

In case your grieving children miss their dad, why don’t let them try to send him a message? This is one of the most creative gifts for grieving children as they can write the message to their beloved father. After that, they can tuck the letter inside the heart clay and cast it in the river, hoping that the message will arrive safely in heaven. 

10. Memorial Dad Keyring With Bereavement Photo

Memorial Dad Keyring With Bereavement Photo

Make your grieving children always feel close with their beloved dad with this memorial dad keyring. You may put the bereavement photo in this gift for grieving children as the last photo they remember on their dad’s last day. Not to mention, it also features metal angel wings which create a meaningful keyring of their life.

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11. In Memory Dad Chic Candle

gifts for grieving children

Keep those worries and sadness away from your grieving children with the In Memory Dad Scented Candle. You can send your best prayer to their dad with this gift for grieving children. Not to mention, the beautiful personal message in the candle box makes it a precious item they will keep forever. 

12. Dad Treasured Memory Keepsake Box

gifts for grieving children

Maybe your grieving children want to keep all the good and memorable stuff of their dad, then this beautiful box could be perfect. Your grieving children can put a special photo of her dad on the top of the box, making it a wonderful keepsake box. This box would be one of the most essential gifts for grieving children which can store all of good memories of their dad.

Gifts for Child Who Lost Mom

A mother is a good protector for her children. When children lose their mom, they must lose their light and guidance. It should be a difficult time for children, but gifts for grieving children may help them to find another light and guidance that resembles their beloved mother.

13. Mother Memorial Lantern

gifts for grieving children

Make your grieving children find their light again with this beautiful memorial lantern. This gift for grieving children can be personalized with their mother’s photo and thoughtful messages. It features LED light inside that will be a stunning lantern in the night, making a perfect company for your grieving children.

14. Personalized Hand Stamped Memorial Mother Keychain

gifts for grieving children

With this gift for grieving children, you can give them strength and support as if it comes from their mom. This beautiful hand stamped memorial mother keychain also comes with a charming birth stone and angel wings which look shining and attractive. It will help your grieving children’s healing process better.  

15. Personalized Bear Keepsake

gifts for grieving children

A teddy bear might be a common gift for children. However, this present gives a big impact for grieving children who lost their mom. Unlike the ordinary teddy bear, you can customize the belly and the sole with comforting messages. Moreover, your grieving children can hug this soft teddy bear as if they hug their beloved mother.

16. Mother DNA Charm

gifts for grieving children

Don’t let your children grief for a longer time, because they still have parts of their mother in their DNA. This gift for grieving children features a unique DNA pendant along with a customized initial letter which will remind them that they have great bonding through already apart. 

17. WIllow Tree Remembrance Angel Sculpture

WIllow Tree Remembrance Angel Sculpture

If your grieving children believe that their mother already turned into an angel, then they will feel blessed receiving this gift. This is one of the most stunning gifts for grieving children which represents the beauty of their guardian angel. This hand-painted resin angel figure would be a great company for your lonely children. 

18. I Will Look For You In Rainbow Car Charm

gifts for grieving children

No one can resist the beauty of this rainbow charm, including your grieving children. It features Czech polished rainbow beads along with a stainless steel message charm for their mom. As its beauty always resembles the light and hope which has been given from their mother, it will be a wonderful gift they treasure forever. 

19. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

gifts for grieving children

Grieving is a long process for children, especially after they lost a mother. Show your care and sympathy with this calming lavender heat pillow to provide a comfortable warm night sleep. Moreover, the lavender aroma also makes your grieving children relax after a long night cry.

20. Sterling Silver Angel Wing Bracelet

gifts for grieving children

Get your grieving children a guardian angel on their hand with this lovely bracelet. This gift for grieving children has charming little angels made from gold and silver. Moreover, those angel pendants can be customized with the initial letter of their mother to show your sympathy for their loss.

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21. Loss of Mother Sympathy Gift

gifts for grieving children

You might not be good at words, but this charming gift for grieving children would be a good support. It is made from acrylic with a long-lasting image which is perfect as a memorial present for mother’s loss. Especially for grieving children who are going through a difficult period in order to stay going and never give up.

22. Dear Mama Poem Message Card With Necklace

gifts for grieving children

In case you want to give a meaningful keepsake to cheer your grieving children, then this beautiful necklace would be a wonderful idea. It comes with an interlocking heart pendant that represents a strong bond between them. Not to mention, the beautiful poem cards will surely make your grieving children touched.

23. Letter To Mom Personalized Journal

gifts for grieving children

Help your grieving children express their emotion through words. With this gift for grieving children, their sadness may turn into a beautiful poem or short message. Your grieving children can write a letter to their beloved mom in this journal whenever they miss her, creating a positive activity while grieving.

24. In Memory Of Mother Keychain

gifts for grieving children

With this wonderful keychain, your grieving children can always keep their beloved mom close with them. This gift for grieving children features a personalized mother’s photo on one side, while the other side can be personalized with a special message to show your sympathy and care. It will be a precious keepsake for your grieving children.

25. Hug In A Box

gifts for grieving children

A hug is the best way to comfort your grieving children who just lost their mom. Get your grieving children this unique gift so you can send them hugs wherever they go, especially if you can’t be there for them. It features a heart token inside the box which has a deep meaning that it would hug them whenever they need someone to rely on.

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