25 Thoughtful Gifts for Grieving Widows That Will Give Her Comfort

Losing a husband is not something a wife wants to think about. But it could happen because, after all, we never know when the exact date we will die. Reality is too harsh sometimes. To support and comfort a grieving widow, you can give her something, a gift, that can ease her sadness.

However, because the subject is quite sensitive, you need to carefully select your item. You need to choose a good gift that can cheer a grieving widow up and help her move on with her life. You must get the proper one so you do not offend her and even make her sadder.

And so, here we have listed 25 thoughtful gifts for grieving widows. Some of these items will allow them to keep their memories of their beloved ones. We also have collected some products to support and help them get up and back to their regular days. Shall we check them out?

1. In Loving Memory Necklace

In Loving Memory Necklace

It must be hard to lose the love of your life. But, memories never change. So, let’s get this memory necklace as a gift to a grieving widow. It can store a mini photo inside the pendant. That way, the necklace allows those who wear it to feel the presence of their deceased loved ones as if their husband is still beside them. After all, the memories are still there. Hopefully, this item can give a little comfort to the grieving widow. 

2. Little Robin Bracelet

Little Robin Bracelet

Being preachy with advice is something that you should avoid when you are dealing with someone who’s just lost her partner. However, we can still give comfort and peace to reassure our friends. You can try to give her this little keepsake gift called the Robin bracelet! It will be her new companion.

The bracelet will come to the receiver with a nice envelope and a wish message. It is handmade and can be used as a wish and luck bracelet. Therefore, this item can be considered a thoughtful gift for grieving widows. 

3. Pennies From Heaven Wooden Bank 

Pennies from Heaven Wooden Bank

People said that when an angel misses you, they toss a penny down. Looking for a unique way to keep little pennies? This beautifully handmade wooden bank can be a lovely little keepsake gift for grieving widows.

There is a comforting message for the widow who feels blue any minute. By giving this wooden bank (and you and your friends fill it with some pennies to make it look special and prettier), it will give a space for them to have hope and smile a bit. 

4. Memorial Tile

Memorial Tile

Some widows are just so sad and feel blue when they remember that their beloved ones do not belong to them anymore. This memorial tile can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for a grieving widow. Printed on a good quality ceramic and comes to the receiver with the stand, this item can be used as additional decor to remember and honor their beloved ones. 

5. Comfort Wax Candle

Comfort Wax Candle

Just like a message written on the glass jar, we hope that giving this beautifully handmade wax candle can shine some light on your widow friends. There are more than 10 scents available you can choose from, such as coffee, vanilla, eucalyptus, and many more!

You can also choose your preferred size and even personalize the name of your beloved ones. In any case, it is one of the best gifts you can buy for grieving widows. 

6. Healing Grief Stone Bracelet

Healing Grief Stone Bracelet

If maybe just messages and hugs are not enough, this healing grief stone bracelet can be your choice. It is made by hand with pretty stones such as hawkeye, moonstone, clear quartz, and other pretty stones. It has a stretchable string, so it should fit all wrist sizes. Hopefully, by giving this gift to grieving widows, their sadness can be healed slowly as time goes.

7. Grief Affirmation Card

Grief Affirmation Card

When we are at the funeral, those who just had a loss still have mixed feelings. Yet, they might feel a bit happy because there are so many friends and companions who attend to show some support. Even though it is only just a little bit, it still nice.

Therefore, just so they remember every short message given, this set of 20 grief affirmation cards will be a great gift for grieving widows. These cards include quotes and messages to support and comfort people who just have a loss to have more hopes for the future. 

8. Memorial Lantern

Memorial Lantern

Another unique way to remember their beloved ones is this memorial lantern. You can choose the color of the lamp design and add your favorite photo. This item will be pretty, whether we turn it on in a dark room or still off in a bright room. Get this item as a gift for grieving widows for their remembrance. 

9. Memory Dish

Memory Dish

If grieving gifts are usually flowers or wall decorations, this time, we recommend this item called a memory dish. Plates we use to have lunch or dinner would be great to fill with comforting messages.

You can use it as a usual plate for a dish, or simply put it on the wooden stand you have to honor the beloved ones. Made of high-quality ceramic with a glossy finish, you can choose this as a great thoughtful gift for grieving widows. 

10. Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Another unique grieving gift is this heart-shaped candle holder. When you put a little candle inside the holder, it will light up the holder beautifully and give a glow inside the candle holder. Moreover, it is made of high-quality glassware. It also comes with a little message under the heart, making it a great thoughtful and special gift for grieving widows. Giving this candle holder a heart shape will contribute to helping the widowed to feel calmer.

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11. Guided Grief Remembrance Journal

Guided Grief Remembrance Journal

Documenting happy memories with someone we love is a unique way to heal our grief. Therefore, we added this item called remembrance journal to the list of thoughtful gifts for grieving widows. The journal provides prompts and quotes for the widows to pour out their hearts. Hopefully, by pouring out their hearts, they would have a new space and new hope in their life, even after being left. 

12. Freshly Baked Cookies

Freshly Baked Cookies

Sweet snacks can always be our gift alternative, especially for someone feeling down. The baked cookies are wrapped individually to maintain the taste and hygiene of the product. There are 6 types of flavor with 2 packs each which will give a different taste and become a mood-booster for its consumer.

By giving these items to the widows, it will be another companion when they are feeling deeply sad. Would you try to give these sweet delights as a gift to grieving widows?

13. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Being left alone is one of the saddest things in life. Peace is will be hard to find, and there are many undescribed thoughts in our minds. One of the gift ideas we would like to recommend to you is this personalized wind chimes. The soothing sound is hoped to bring peace and calm to the widows by putting it in front of our door, garden, or outer space. It would be great as a gift for grieving widows that can soothe loneliness.

14. Willow Tree Forget-me-not Sculpture

Willow Tree Forget-me-not Sculpture

This willow tree sculpture wants to express comfort and sympathy to everyone feeling blue and depressed after a loss. It utilizes high-quality resin and is easy to clean. It can be put on the shelf or desk to add a more harmonious atmosphere at home when they are alone or with kids. Get this item as a comforting gift for grieving widows before it’s sold out!

15. A Widow’s Journey: Reflections on Walking Alone 

A Widow’s Journey: Reflections on Walking Alone 

Sometimes, productive activities can be another alternative to lessen our sadness, for example, reading a book. This book called “A Widow’s Journey: Reflections on Walking Alone” provides a compassionate story and message for the widows, written by Gayle Roper, a widow herself.

So, she must have closer feelings to them, the feeling of being left. By giving this item as a gift for grieving widows, we hope that your friends who are being left will have new hope and become stronger in the meantime. 

16. Memorial Moon Lamp Gifts

Memorial Moon Lamp Gifts

If we have a memorial lantern earlier, we have another unique memorial moon lamp as a thoughtful gift for grieving widows. Our beloved one’s photo is indeed not attached to the lamp, but it has a crescent moon shape with an LED lamp hung on it. The message written on the LED lamp comes to express your sympathy to the widows. Therefore, we added this item as a thoughtful gift for grieving widows. 

17. It’s OK That You’re Not OK

It’s OK That You’re Not OK

Grief is simply love in its most wild and painful form,” says Megan Devine in her book: “‘It’s OK That You’re Not Okay”. After being left, the world is pretty harsh to see because grief is like a disease. So, it affects how we show ourselves as the strongest person, but we are actually weak and fragile.

Megan provides spiritual wisdom, therapy, and message to help us heal slowly according to our hearts and mind. This book will be great as a gift for grieving widows. 

18. LED Wind Chimes

LED Wind Chimes

Previously, we have presented a unique personalized wind chime. This time, we present you with unique wind chimes with beautiful lights and soothing sounds. The wind chimes can change colors softly by touching each other, making it look pretty at night.

It also features eco-friendly and waterproof, so it will be safe to put in front of the door or garden. The sounds of the chimes will bring peace and calm once the widows receive and set this up, so this item will be a great thoughtful gift for grieving widows. 

19. Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief

Healing After Loss

We understand that healing takes time, and there are so many ways of healing. One of them is meditation. Meditation helps us to keep calm and to find anything inside us that needs to be improved.

This book called: “Healing After Loss” provides daily meditations for people, especially widows who are being left, so they can work through grief and have new hope. This will make an excellent gift for grieving widows, so check it out before it’s sold out!

20. It Takes Courage

It Takes Courage

Like the book’s name, it takes courage to run daily activities as normal. This book called: “It Takes Courage” targets widows, especially young widows who are just being left with kids.

The book will guide them in working both through grief and good parenting and stress management throughout time. Grieving is not easy, so get this book as a gift for grieving widows now before it’s too late!

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21. Memory Glass Token

Memory Glass Token

Finding a thoughtful gift for grieving widows is not easy. We need to be careful so that we do not hurt her heart because of our insensitivity. So, try this memory glass token or known as glass Robin! It is crafted with love.

What makes it special is that the material used in this glass robin is recycled glass, which means it’s such an eco-friendly gift! This token may bring calm and reminders for the widows once they receive it and put it as an ornament at home to keep their happy memories there. 

22. Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover

Like wind chimes or candles that can give some comfort, this pillow cover will provide a comfortable rest for widows feeling down. The short message on the pillow: “Forever in my heart,” seems like a reminder that once people we love are gone, they are still staying in our hearts. Seems like a great thoughtful gift for grieving widows, right?

23. Grieving White Wall Art

Grieving White Wall Art

There will always be a right time to give consoles to our friends who are just being left. This wall art with funny quotes will give fresh air to their empty hearts. It is also designed with a vintage look, which will be pretty to put on the wall.

This wall art can be considered a simple and thoughtful gift for grieving widows. In the short message on the wall art, the grieving widow is believed to have a little smile while looking at it. 

24. Personalized Angel Wings Keychain

Personalized Angel Wings Keychain

In case you are stuck and clueless about finding a simple gift, here we also recommend you an angel wings keychain that can be put on the side of your purse or even your rearview mirror! You can choose the color between silver and gold for the aesthetic angel wings. Moreover, the keychain shows a double-sided picture.

This item will come to the receiver with a gift box, which will make it look more proper as a gift for grieving widows. The widows can still keep their memories with their beloved ones as they go. 

25. Grief Care Package

Grief Care Package

Last but not least, a grief care package will be one of the greatest gifts for grieving widows. It is crafted with so much care to support the widows during their challenging times. Such as pressed-flower paper, grief ritual oil, beeswax tea light, and many more interesting items that hopefully can help their healing journey. Check this item now before it’s sold out!

latest post:

What can I send a widow besides flowers?

Normally, we send flowers as a gift to grieving widows to show them care and comfort. But, of course, there are other choices that might be more helpful than just flowers. There can be a book such as Healing After Loss, maybe something sweet like baked cookies, and also finally, something that can help them to heal and stress-free slowly like a grief care package and healing grief stone bracelet.

What do you send when someone’s husband dies?

When someone’s husband dies, it’s like losing our beloved ones forever. Imagine that you don’t get to see someone you love anymore, then it would not be great. Therefore, we recommend this remembrance journal for the widows to write memories and pour out their hearts, maybe 20 grief affirmation cards and wooden bank to give some comfort, also memory necklace and memorial tile as thoughtful gifts for grieving widows to add some harmonious environment to the house and so they who are gone will always be remembered, not forgotten. 

What to do for a friend whose husband died?

It will feel like you are falling into a Mariana Trench, deep down, and don’t know when to heal and go back to normal. We can be their place to pour their heart, sadness, and tears. We can give them some comfort, maybe not so great advice but listening to their hearts or even cooking for them will be great. Let’s give some comfort and wisdom so they will have a new hope every day. 

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