25 Undoubtedly Useful Gifts for Amputees to Aid Their Daily Activities

We all agree that an amputation is a traumatic event in people’s lives. It really affects their quality of life because their limbs are taken away. They should make some radical adjustments in daily life. One thing we can do to help them is by giving some useful gifts tailored for amputees.

When choosing gifts, you can consider something that can support their life while also sustaining their independence. For instance, items like helpful tools to accommodate their need will make an excellent gift idea for amputees. Gifts they’ll love and match their personality are also a good choice. You can bring a gift on their birthday, Christmas, or just after being discharged from the hospital.

To help you begin the journey of finding useful gifts for amputees, we’ve listed 25 gift ideas you can choose from. The list is filled with thoughtfully selected items for amputees during their adjustment period and beyond.

1. Suction Shower Grab Bar

Suction Shower Grab Bar

The first thing that comes to mind about useful gifts for amputees is something that can provide extra safety. For example, try this suction shower grab bar! It will definitely help them to shower with additional protection. This 12” suction bar provides extra stability when entering and leaving the bathtub or shower. It’s easy to install, and there are no additional required tools.

2. EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off Jar Opener

People who have lost their upper limb can find it challenging to do simple daily things, such as opening a jar. This EZ off jar opener is a useful gift for amputees to help them open jar lids effortlessly with a simple twist. This item can grab hold of any cap, whether it is factory-sealed, childproof, tamper-proof, or just stuck from what’s inside the jar.

3. Portable Vehicle Support Handle

Portable Vehicle Support Handle

The amputees who have just been discharged from the hospital still need assistance and adaptation to control their movement. A portable vehicle support handle will be a useful gift for amputees who are still in need of mobility assistance. The handle provides stability and balance to aid amputees when standing or sitting from the car. It fits parallel to the vehicle and is compatible with most vehicles.

4. Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

A few days after being discharged from the hospital, amputees who lost their lower limbs should keep their casts dry. Useful gifts for amputees such as this waterproof leg cast cover surely helps keep the cast from water splashes. The cover protects areas above and below the knees to enable them to take a bath and move around the house without fear of damaging the cast. It’s lightweight and comfortable to use.

5. Grip Curved Dinner Knife

Grip Curved Dinner Knife

The side effect of amputation on the upper limb can limit hand strength. This grip curved dinner knife will be useful as a gift for amputees, particularly those who have lost their upper limbs. It helps to slice through foods with ease by increasing downward cutting force. With a tough stainless-steel blade, the knife delivers a precise cut with minimal rocking. Perfectly designed for amputees who have reduced hand strength.

6. Wheelchair Seat Belt

Wheelchair Seat Belt

Another useful gift for amputees who are still passionate about traveling is this wheelchair seat belt. The seat belt utilizes durable polyester webbed material with an easy-to-release button buckle on the front and adjustable sizing straps with grommets in the rear. It’s designed to provide extra protection while driving and works with various seats, including transport, household, and lift chairs.

7. Button Aid or Zipper Pull

Button Aid or Zipper Pull

Simple tasks such as buttoning up the shirt or pulling the zipper might be impeded when amputees lost their upper limb. Useful gifts for amputees such as this button aid or zipper pull will help them dress up effortlessly.

This tool works by passing a loop through a buttonhole, over the button, and pulling the button through the loop. As a zipper pull, the wood handle has a buttonhole loop and a small metal hook on the opposite end for zippers.

8. Foldable Grabber Tool with Magnet

Foldable Grabber Tool with Magnet

These are useful gifts for amputees with limited movement. Help them effortlessly reach anything with this foldable grabber tool with a magnet. It’s foldable to 45 to 90 degrees with a long and handy extension. It has a built-in magnet and powerful claws that perfectly grip items of any shape. A great gift idea for easier, faster, and safer tasks.

9. Home Guardian Medical Alert System

Home Guardian Medical Alert System

A Home Guardian medical alert system will be a useful gift for amputees who live alone. This medical alert system uses a nationwide cellular network to be wirelessly connected to the Home Guardian 24/7 monitoring center.

Help them access constant emergency monitoring without a landline phone. This tool is equipped with a two-way speaker, which allows amputees to communicate clearly and receive help from Home Guardian will arrive at the location immediately.

10. Universal Ultragel Relieve Seat Cushion

Universal Ultragel Relieve Seat Cushion

For amputees who suffer from skin discomfort especially while sitting on the toilet, bring them this universal Ultragel relief seat cushion. This toilet seat cushion works as body-conforming comfort for skin pressure relief in extended sitting situations. As an advantage, this toilet seat cushion uses low profile hook and loop fasteners for more secure attachment to avoid cushion slippage.

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11. Motivational T-shirt

Motivational T-shirt

This is a fun sarcasm for amputees who love humorous jokes and can make jokes about their condition. The “I still run better than the government” t-shirt would be a humorous gift for amputees to cheer them up and see the silver lining of their condition. This t-shirt is available in 6 color options with various sizes from S to 5XL. 

12. Tablet Bean Bag Cushion Pad

Tablet Bean Bag Cushion Pad

Amputees who love reading Kindle will love this tablet bean bag cushion pad as a gift. What makes this cushion pad special is the top handle for easier to carry. It securely holds any tablet size up to 12.9 inches with a fully adjustable viewing angle. Perfectly useful gifts for amputees to help them use tablets and read Kindle even after losing their limb.

13. Comfy Anti-slip Wool Socks

Comfy Anti-slip Wool Socks

Help the amputees provide extra protection to themselves by bringing comfy anti-slip wool socks as gifts. These items feature a non-slip grip bottom designed to maximize traction and minimize the risk of any slipping accidents. These socks will be useful gifts for amputees to avoid injuries caused by slipping.

14. Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

An electric corkscrew wine opener will be a useful gift for amputees to sip wine effortlessly without worrying about how to open it. This electric tool can open the wine in 6-8 seconds with an easy-to-operate system and USB rechargeable. A cute bottle look with a modern-minimalist design makes it perfect as a gift or wine opener at a party. 

15. Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure

Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure

Amputees who lost their upper limbs might feel soreness and pain around the palm area. Give them this tension relief wearable acupressure that will be useful gifts for amputees to reduce the pain. This wearable tension relief is based on ancient Eastern acupressure on muscles around the palm. It alleviates tension by gently squeezing muscles without pain, which usually happens during acupuncture.

16. Medical Shower Bath Chair

Medical Shower Bath Chair

Bring them a gift that works as an aid, such as a medical shower bath chair! Many amputees mostly experience difficulty showering, and this bath chair is the solution. This bath bench is equipped with back support and built-in handles for comfort and is easy to use. In the middle, there are 12 holes for drainage. Definitely will be useful gifts for amputees.

17. Anti-slip Shower Strips Mat

Anti-slip Shower Strips Mat

The amputees should be careful with their condition and avoid walking on slippery floors. This strip mat sticks on the floor or bottom of the tub for extra protection and grip on slippery surfaces. Made of anti-slip vinyl with self-adhesive for an easier application. Add style and protection to the bathroom with this bath mat. You can give it as a useful present.

18. Dual-function Stylus Pen

Dual-function Stylus Pen

Probably, this is the most wanted thing an amputee wishes to get. A stylus can help amputees who lost their upper limb for easier use of a touch-screen laptop or tablet. This dual-function stylus pen is fully compatible with all touch-screen devices. It has a soft touch capacitive stylus and a resistive hard tip stylus against fingerprints and scratches.

19. Wellness Lollipops

Wellness Lollipops

Amputees might find themselves having difficulties enjoying sweets and treats. Bring this wellness lollipop to encourage well-being with a tasty treat. This lollipop features some ingredients believed to boost immunity, including elderberry, ginger, cinnamon, and astragalus (traditional Chinese medicine herb). Each lollipop has a printed motivational mantra. On the stick to give motivational strength to amputees.

20. Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Amputees who are losing their upper limbs might experience difficulty brushing their teeth. An electric toothbrush will be a useful gift for amputees to help them brush their teeth with ease. Powered with a battery inside, this Oral-B Pro 100 electric toothbrush is rechargeable with one cleaning mode. It has soft bristles with a multi-directional head for easier handling while brushing.

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21. “Things I’ve Learned about Loss” Book

“Things I’ve Learned about Loss” Book

This heartfelt book is a comforting companion for amputees who lost their limbs. With a lovely 80-page hardcover, this book uses examples from the author’s own experience to reassure the reader that they are not alone or wrong in grief. Very compassionate and useful gifts for amputees through their grieving process.

22. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Pain and soreness might happen during the early stage after amputees lose their limbs. Give them this calming lavender heat pillow to reduce pain with relaxing warmth and lavender aroma. This pillow has barley and lavender filling with a cotton exterior. Simply put the pillow in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and enjoy the long-lasting and muscle-relaxing warmth from barley filling.

23. Self-love Candle

Self-love Candle

Losing a limb is a traumatic event that can lead to lower self-esteem. People who experience it might look down upon themselves. Encourage them to love themselves with this self-love candle. The “I am worthy” writing on the packaging will always remind them how worthy they are. Made of soy wax with fragrance, let this beautiful candle remind them of how worthy they are.

24. Bio Bidet Bumper

Bio Bidet Bumper

Because reaching for some tissues might be more difficult for people who are losing limbs, giving them a bidet might be a useful gift for amputees. This bio bidet bumper easily attaches to the toilet with no electricity or battery power required. It provides a continuous water stream at varying pressures which can be adjusted by the control dial. It has a universal design and works with most toilet models.

25. Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

The amputees indeed need more accessibility tools. Therefore, the list is full of tools like this Etekcity smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch which can be an alternative of useful gifts for amputees. This switch allows us to control lights from everywhere inside and outside the home. We can create schedules and timers from the app to turn on or off the lights at the right moment. The switch can also be controlled with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

latest post:

What to give someone who lost a leg?

For someone who lost a leg, consider choosing gifts that help provide balance, such as suction shower grab bars, portable vehicle support handles, and waterproof leg cast cover. The other useful gifts for amputees who lost a leg can be some protective tools such as comfy anti-slip wools socks and anti-slip shower strips.

How can I help someone with an amputated leg?

Being there for them is the most useful gift for amputees with an amputated leg. Recent amputees really need support and assistance to help them adjust and adapt to their new condition. Consider creating a new environment with accessibility support, such as adding a bio bidet bumper to the toilet, or install this Etekcity smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch in the home.

Do amputees get depressed?

About 30% of amputees have depression. Cheer them up to help them through this process with some practical gifts for amputees. Comforting companions such as this heartfelt book, a self-love candle, or sweet treat but still healthy like this wellness lollipop to embrace optimism throughout their grief process.

What do you say to a new amputee?

Support someone who has just gone through amputation with positive words that encourage self-acceptance. Simple comments such as “It’s ok” or a question “How do you feel?” can help us understand what’s in their mind and how they feel right now, therefore, we know how to help them.

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