Bike Light Balls

It takes glowing balls to ride a bicycle. So instantly grab attention on the road with these Bike Light Balls happily swinging from the seat of your bicycle.

It’s always said that cyclists come out of nowhere on the road. They are hard to notice. Well, if reflective light gear won’t do the trick, sparkling juicy cojones will definitely do.

All jokes aside, this bicycle attachment is a legit way to signal your presence on the road. The balls are easy to wrap around the bike seat and let them bob in the air while you pedal away.

In fact, you can put this attachment on a stroller, tent, or anything else you want to be more visible in the night. 

Bike Light Balls

Unlike the tender original, these balls are built for rough riding and are water/splash-resistant. Give them a gentle squeeze to switch between solid and flashing light.

Bike Light Balls

Bike Light Balls are the most fun gift you can get a cyclist that will keep them safe in the most hilarious way imaginable.

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