36 Matching Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Choosing gifts for couples who have everything is undoubtedly a daunting task. The trick to getting it right is to basically think of something unique that they would not think to buy on their own. When it comes to looking for those kinds of items, we would say that the options range from matching outfits and accessories to couples mugs and art pieces that they would hardly think of purchasing.

To help you along, we have compiled the ultimate list of simple yet amazing couples gift ideas. So sit back, relax, and take a look of our list below to discover some of the most unique matching gifts for couples for have everything that you can buy.

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BEST Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

 1. Couples Sleeping Beauty Snoring Beast Pillowcases

Couples Sleeping Beauty Snoring Beast Pillowcases

We all have those friends who love sleep more than anything in the world. Well, the sleeping beauty and snoring beast couple pillowcases will definitely wow them. These funny pillow cases show sweet thoughtfulness, which will give them a reason to smile every night before they go to bed. Also, you can be sure that they do not have a pair like these.

2. Together Since Couples Shirts

Together Since Couples Shirts

This set of matching tees celebrate love in a fun and unique way. The pair makes an awesome anniversary gift for couples who seem to have it all. With the unique graphics, these items will definitely bring back some pleasant memories of their special day.

Moreover, this pair will also give the couple a chance to show each other off as they take a romantic walk. In fact, now they have an additional reason to strut the city together, hand-in-hand.

3. Customized Couples Puzzle Keychains

Customized Couples Puzzle Keychains

Another great gift idea for your married friends is definitely this set of customized puzzle his and hers keychains. Their high utility also makes it easy for them to remember your gesture always. Not to mention the one element that makes them more remarkable is the fact that they are full of symbolic meaning.

They complete each other with ease, just like your friends do. Therefore, let’s show them that you admire what they have.

4. His and Hers Polar Bear Pajamas

His and Hers Polar Bear Pyjamas

Whoever said that the smallest things matter the most must have been right. Therefore, we would like to recommend you to get your friends these matching pyjamas, which will make a simple yet meaningful gesture.

However, despite it’s just a simple set of pyjamas, it clearly speaks volumes, giving them all the excuse they need to stay cozy. Plus, the pair is warm and comfortable, too. The minimalistic imagery makes it appealing for most people. We are sure that you just cannot go wrong with these.

5. His and Hers Wall Decals


Wall decals are another great option of couples gifts ideas. They offer timeless appeal and would look great almost anywhere in the house. They might seem minor but they actually contribute a great deal to the décor.

The choice of font on these ones makes them especially alluring as they convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.

6. Personalized Couples Bracelets

Matching Couple Bracelets

Couples bracelets go a long way in showcasing their shared affection. They convey a sense of harmony between the two lovers. Also, they serve to mark territory and discourage intruders, too.

For that reason, we think that these pieces add yet another level of appeal as these adorable items hold a special message hidden inside the band. To make it a more meaningful gift, we would recommend that you customize the gift with a memorable phrase, and see how your recipients will be delighted to have it.

7. Personalized Engraved Etched Decanter Set

Personalized Engraved Etched Decanter Set

When looking for gifts for couples who have everything you have to think outside the box. For one of the best recommendations of an out-of-the-box gift, this personalized decanter set will make an ideal choice for a pair who loves their whiskey.

The etched message is full of humor and will definitely set them in the right mood for a merry evening together. In our opinion, the pieces are elegant and classy as well, the kind to hold on to forever.

8. Personalized His and Her’s Cooking Aprons

Personalised Couple Aprons

If your friend has never found a way to bring him into the kitchen, then let’ help her along with these customized aprons that can bear any message you choose.

They can also guilt him into making dinner or just a cup of tea, and we must say that the possibilities are endless so choose your text wisely. The effect however is the same, it is a unique and exciting gift for friends who have everything.

9. His Her Bathroom Wall Art Prints

His Her Bathroom Wall Art Prints

Art prints are great gifts for couples because every piece is unique. Therefore, we personally think that this amusing pair will come as an excellent choice for bathroom decoration. Plus, the fun message will always make them smile, too.

And because the colors are customizable, you can match them to the bathroom décor. Undoubtedly, we think that this is one of the most memorable gifts that they will forever treasure.

10. King and Queen Couples Hoodies

YJQ King Queen Matching Couple Hoodies and King Queen Beanie Crown Sweatshirts & Knit Hats

Matching couples outfits have always been a great way for lovers to showcase their affection. The best part about them is that there are endless options making them a unique gift choice.

The simple King and Queen couples hoodies come in neutral colors that most people would love. You can also choose custom numbers that will have significance for the couple.

11. His and Her Matching Converse Shoes

Coples matching conveerse

Getting couples gifts for your outdoorsy friends just got a whole lot easier, and the next item on the list is these pair of Converse shoes. After all, we all know that Converse shoes are among the most timeless footwear choices, right? We can’t deny that fact that And everyone loves them.

Add to that the customization options and this becomes one of the best gift ideas for couples who have everything. Interestingly, you can play around with colors and finishes until you get it right.

12. Personalized His & Hers Beer & Wine Glass Set

Personalised Set Of 2 Wine Glasses

The hand-engraved set of beer and wine glasses is quite a unique gift idea. It is often the case that one loves beer while the other loves wine. Or it might well be that they like both to the same degree.

This is a sure bet to help you get it right. They can have the best of both worlds and thank you later. We also suggest that you add some humor into the concept with a fun custom message.

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13. Custom Engraved Wooden Watch Gift Set

Wood Watch Wooden Watch Engraved Watch

Have you ever noticed that watch lovers flock together? Well, you have finally found a way to wow your watch-loving friends. These wooden matching watches are stylish and lightweight.

Their unique appeal lies in the choice of zebrawood for their bands. Undoubtedly, they are perfect for couples who love the wild and appreciate the beauty of nature.

14. King and Queen Promise Rings for Couples

King And Queen Promise Rings For Couples

Matching rings also make ideal gifts for couples who have everything. These pieces are both made of stainless steel, which in our opinion will make remarkable gifts for their versatility and durability.

They feature different finishes, each of which has sophistication at its core. The interior of the band can carry a custom message that will make the gift seem more thoughtful.

15. My Heart Belongs to Him and Her Couple Mugs

My Heart Belongs To Him and Her Couple Mugs

Most of the time, we need incentives to step out of bed and into the world. So, why not motivate your favorite couple friends with these fun couples mugs? They feature a combo of imagery and text that will get them smiling every morning. Despite the fact that mugs are common gifts for any occasion, these mugs are the kind to rekindle a dying flame by reminding a couple of the good old times.

16. Moscow Mule Couples Copper Mug Set

Set of 2 Rounded Handle Moscow Mule Mugs for Couples

Everyone loves a gift that shows a personal touch, and we have to convince you that these mugs do that in more ways than others. The design uses handcrafting and therefore gives each piece a unique touch.

In addition, the use of copper also distinguishes the mugs from most others in your recipient’s shelves. Finally, they have a custom engraving option that will take them to the next level.

17. His and Her Wolf Couples Relationship Necklaces

His and Her Wolf Couples Relationship Necklaces

Mother Nature offers unique designs that make for great gifting opportunities. If you love matching couples accessories then you will definitely adore these items. The necklaces feature a two-in-one wolf design on their pendants.

The execution of the artwork is simple yet captivating as well. The symbolism in the way one is cut from the other is on point and unique.

18. Hand Stamped His and her Spoon Set

HIS and HERS Spoons - Handstamped Spoon Set

Vintage silver spoons with a hand-stamped design are another unique gift choice. They are shiny to a fault and can have a variety of uses.

What makes them great gifts for married couples is truly their sentimental value. If you wonder way, we must say it’s because these spoons will remind them of the affection they share helping them through tough times. Plus, they will always remember your kind gesture, too.

19. Couples Personalized Hand Towels

Personalised 4 piece towel set 2 hand towels and 2 face towels Mr & Mrs design.

Monogrammed towels offer another opportunity for the perfect gift for someone who has everything. They come in any color you choose and can bear virtually any message.

The embroidery color is also your choice. This makes it easy to pick your friend’s favorites in all the personalization aspects. The towels will add great value to their bathroom space.

20. Personalized Intersection of Love Prints

Personalized Intersection of Love Prints

Take your romantic symbolism to the next level with the love intersection photo print. The minimalist piece can celebrate any special date that a couple shares.

The depiction is ingenious and makes this a masterpiece. In our personal opinion, it is a definitely sophisticated gift choice for a style-conscious couple. Select from the options of black and white or color to amaze them to their wit’s end.

21. His and her Yogi Inspired Buddha Partner Bracelets

Buddha bracelets set Yoga Couple

We all have friends who have to endure long-distance relationships. So, let’s make it easier for them with the right long-distance relationship ideas for boyfriend and girlfriend. These partner bracelets feature stylish wood beads and a lava stone focal point. They are not only pretty but also hold lots of significance for their relationship.

22. Wall-E and Eve Couples Matching Hoodies

Wall-e and Eve Couples Matching Hoodies

Disney hoodies are also perfect gifts for couples who have everything. They are full of fun and bring back cherished memories. These pieces also hold symbolic value in the relationship of Wall-e and Eve. They are ideal for couples who love matching outfits that are not identical.

So, keep them warm and give them reason to smile with these.

23. Cute You Wash I’ll Dry Kitchen Towel Set

You Wash I'll Dry Tea Towel Set

Get your favorite couple off to a good start with these gifts for married couples. This set of kitchen towels is simple yet fun and ideal to light their hearts up. The humorous touch is known to diffuse tension between lovers. They probably do not know it yet, but they will soon discover the need for these light moments as time passes.

24. Set of His and Hers Personalized Penguin Pants

Set of His and Hers Personalised Penguin Pants

Are you wondering what to get someone who has everything for their birthday? Why not try out these matching penguin pants and give them a good laugh! They come in all black and feature a penguin couple lovingly staring at each other. Super adorable! To trigger some more good laughs, use the personalization option to add names and voila! You have the most memorable gift ever.

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25. Khaleesi Khal T-Shirts for Couples

Khal and khaleesi couple black tshirt

Getting matching things for boyfriends and girlfriends who love the Game of Thrones just got easier. The Khaleesi Khal tshirts are everything you need to amaze them.

They are minimalistic and thus ideal for couples who love to keep it simple. Apart from the reference to characters on the show, the only other trace of it is in the font used for the digits. What a way to keep it subtle!

26. Couples Matching Personalised PJs

Personalised Penguin Couple Pyjamas

This matching pajama set has got to make you smile. That is sufficient reason to prove it will have the same effect on your recipients. The bottoms are identical but the tops allow for customization. This makes the gift so much more impressive as it seems thoughtful. Plus, you could go for any color for both the t-shirts and the text to make them even more appealing.

27. Mr. and Mrs Personalised Couples Hoodies

Mr and Mrs Personalised Couples Hoodies

Your friends might have everything but they probably do not have these. These hoodies are full of warmth and love, perfect for newlyweds. They give them an opportunity to celebrate their new union. These items also showcase elegance and style in the simplest of ways.

In short, they will come as an appealing choice for the honeymoon period or any other time.

28. His and Hers Key Holders

His and Hers Key Holders

We have all had those days when we leave the house with the wrong set of keys. These matching key holders are ideal gifts for couples who have everything.

Not only do they prevent confusion, they also look great. These adorable items have a harmonious appeal that makes them think about each other. The convenience in their design is truly exceptional. Plus, these cuties feature beauty that will grace their décor, too!

29. His and Hers Matching Couple T-Shirts

His and Hers Matching Couple T-Shirts

Whether you are looking for an engagement or valentine’s gift, these t-shirts surpass all expectations. They bear a single word but say so much about a couple.

They also have a hidden humorous appeal that only the wittiest will notice. Explore the possibilities with this simple yet elegant choice and thrill a loving couple.

30. Game of Thrones Couple’s Coffee Mugs 

Moon of my life My sun and stars, games of thrones couples

Couples gift ideas do not always have to be identical, and the best ones of them are those that play complimentary roles. Like these items for instance. These cool game of thrones mugs complete each other and depict the depth of true love.

They appeal to the natural order of things, where celestial bodies look to each other for support. These mugs are ideal for couples who love the Game of Thrones and will definitely excite them.

31. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Sleep Masks

Mr Right Mrs Always Right Sleep Masks

Cute Sleeping masks offer lots of potential for gift giving. Young couples would particularly love this witty pair. It would warm the heart to wake up to the sight of either one of them.

Add to this the functionality of the black satin material and you’re good to go. We believe without a doubt that these items are the kind of gifts that keep the marriage flame burning.

32. Personalized Sound-wave Tungsten Couples Rings

Personalised Soundwave Tungsten Couples Rings

These cool tungsten Carbide Soundwave rings allow couples to record a personalized message and get its wavelength onto the bands. The result is a unique and highly captivating design.

The best part about it is that you can get any message on the band however inappropriate. Only the wearer will know and appreciate its meaning. All in all, these items are one of the most unique couples gift ideas!

33. Personalized Heart and Key Couple Necklace Set

Personalized Heart and Key Couple Necklace Set

This couples necklace set is one of the best gifts for couples who have everything. It is full of creativity and has high visual appeal, too.

The symbolism in the design is extraordinary. It takes the concept to a whole new high and ensures the recipients love the set. The key and heart concept is very unique and makes for the perfect romantic gesture.

34. Around You, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Around You, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Get a different look in your living room with this couple sculpted hand-painted figurine. This hand-painted resin figure will be a perfect gift for the couple who already spend their life together. Without a doubt, this is a classy yet timeless gift to be put on the bookshelves or bedside table.

35. Couple’s Terry Cotton Kimono Robe

AW BRIDAL 2Pcs Couple's Terry Cotton Kimono

A Kimono robe for a couple is always a good idea. More personal with His and Hers details on them. They come as embroidery details on the front or any words, and you can pick any details you want to choose.

There will be no arguing or mistakes anymore since there is already a mark on it to whom the robe belongs. In terms of materials, the robes are lightweight with 100% cotton materials.  

36. Him and Her Towel Hooks for Bathrooms

Him and Her Towel Hooks for Bathrooms

The bathroom will look more luxurious and tidy with this couple hook towel. It is sturdy to hang the towel or any clothes there. Save space and no mess at all. The color fits for all bathroom interior themes as well. Plus, this item is also easy to install since the mounting hardware is provided inside.

So, Surprise your lovely couple with it!

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Final Thoughts

At first you might feel a bit confuse on what to choose as a gift for that particular couple who seems to have everything. However, that is a fact that is not always true, because you can always find items that they will never thought about getting one for themselves.

To help you choose the best gifts for them, we have some of the most recommended items on our list above, which will definitely give you some ideas on what to pick. So, make sure you check our list!

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