Gift Ideas for Boaters

27 Unique Gift Ideas for Boaters and Yacht Owners

Is there a boat or yacht owner in your life who is totally and utterly addicted to boating?  Does this special person have a special occasion coming up and you have no clue what gift to get them? Well, with any of our great gifts for boat lovers, you can count on wowing any sailing enthusiast.

Whether this boat lover is a seasoned sea wolf or new to the hobby, there is something here for everyone. From funny nautical gifts to keep them smiling to practical items for performance gear fanatics, we have got you covered.

So dive in and uncover some of the best gifts for boat owners.

Boat Warming Gift Ideas

 #1 Personalized Life is Better on the Boat Pillow 

Personalized Life is Better on the Boat Pillow - Gift Ideas for Boaters

At the end of a long day of sailing, every boating fan deserves a good night’s rest. And what better way to make that happen than on a funny, nautical pillow. It might be the missing accent piece that they need to complete their nautical décor theme. Find it Here. 


#2 Personalized Compass 

Personalized Compass - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Make sure that a special person always comes home to you by getting a personalized compass. The gift offers the perfect balance between practical and sentimental appeal. You can include any special text to make it truly meaningful. Find it Here. 


#3 Funny Boating Shirt, Boater’s Gift 

Funny Boating Shirt, Boater's Gift - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Nothing beats the gift of humor and this tee has that aplenty. It has what it takes to place a smile on their face and keep it there. And in case you are looking for unique boat warming gifts, this is a great place to start. Find it Here. 


#4 Sailing Boat Keychain 

Sailing Boat Keychain

Sailing Boat Keychain

Sailing Boat Keychain

If he had it his way, he would spend all his waking hours out boating. Help him keep this yearning in check with one of these gifts. In addition to its functional value, it has plenty of sentiment thanks to the themed design. Find it Here. 


#5 Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils 

Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

Make waves on the dinner table with this unique gift for a boat owner. It takes the shape of a rowboat, and the aluminum body is designed to resemble wooden planks. The oars are both ornamental and functional as they are serving tools too! Find it Here. 


#6 Personalized Life Ring 

Personalized Life Ring

Add a bit of lakeside charm to his décor with this personalized life ring. Take it to a whole new level by adding his name and a custom message. The material is strong enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor service. And that makes it one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for boaters.  Find it Here. 


#7 Home is Where You Moor It – Sailing Gift for Boaters 

Home is Where You Moor It - Sailing Gift for Boaters

Make a splash with this creative and hilarious sailing gift for boaters. Whether your recipient lives on a yacht full time or fantasizes about it, this is one gift that will strike home. And you can be sure it will generate tons of laughter. Find it Here. 


#8 Sorry for What I Said While Docking the Boat Shirt or Hoodie 

Sorry for What I Said While Docking the Boat Shirt or Hoodie

Everyone who loves to spend time out on the water needs one of these funny tees or hoodies. The best part about the design is that it is unisex. That makes it one of the most versatile boating gifts yet. Find it Here. 


#9 Nautical Toilet Paper Holder 

Nautical Toilet Paper Holder

Complete that special person’s nautical décor with an inspired toilet paper holder. What makes it an especially excellent choice is its simplicity. Made using natural jute, cotton rope and a simple holder, it can blend in with literally any style. Find it Here. 


#10 The Ordonez Doggy Boat Pet Stair 

The Ordonez Doggy Boat Pet Stair

Does the sailing enthusiast in your life always have a canine buddy by their side? In that case, this would make one of the most practical gift ideas. These dog boat pet stairs make for a very useful gift for boat lovers as they can help any dog out of the water and into the boat. Find it Here. 


 #11 Personalized Spyglass Telescope 

Personalized Spyglass Telescope

One of the best gift ideas for boaters is one that keeps pirates at bay. With this spyglass telescope, your recipient will not only spot pirate ships and steer away. But thanks to its antique design and personalization, they will also have a precious collectable. Find it Here. 


#12 Wooden Boat Cleat Bottle Opener 

Wooden Boat Cleat Bottle Opener

If he could, he would take his boat everywhere with him, but unfortunately, he can’t. Give him the opportunity to enjoy the sailing experience everywhere he goes with this gift choice. Designed to resemble a boat cleat, it is a fully functional bottle opener. Cool, right? Find it Here. 


#13 Nautical Paracord Bracelet 

Nautical Paracord Bracelet

Every sailor longs for a chance to showcase his love for boating. What better way to do that than with a nautical paracord bracelet?  It comes in black with a silver, gold or black shackle, and is large enough to make a statement. Find it Here.


#14 Personalized Boat Welcome Mat 

Personalized Boat Welcome Mat - gifts for boat lovers

Whether it’s a boat warming or housewarming party for a boating aficionado, this humorous doormat is the ultimate gift choice. Offering the perfect balance between function, style and humor will go a long way in making guests feel at home. (Or not – depending on your perspective). Find it Here. 


#15 Ocean Winch Salt and Pepper Mills 

Ocean Winch Salt and Pepper Mills

You cannot go wrong with any gift for a boat owner that adds a nautical touch to their space. Start at the dining table courtesy of these mills that resemble ocean winches. Mealtimes have never been this inspired, am I right? Find it Here. 


#16 Boat Parking Sign Boat Warming Gifts

Boat Parking Sign

For an instant upgrade to your recipient’s décor, how about one of these funny nautical gifts! After all, every sailor needs an exclusive parking spot for their vessel, don’t they? Made using durable aluminum, it can withstand any environment. Find it Here. 


#17 Custom Boater Hat 

Custom Boater Hat

Whether you are thinking of hitting the beach or attending a bachelorette party for a boat lover, these make great gifts. These hats offer plenty of room for customization. More importantly, they offer the perfect blend of flair and function. No voyage is complete without these. Find it Here. 


#18 I’m the Friend with the Boat Shirt – Gift Ideas for Boaters

I'm the Friend with the Boat Shirt - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Give that sailor buddy the ultimate bragging rights with this whimsical t-shirt. No matter where your recipient goes, it is bound to be a hit. You can get it as a shirt, tank, hoodie, unisex tee, sweatshirt and lots of other styles. No matter your friend’s preferences, there is a tee for them. Find it Here. 


#19 Personalized Nautical Cufflinks 

Personalized Nautical Cufflinks - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Dress up his captain’s uniform with these nautical cufflinks. Whether he is planning a yacht party or attending a cosplay event as a captain, these will complete his look. The personalization aspect takes them to a whole new high. This is one of the best gift ideas for boaters that will never go out of style.

Find it Here. 


#20 ‘Bottle Green Boat’ Beth A. Forst Painting Print 

'Bottle Green Boat' Beth A. Forst Painting Print

One of the best gifts for boat owners is one that adds a special touch to their décor. There could be no better way to do so than with this rowboat painting. Not only will this contemporary piece complete nautical themed décor. But it will also find a special spot on your recipient’s heart. Find it Here. 


#21 Nautical Couple Hoodies – Gift Ideas for Boaters

Nautical Couple Hoodies - Gift Ideas for Boaters

For the special couple in your life who cannot stay away from water bodies, these matching couples hoodies will make good boat warming gift. They are warm and cozy, perfect for keeping the chills at bay when they are out cruising. And the mushy Captain and Anchor lines will melt their hearts. Find Them Here. 


#22 Sterling Silver Sailboat Pendant 

Sterling Silver Sailboat Pendant

Here is a way to keep his love for sailboats close to his heart and add a touch of elegance to his look in one move. It even has a story to go with it. The pendant is cut from a Bahamas-minted coin and polished to perfection. Choose from four necklace lengths and surprise that special sailboat fan. Find it Here. 


#23 Captain & First Mate Embroidery Adjustable Baseball Caps 

Captain & First Mate Embroidery Adjustable Baseball Caps - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Your favorite sailors can now wear their love for boating everywhere they go. These nautical caps will keep the sun out of their eyes and make a statement. They will look as great on a fishing trip as they will when your recipients are out and about. Find Them Here. 


#24 Custom Map Tide Clock 

Custom Map Tide Clock

Give that child of the sea an elegant way to track the tides from the comfort of the living room couch. It might look like a clock but it has nothing to do with minutes and seconds. Rather, this tide clock displays the time left till the next low or high tide. Creativity at its best! Find it Here. 


#25 Captain & First Mate Couples Pillowcases 

Captain & First Mate Couples Pillowcases - Gift Ideas for Boaters

For the new yacht owner, nothing feels as good as the title of captain. Make that couple feel twice as good with these sailing pillowcases. Even while they are away from the water, these Boat warming gifts will keep the passion burning. Find Them Here. 


#26 Boats Well With Others Funny Boat Unisex Shirt 

Boats Well With Others Funny Boat Unisex Shirt - Gift Ideas for Boaters

Now that he owns a vessel, he needs to make new boating buddies. With this tee, he has his introduction covered. It is one of the best Boat warming gifts thanks to its blend of humor, function and style.

Find it Here. 


#27 Personalized Nautical Docking Station Wooden Stand 

Personalized Nautical Docking Station Wooden Stand

The boat is not the only item that needs docking. With this docking station, he gets to keep all his necessary clutter organized. But that’s not all it does. It also reminds him to charge his device. And it adds a nautical touch to his space. Find it Here.

These gift ideas for boaters cover every angle, from whimsical and practical, to stylish and sentimental and much more. All that’s left now is to make your pick based on the preferences and needs of your sailor friend.

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